House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 987: Vacation Brief (Mon/Thur)



This winter vacation, Xixi had a very fulfilling time!


Despite her winter vacation homework, she still took a few days to complete it early under her father’s urging! Later, she went to the Pippi Shrimp animation production company with her father, and first received the training of the powerful dubbing uncle and aunt, and then recorded the dubbing of Aisha’s sister.


Because Xixi only played a clip of Elsa when she was a child, the workload was not too much, and the little girl would not be exhausted, so Xixi could maintain a high level of enthusiasm in the end.


After the dubbing work is over, the Spring Festival is almost here!


Last year, Yang Yi didn’t go back to his hometown for the Spring Festival because Xiao Jiao was too young. This year, Yang Yi returned to Anqing early with his wife and children.


Compared to Yang Huan, who is working hard to record “Extreme Challenge” and needs to go home later, Yang Yi and Murphy are not superstars at all!


How can a superstar be so leisurely?


Yang Yi has been very popular recently. On the one hand, the two songs he brought out in Hong Kong City have finally spread to the mainland!


Although not everyone can understand Cantonese songs, the media who do know are still bragging about Yang Yi, saying that Yang Yi’s two songs have a great position in the Hong Kong city music scene, which can be called a rare encounter in ten years. The golden song said that Yang Yi has become the most popular artist in Hong Kong City, and many people cried and shouted that they wanted Yang Yi to go to Hong Kong City to develop.


Of course, there is an element of boasting in the middle, which greatly satisfies the vanity of many spectators, and the sales of newspapers have increased. Naturally, Yang Yi has also received close attention from the media.


In addition to the new song, on the other hand, the news of Yang Yi’s popularity abroad was reported by the media!


Speaking of which, Yang Yi’s popularity in foreign countries has nothing to do with Yang Yi himself. The promoter behind the scenes is SBC TV.


That’s right, it’s the American TV station that bought the copyright of “The Voice”. At the same time, it is also the TV station that produces and broadcasts the variety show “Sneak Tracker”.


Yang Yi met the crew of “Sneak Tracker” in the United States last summer. This episode was broadcast recently. SBC TV station deliberately covered the cover to death, knowing that the audience found a surprise in the show, They just made a special program to introduce the story of Yang Yi romantically playing and singing “Nothing’sgonnachangemyloveforyou” recorded by the photographer accidentally!


This song has already been arranged by Yang Yi to be released in the United States by Wilson. Last year, it won the weekly title for a few weeks, but the audience couldn’t help but be moved by Yang Yi who was playing and singing this song in the square in the picture!


What could be more romantic than singing a song to your wife in a crowd?


In addition to being moved, the audience counted the time and were surprised to find that this scene, which was accidentally captured by the photographer, was actually the first time this song was released in the true sense of the word!


Of course, in the latter program, Yang Yi skillfully arranged the scene of Germaine and Hill evading the hunter’s pursuit, which also amazed the audience.


You must know that the decryption program produced by SBC later solemnly informed the audience that Yang Yi participated in this program without knowing it!


“Fortunately, at that time, Yang was not famous yet. Later, we contacted him, and he did not intend to ask us for the appearance fee! Otherwise, our program funding will be greatly increased!” The host smiled humorously road.


Of course, with the cooperation between Yang Yi and SBC on the show “The Voice”, it is impossible for Yang Yi to have trouble with SBC because of this trivial matter.


Here I have to mention the foreign copyright of “The Voice”. The first batch of purchases were only SBC TV in the United States and a TV station with a Chinese business background in Australia. Yang Yi made a small profit from this, and he believed that if this file The show has become popular in the United States and Australia, and the copyright can continue to be sold to other countries in the future!


Because of the promotion of SBC, the news that Yang Yi became popular again in the United States was also reported by domestic media. They proudly said that the American people are amazed and feel that Yang Yi is a genius producer!



In terms of news popularity, Murphy is not inferior to Yang Yi at all.


After all, Yang Yi’s popularity is due to her reputation, and Murphy’s popularity is because she has won too many honors for the album “Speak Up”. After New Year’s Day, the media kept reporting that Murphy or her song won What nominations, or received such and such awards.


It can really be said that Murphy is soft on winning the award. Although she never attends the award ceremony, it is impossible for the organizers not to award the trophy to Mo Xiao, who came to receive the award. Juan.


It is worth mentioning that Murphy’s name was not included in the program list of the Spring Festival Gala recently exposed by the media. The Spring Festival Gala crew was scolded by netizens.


A mainland music star like Murphy is not eligible to be invited to the Spring Festival Gala by you?


Actually…the Spring Festival Gala crew was really wronged, they took the blame for Murphy! Who said they didn’t invite Murphy? In mid-December last year, the director of the Spring Festival Gala personally called to invite Murphy to the Spring Festival Gala.


However, Murphy did not agree and declined the invitation. On New Year’s Eve, she wants to accompany Yang Yi back to her hometown, which is much more important than attending the Spring Festival Gala, and what’s happier than being with her family on important festivals?


Murphy’s workload also plummeted after the new album promotion period ended, and there was not even one announcement a week.


Fans who are always following Murphy’s news are also complaining: “Can you two not be so lazy? If you don’t participate in commercial performances, programs, or Spring Festival Gala, are you still stars?”


It’s really not a star!


Fans even said that Yang Huan is now more famous than them!


Speaking of Yang Huan, this year is also the year of Yang Huan’s outbreak!


After the release of “Bright Sword”, Yang Huan’s Weibo fans soared again!


“Bright Sword” has become the most popular TV drama nowadays. People all over the country, regardless of gender and age, are watching Li Yunlong every night on CCTV.


Shen Wanyi’s Li Yunlong was recognized by the audience – it really showed what they thought of the vulgar, witty, and brave General Li Yunlong!


But the other actors did a great job too!


Including Yang Xiuqin played by Yang Huan. Although Yang Huan did not survive a few episodes in the play and was only a female supporting character, she showed Xiuqin’s simplicity, sincerity, and straightforwardness to the fullest!


Even after the broadcast of Xiuqin’s generous sacrifice on the city wall with the enemy, many viewers who already knew from the book that Xiuqin was going to die couldn’t help weeping.


On the second day, the media gave high praise for Yang Huan’s interpretation of this role.


“Yang Huan is not playing Xiuqin, she is Xiuqin!”


In the report, it analyzed Yang Huan’s rural background, pointed out the similarities between Yang Huan and Xiuqin, and analyzed Yang Huan’s character through Yang Huan’s performance in “Extreme Challenge”, pointed out that Yang Huan and Xiuqin Xiuqin also has many similarities in character, no wonder she can play Xiuqin alive!


In the report, the reporter also mentioned an interesting fact: when Yang Huan went to the audition without telling Yang Yi, the director Chen Fengchen didn’t even know that Yang Huan was Yang Yi’s younger sister, but after seeing Yang Huan’s performance, Chen Fengchen did As if Feng Chen saw the real Xiuqin, he decided to hand over the role to Yang Huan on the spot.


No one believed Chen Fengchen’s remarks at the press conference at the time. Everyone thought that Yang Huan had entered through the back door!


Now it seems that Chen Fengchen is indeed a discerning eye!



The winter vacation went by quickly, Xixi and her parents came back from their hometown after the Spring Festival, and the balance of the vacation was a little short!


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