House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 979: Tonight, he returns (1/4)


The warm applause of Chen Yijie’s fans in the audience made Yang Yi somewhat unexpected. Murphy did not receive such treatment when he played just now. However, he just waited for the applause to stop, thanked the audience in a low voice, and then briefly said: “”Silence is Gold”, dedicated to Eason, and to everyone here, I hope you like it, music, please!”

Afterwards, Yang Yi stood alone in the middle of the stage, holding a microphone in his hand, but his eyes were slanted at a forty-five degree angle, looking at the dark night sky of Hongwang Stadium under the bright lights.

It seems that this voice is lonely.

Yang Yi’s stage performance skills are indeed not as good as Chen Yijie’s. He and Murphy are half a pound. The two rarely interact with the audience. However, today Yang Yi is not pretending to be cold, but he is immersed in a faint sadness.

This song, the man who sang the best, in his previous life, Yang Yi just started listening to his song, and he jumped from the tall building, the fragrance disappeared…

Since then, there has never been such a man like a monster in the world, and there has never been such a talented brother who pursues perfection…

To be honest, this is a man who has truly been proven by time to be great and immortal, and more than ten years after he passed away, new fans are still emerging! Moreover, similar to Yang Yi, many fans who like Zhang have not come into contact with him in person, nor have they experienced his glory, but this still does not hinder their crazy love for him!

Yang Yi thinks he can’t be as great as his brother, but he is willing to do his best to reproduce his classics in this world with his ever-changing voice.

The accompaniment has been played, and the melody of the guzheng fusion at the beginning can’t help but lift one’s spirits.

Different from the demonic spirit of “Exaggerated”, the prelude to “Silence is Gold” is soft and soft like an ancient Chinese tune, which makes people like it.

“The night is windy, and I look back on the past…”

Yang Yi’s voice, which was a bit vicissitudes of life but still clear, immediately caused the audience under the stage to stare in surprise.

“It sounds good!” Many people couldn’t help but mutter to their friends, “Why is Yang Yi’s singing so good? It sounds so good…”

Of course, these whispers will be beaten to death by friends: “Don’t be noisy, listen to the song!”

The lyrics of this song are no worse than the already enchanting “Exaggerated”! The first sentence alone gave people a sense of the picture of Yang Yi standing on the stage looking back at the cold night sky and looking back at the past!

More than the first sentence, the following lyrics, every sentence is pearly!

“The false accusations and accusations are filled with anger, and the reaction to the rumors is very tight…”

It seems that at this moment, Yang Yi, incarnated as Chen Yijie’s big brother, is commenting on Chen Yijie’s false accusations and accusations in the past year by singing.

Of course, the layman listens to the excitement, and the expert listens to the door!

In the lounge in the backstage, Xixi is putting two small hands on Xiaobao’s shoulders and jumping around him: “Brother, look at Baba! Look at Baba!”

What the little girl is looking forward to the most tonight is that her father will sing on stage. Seeing her happy appearance, it seems that it is not her father but her who is on the stage!

Xiaojiao glanced at the TV, but his interest fell on his sister, who jumped behind him, he giggled and went around looking for his sister’s figure, wanting to reach out Grab her sister’s clothes, but Xixi is too sensitive, going around, making the little guy go round and round.

Only Murphy listened to the doorway. She glanced at the two little guys, then looked at Yang Yi with all her attention, and listened to Yang Yi’s singing, her eyes seemed to be filled with brilliance!

Yang Yi’s singing skills at this moment are completely analyzed by Murphy’s ears and brain, but it is precisely because of this that Murphy worships and loves the man she will accompany her whole life more and more!

Too evil!

Because, just now, after Yang Yi finished singing the front, his tone suddenly changed.

“I have been taught and guided by the scriptures, and now I can see clearly and no longer trap myself…”

Not only did Murphy tremble when he heard this, but the audience couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

Is this, this voice, the same person singing just now?

Completely different! Not only the tone, but even the timbre has changed!

But don’t worry about this change for now, Yang Yi’s singing at the moment has made many people unable to sit still, and they all stood up from their positions and saluted him!

How can it sound so good?

Murphy listened in the background, and couldn’t help but feel that the singer on stage was not a modern singer, but a traditional Cantonese opera star!

This singing is so unique!

On the other side of the backstage, after changing clothes, Chen Yijie couldn’t help walking to the sidelines, listening to Yang Yi’s singing with a look of amazement.

He couldn’t sit still. You know, Yang Yi didn’t embroider this hand during the rehearsal. The two singing styles, especially the second singing style, made Chen Yijie amazed!

Chen Yijie stood aside and couldn’t help but wonder.

He thinks that Yang Yi’s words are very characteristic. On the one hand, he points to the point without being sloppy. On the other hand, like the second character, or some words, some people will naturally sink in tone, but Yang Yi Yi mentioned it.

Not only is this not weird, but it’s really good to hear!

In addition, Chen Yijie could hear that Yang Yi used the ups and downs of his breath to drive the natural trembling of his voice, like the last sound of “wiping away tears and laughing lightly”, it started to tremble after a prolonged period of time, which made his singing even more impressive. People have a special feeling of scratching their ears and ironing them!


Chen Yijie couldn’t help but sigh.

However, why are there two very different vocals in a song? Even, if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, there was only Yang Yi on the stage, and some people would even think that this song was sung by two people!

Of course, the audience was right!

Yang Yi did show off his voice, and at the same time imitated Xu Guanjie and Leslie Cheung’s singing, trying to restore the most classic version of this song in his mind – Xu Retirement dinner, pulling Zhang to sing together Version. (Note: This version has to be searched on the video site, a recognized classic.)

Perhaps my brother’s solo singing is equally good, but Xu’s is not bad, and, with Xu’s background, the speciality of my brother’s singing will be more vividly reflected!

Of course, for ordinary people, they don’t think too much, this song is good enough, who cares how many singing styles it has?

The lyrics are just as wonderful for them!

Because this song was also written by Yang Yi to persuade Chen Yijie, it seems to have two completely different attitudes from “Exaggerated” in terms of style and meaning of words.

“You are destined to be rich or poor, right or wrong is never wrong and true is always true. Whatever you say, keep my duty and always believe that silence is gold…”

What I’m saying here is to ignore those rumors, stay safe, and believe that the facts will not be distorted!

And like “right and wrong have justice, be careful not to offend others”, “laugh and scold others, be free and easy”, these lyrics are like aphorisms, with just a few words, they express the meaning of life philosophy!

Why bother with those rumors?

Be free and easy to be yourself, won’t you do it?

Of course, if you taste it carefully, the meanings expressed by “Exaggeration” and “Silence is Gold” are actually the same way – they show, aren’t they all a free and easy attitude towards rumors and slander? ?

“ Be a free and easy person; keep going, be a free and easy person.”

In the end, Yang Yi imitated his brother’s singing at the dinner party, raising and lengthening the last “being a man”, as if he really wanted to play his singing skills to the extreme!

But the audience under the stage was already fascinated. They excitedly waved light sticks for Yang Yi and shouted Yang Yi’s name excitedly, hoping that he would stay on the stage: “Don’t go, sing again One!”

Unfortunately, this is Chen Yijie’s concert. After Yang Yi thanked the audience, he waved with a smile and handed the stage back to Chen Yijie, who came up and hugged him with emotion.

After the prosperous scene, it may be a bout of emptiness to others.

But for Yang Yi, emptiness does not exist, and when he returns to the lounge, he has to face the noisy chattering of two annoying little guys.

It’s time to accompany Xixi to the amusement park in Hong Kong City!


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