House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 984: Where is the beautiful lady (two/four)



Yang Yi used two songs to set off a storm in Hong Kong City. The live video attracted countless Hong Kong City musicians, Hong Kong City music circles and even the seniors of the entire entertainment industry to praise him, but it made everyone happy and annoyed The thing is, this guy dropped two songs in Hong Kong City, and he didn’t participate in any program or leave any response, so he slipped back to the mainland from Hong Kong City!


Of course, the real influence covers the whole Hong Kong city, and it is still on this day when Xixi has returned to Jiangcheng and is going to go to school to pick up the “Student Handbook”!


At this time, the mainland media did not realize the excellence of Yang Yi’s two songs. They just followed and reprinted the news about Yang Yi in Hong Kong City. Many reporters were even surprised: “Yang Yi just went to Hong Kong City to sing and habitually threw out two new songs. Do you need to be so excited?”


Yang Yi’s new songs always come out when you don’t expect them to surprise people. But the media in the mainland have taken it easy. The surprise is just for fans. For them, this is just Yang Yi’s normal operation.


However, they are very interested in some news reported by the Hong Kong entertainment tabloids that are not on the stage.


Especially the news that Yang Yi’s family appeared twice in Hong Kong City, many domestic media regarded it as a funny news, re-edited and reprinted it.


“Is Yang Yi playing tricks on the paparazzi of Hong Kong City, and is he also good at avatars? 》


“Going in and out of the airport twice a day, Yang Yi performed a “miracle” in Hong Kong City! 》


“Stunned, the appearance of this star scared the reporter”


Of course, some media also reprinted the report of an entertainment tabloid with great powers and good at digging out the microbroadcast information of ordinary people. This entertainment tabloid, through keyword search, found Yang Yi’s family in an ordinary person’s microbroadcast. And back to the secret!


It’s also interesting to say that this Hong Kong girl was playing at the amusement park with her boyfriend yesterday, but she didn’t recognize Yang Yi and Murphy at the time, but it happened that her boyfriend was filming her playing with bumper cars , by the way, the Yang Yi family in another venue will be included in the mirror! Gangcheng girl came back in the evening, flipped through photos, selected carefully, retouched pictures and beautified her face, and when she was about to post a microbroadcast, she suddenly realized that she had met this family by chance at the amusement park!


When the mainland media reprinted this news, they were not very polite to the paparazzi in Hong Kong City, and it was directly changed to the following headline.


“Heartwarming! He racked his brains just to play with the kids! ——In order to get rid of the paparazzi entanglement, Yang Yi staged an escape scene at the Hong Kong City Airport. 》


In the article, the online media also joked that Yang Yi and Murphy, two famous family-oriented stars, left fans and reporters for the sake of their children. It is not a matter of a day or two. Don’t make a fuss!



Even though Yang Yi returned from Hong Kong City, under the hype of the mainland media, he seems to have transformed into a comedian who contracted other people’s jokes for a week. Today is the big day for Xixi to return to school to get the “Student Handbook” , Yang Yi is busy driving Xixi back to school early.


There is no need to wear a school uniform today, Xixi can finally wear her favorite little dress to school!


Correctly speaking, this is a more fashionable hooded sweater dress that Murphy picked for Xixi, imitating adult-style children’s clothing. Although Murphy was afraid that Xixi would freeze, she even wore a slim fit for the little girl. jeans, but none of these could steal the limelight from this bright yellow hooded sweatshirt!


The hooded sweater dress is attractive, both for its lively bright yellow hue and for its slightly special look.


If you wear it on other girls, I’m afraid this dress will look a little fat!


But who made Xixi not only thin, but also tall, the little girl’s long slender legs just propped up this hooded sweater dress!


Yang Yi only got off the bus when she sent Xixi to school, and the lively and beautiful little girl attracted the attention of many passers-by!


He didn’t know, Xixi trotted happily all the way, ran into the teaching building, and entered the class, making the noisy first grade class 3 suddenly silent.


A group of little boys, who are usually not good at skin, were still talking about their experiences in the past few days, but they suddenly found that a elf like dancing in a bright yellow rapeseed field broke into their field of vision. Fairy!


Usually, everyone wears school uniforms, and the girls all have their hair tied up, so they all look the same.


But now, Xixi’s outfit seems to have opened the gap between everyone at once, not only in terms of fashion taste, but also makes people feel that Xixi is a bit taller than them, Appearance, but also suddenly become vivid!


“Where is this beautiful young lady? It looks like a little fairy!” I am afraid that many little boys are dumbfounded at the moment, and they may be muttering like this in their hearts!


Fortunately, it’s just silly boys!


The girls were only shaken by Xixi and quickly recovered.


For example, Lu Xiaoyu, she quickly reacted and exclaimed excitedly: “Wow! Xixi, your dress today… um, it’s so beautiful!”


Lu Xiaoyu thinks Xixi’s dress doesn’t look like a dress, it looks like a dress. No, it seems to be a skirt again, how can I not tell it apart? Lu Xiaoyu was a little confused.


Xixi pulled the hem of her sweater skirt and twisted it with a smile. Later, she simply turned around and showed it to her tablemates, sweetly said: “It’s actually a skirt! I said Ma Ma. , it’s called a sweater dress, it’s a bit like a dress, but it’s very long!”


“Yeah! But you’re wearing pants, so I thought it was clothes!” Lu Xiaoyu waved her hand and giggled, “But I still like it, it looks really good, and I really want my mother to buy one too. Give it to me!”


“Buy it, buy it!” Xixi urged, “You buy a piece of clothing like this, and then wear it to my house, we can wear it together, it’s so beautiful!”


“That’s it…” Lu Xiaoyu was moved, two little hands clasped in front of her chest, looking at Xixi’s clothes up and down with envious eyes.


It took a Lu Xiaoyu remembered that she had neglected something. She looked at Xixi in surprise and asked strangely, “Hey, Xixi, why didn’t I see Xiner?”


Don’t Xixi and Lan Xin come to school together and go home together after school every time?


To be honest, Lu Xiaoyu envied them very much. It would be great if she had a little friend with her on the way from school! The best is Xixi, hee hee!


“Xiner isn’t coming!” Xixi said to Lu Xiaoyu, “She and her Baba went abroad to play and can’t come back. She Baba has already told the teacher that I should help her bring her things home. .”


“Go abroad to play! It’s so good, I’ve never been abroad before!” Lu Xiaoyu said enviously.


“It’s also very fun to play in China! Hee hee, little fish, let me tell you, I went to Hong Kong City to play with Baba and I only came back last night. We were still playing at the amusement park in Hong Kong City yesterday. …” Xixi excitedly told Lu Xiaoyu about her experience of driving a bumper car.


At this time, the acting monitor Cao Ruolin walked in at the front door of the classroom and looked around the classroom. She walked up to Xixi and said, “Yang Xi, Teacher Li told you to go to the office, she is looking for you!”


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