House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 983: Rampage and school-age female driver (1/4)



“Baba, Baba, let me come, let me come, okay?”


Xixi was having a good time. Under Yang Yi’s helm, her bumper car turned left and right and drove steadily in the field. But after all, it was her father who was helping her with the steering wheel. Xixi was holding the steering wheel with her two little hands, but she could not control it freely from beginning to end. Soon the little girl was not satisfied with sitting on the sidelines, and earnestly begged her father to give her autonomous control. right.


“Then try it, and turn the steering wheel carefully.” Yang Yi had no objection. He put his left hand down from the steering wheel and smiled as he watched Xixi operate.


The car was still driving forward, Xixi’s excited little face showed a trace of nervousness, and now she was left to hold the steering wheel herself, and the little girl was a little unsure.


But it’s like an adventure, Xixi still wants to try it.


After a while, a bumper car appeared in front, Xixi didn’t even think about it, she screamed and slammed the steering wheel.


Suddenly, the car turned, turned to the right, and hit another car.


“Take it and turn the steering wheel back.” Yang Yi instructed.


But where can Xixi take care of her? The little girl’s head was blank at the moment, she only knew that her crystal clear eyes were open in surprise, and her two small hands were holding the steering wheel tightly.


Yang Yi had no choice but to stretch out her hand to help her grab the steering wheel, but it was too late. Although she made a turn, Xixi’s bumper car still collided sideways with the bumper car in front of her.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t control it well!” When Yang Yi saw that he bumped into someone, he apologized repeatedly to the other side in embarrassment.


However, this is also the most frequently staged scene in the bumper car field. Everyone is not surprised, smiled, and then reversed the car, each with their children to play.


“Do you still want to continue? Do you want your father to drive for you?” Yang Yi thought Xixi was frightened, and said to the little girl with a smile.


However, Xixi still maintains a strong interest.


“No, no, Baba, I want to drive by myself!” Xixi giggled.


Yang Yi didn’t force it. This kind of air-cushion bumper car is not fast, and there is no big problem when it hits it. Yang Yi let go and let Xixi play by herself.


However, when Yang Yi let go of her hand and put it aside, Xixi felt insecure again.


The little girl leaned forward, her two small hands were off the steering wheel, one hand pressed the front car platform, the other hand pulled her father’s big hand and put it on the top of the steering wheel, only then did she feel satisfied He smiled: “Baba, you put it here, but don’t move!”


Fortunately, just two seconds ago, there were no other bumper cars ahead, otherwise the little girl would scream again.



On the sidelines, Murphy watched with admiration as Xixi drove a bumper car on a rampage inside.


Although Yang Yi worked hard to correct them when they encountered a “dangerous situation”, bumper cars are not as easy to control as cars, not to mention, even if you drive well, others will run into you, so, Xixi’s screams are one after another, but they are also interesting!


“Mama!” Xiaojiao was in his mother’s arms, looking left and right, looking for the trace of his sister in the middle of the car, but at this time, he seemed to be very interested, and patted his mother’s Shoulders, eagerly pointed at the bumper cars.


“You’re too young to play!” Murphy pulled the little guy’s hand back and waved to him with a smile.


“Yes!” But Xiao Jiao became anxious, took his little hand from his mother’s hand, and pointed to it again.


Unfortunately, Xiaojiao finally failed to achieve his goal. Although the little guy really wanted to play, he was still too young. No matter how aggrievedly pouted, he couldn’t get the consent of his father and mother.


“You want to play too?” When Yang Yi came back with Xixi, who was still unfinished, he saw Murphy who was looking at him eagerly, and said funny, “I didn’t say I didn’t like playing this game just now. A bumper car?”


“It was just now, I didn’t say it just now, and now I think it’s quite interesting!” Murphy said sarcastically.


How could Yang Yi not satisfy Murphy’s little wish? Just as Xixi also shouted that she wanted to play again, Yang Yi took the initiative to take over the responsibility of taking care of Xiaojiao.


“Mama, I’ll teach you to drive!”


“I want you to teach me? I’m better at driving this than you!”


“But, Baba said I drove well!”


“But you still hit a lot of cars! Mama saw it all around! Humph!”


Before sitting up, Murphy and Xixi began to fight.


Listening to their excited voices, Yang Yi shook his head with a smile, and walked aside with Xiao Jiao, who couldn’t play in the bumper car and was already anxiously pointing at his mother and sister, who was about to make a fuss.


“Let’s go and see, what’s there to eat!” Yang Yi tried to divert the little guy’s attention. No, he made a fuss and called out, pointing at a stall selling colorful marshmallows not far away, “Look, 曈曈, what’s there? It seems delicious!”



As night fell, at the entrance of the lobby of the Hong Kong City Airport, there were several paparazzi reporters with a few small bags slung across their shoulders and cameras in their hands, stomping their legs tremblingly.


The port city is relatively warm during the day, but after nightfall, the temperature drops a lot, and the wet and cold climate makes the skin feel even more piercingly cold.


“Which star has a schedule today? A Zhang, do you have any news?” Bored left and right, someone started talking.


However, peers are enemies. Even if they are not enemies, there is a strong competitive relationship between paparazzi. The paparazzi named A Zhang glanced at each other and said vigilantly: “Should there be no more? Let’s do this. Isn’t it all waiting for you? If there is any definite news, it’s still our turn to get us keel coffee (little people)? Pharaoh, if you are impatient, you can go back first!”


“Hey, it’s okay to go back, I’m still here, chatting with you, it’s much more interesting!” Old Wang said cheekily.


“Heh…” A paparazzi next to him sneered and said, “It’s freezing cold, come here to chat.”


Just as they were chatting yin and yang, suddenly, they all looked at the intersection in unison.


At this time, Yang Yi and Murphy, with their two children, got out of a car chatting and laughing. Yang Yi picked up the luggage, handed the keys to his manager, and brought a family Zi walked towards the This, isn’t this Yang Yi? “A Zhang, who couldn’t help muttering, looked at Yang Yi and the others with dull eyes, just like the others.


These paparazzi are all eye-catching, and they can recognize Yang Yi’s family at a glance – not to mention that Yang Yi did not make any disguise this time!


However, they were dumbfounded, full of disbelief.


This morning, they also saw Yang Yi’s family coming to the airport and leaving the port city by plane. How could it be possible to appear at the airport now?


“It doesn’t make sense!” Old Wang also scratched his head.


But soon, their professionalism brought them back to their senses. They raised their cameras and slammed the shutter on Yang Yi’s family.


They were not regular reporters, so they didn’t immediately go to interview Yang Yi and ask for the answers they longed to know.


But whether it’s A Zhang, Lao Wang, or other paparazzi, their hearts are full of ecstasy at this moment: “Big news, there must be big news here!”


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