House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 989: Not enough integers? Why don’t you take your brother’s! (three/four)


“Here’s ten, here’s five, here’s one!”

In the side hall, the little girl was arranging her small money with great energy. She was arranging and whispering.

On the table, more than half of the banknotes that had been piled up like a mountain had been reduced, and in front of Xixi, stacks of neatly sorted banknotes were also stacked.

Xixi’s good performance made the eyes of Dad who was watching show a look of satisfaction. Originally, Yang Yi was also worried that Xixi would arrange them randomly, which would confuse adjacent banknotes of different denominations!

But in the end, the little girl performed very well. Not only did she classify accurately, but she also straightened the banknotes of the same denomination into a neat stack after flattening them without a teacher.

It looks so comfortable!

At this moment, Murphy’s smiling voice came from the living room: “What is my sister doing? We are here to visit the class!”

Yang Yi turned his head to look, and saw Xiao Jiao, who was still wearing a cartoon bib at the front. With a shy smile, he ran in front of him and walked towards the side hall, while Murphy He was holding a small bowl and followed behind with a smile.

This little guy has been restless since he played wild at his grandparents’ house, and Murphy has to chase and feed him.

This time Xiaojiao must have heard her sister’s voice counting money and was attracted to her.

I saw him come over curiously, raised his head, and looked at his sister who was using her little **** to arch the chair. However, from his angle, there was no way to see what her sister was doing.

Maybe it was because he saw his sister ignoring him for a long time, Xiaojiao turned his head to look at his father in confusion, and extended his little finger to his sister. Although he did not speak, his expression seemed to be asking his father a question: why did my sister don’t you play with me?

Yang Yi bent down and hugged Xiao Xiaojiao, so that he could see more clearly, Murphy took the opportunity to come over and feed Xiao Xiaojiao a mouthful of porridge with a small spoon.

Xiao Xiaojiao wasn’t very interested in the money on his sister’s table. He glanced at it, and finally his eyes fell on the three pink piggy banks.

“I want to play, Baba!” He turned his attention from his sister to the piggy bank, and happily patted Dad’s hands holding him, pointing to them.

“Xixi, my brother said he wanted to see your piggy bank.” Yang Yi said with a smile.

Xixi, who was busy sorting and cleaning up her money, generously took out a piggy bank and handed it to her father.

Yang Yi put Xiao Jiao down and let him play on the ground. Xiao Jiao climbed on top of the piggy bank with great interest and regarded it as a horse riding.

Ignoring Xiaojiao, Xixi quickly sorted out her coins, and under the guidance of her father, began to count: “You count one at a time, and the ones you have counted are put here, every ten Zhang, just use one of them to clip them like this, so that it is not easy to mix up.”

Counting money is a very pleasant thing. I saw the little girl counted it carefully, but her little face always had a happy smile, and her beautiful big eyes turned into crescent crescents.

Finally, the amount Xixi sorted out was 11,860 yuan!

How come there are so many? Doesn’t it look like much?

That’s true. The pocket money that Xixi has accumulated over the past few years and the fraction that her New Year’s money mother gives her each year add up to about 2,000 to 3,000.

But Xixi’s little bag contains a lot of hundred-yuan bills for this year’s New Year’s Eve!

The little girl received more than 2,000 yuan of New Year’s money in her hometown. Besides, the big one was Lanzhou Kai, who stayed in Jiangcheng after they came back yesterday. Six thousand six hundred and sixty-six dollars in the ground!

However, this total is a bit embarrassing, 11,860 yuan…

Not an integer!

“There is still one hundred and thirty-nine yuan left, so I can make up twelve thousand yuan.” Yang Yi said with a smile, he was going to say that he would use the money to make up for Xixi and make up a whole number.

But Xixi listened to her father’s calculation and rolled her big eyes, only to see that she glanced at Xiaojiao, who was struggling with her piggy bank, with a happy smile on her face.

“Baba, my brother also has a lot of red envelopes! Let’s take my brother’s money!” The little girl pointed at Xiaojiao, her voice was clear, and she said it for granted.

Xiaojiao’s money was finally kept. Although he took Xiaojiao’s red envelope, Xixi’s small money may have been raised to a larger integer, but Yang Yi still prevented Xixi from reaching out to his younger brother. A sinful little hand.

He paid out of his own pocket and let Xixi collect 12,000 yuan.

It happened that there was nothing else today, so Yang Yi took Xixi to the bank to deposit money.

Get the number, wait in the hall, all this, Xixi feels very fresh.

Dad never brought her to the bank before! After all, when does Yang Yi, a big householder, need to go to the bank to deposit money in person?

The little girl sat in the lobby of the bank, looking around eagerly.

“How old is your daughter?” An old grandmother sitting next to her, looking at Xixi’s smart and cute appearance, was very fond of her, and asked Yang Yi with a smile.

Most of the people queuing up at the bank to go to the counter to do errands are middle-aged and elderly people, or company clerks who come to handle corporate business. Like this old grandmother next to Yang Yi, who holds a passbook in her hand, it is estimated that she is either withdrawing money or fetching running water.

Nowadays, young people basically don’t do business at the counter. They think it’s too troublesome to wait in line. They either use ATMs or directly use the online banking that has been popularized by Sahara Online Mall in recent years.

But after all, the elderly are not so easy to accept new things. They are more willing to go to the counter to handle business according to the rules. Even if they take one or two hundred yuan, they have to queue up and watch the teller operate it for them, so they feel more at ease.

Yang Yi smiled at the old man and said, “She is over six years old this year.”

“Oh! I have a grandson who is a little older than her, but not that tall. He is eight years old and in second grade!” The grandmother chatted with Yang Yi.

Soon, it was Yang Yi’s turn to do business. Yang Yi and Xixi said goodbye to the grandmother, and they came to the counter.

“She is the one who runs the business. Today I took her to deposit the New Year’s money she has saved in the past few years in the bank.” Yang Yi smiled and said to the teller behind the glass window, he let Xixi sit on high feet In the chair, stand by yourself.

“No problem, hello, little sister!” The teller greeted Xixi with a smile.

The little girl shyly grabbed the counter, sat on the high chair, and moved her little butt. She didn’t know how to respond, she had never spoken to anyone through a glass.

“Come on, this is your bank card. Before, your mother also kept your money in it. You put it in so that auntie can get it from it.” Yang Yi took out a bank card, Hand it to Xixi.

“You can’t call it auntie, call it elder sister!” The teller inside didn’t recognize Yang Yi, but he still cared about the name and said quickly with a smile.

This time, Xixi finally saw the source of the sound, which came from a small black box glued to the glass.

“Sister! This is for you.” Xixi put the bank card into the groove as her father said, and said sweetly.

“Little sister, you want to save money, right?” The teller got the card and said with a smile, “You can bring the money first, let’s go through the money counter first, count the amount of money, and then you It’s time to save money.”

“But, we’ve done the math at home!” Xixi said with some confusion.

“It’s like this, little sister, we have to do the calculation again here. It’s just right. You can calculate the number that you got at the end. Let’s see if we all have it right!” The teller patiently explained.

The tellers have seen a lot of such children brought by their parents to save money. Although they don’t save much, some of them even save tens or hundreds of dollars, and it may be a small amount. The pile of change is simply causing them trouble, but the bank still needs to be gentle and patient with the tellers!

After all, leaving a good impression on these kids is also nurturing future customers for the bank!


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