House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 975: How to get a kitten to collect a lot of small fish?



On the afternoon of January 12, the campus of Huijia Elementary School was quiet. There had just been a light rain outside, and the rain and dew on the trees fell on the wet school road, which could be clearly heard. The sound of “ding dong, ding dong”, like the movement of an hour hand, is slowly beating people’s hearts.


Today is the day when Huijia Elementary School conducts the final exams. However, in the afternoon, basically, children of each grade only have the last exam left.


Xixi and the others took the last Chinese test in the first grade. The final exam was no different than the usual quiz. No matter the number of questions or the difficulty of the questions, it was much more than the quiz at the beginning of the school year!


The children are basically frowning and trying to write straight. Some children who don’t usually study very hard seem to be stumped by a certain topic at the moment, sitting there scratching their ears and scratching their cheeks, as anxious as ants on a hot pot .


The atmosphere in the examination room was also very serious, because at this moment, Teacher Li Ruolan was sitting on the podium, but her eyes were patrolling the class, and she would stand up from time to time and walk around the class.


With such strict discipline in the examination room, even children who did not want to cheat could not help but bear a lot of pressure in their hearts.


After all, they’re only first grade kids!


However, Xixi’s performance is not the same as other children. Although she is also working hard to write her answers on the test paper, she does not seem to be nervous from the little girl’s face. A trace of joy radiating from the corner of the mouth!


In learning, Xixi’s extraordinary IQ can indeed play a great role! Not only is it easier to understand the content of the teacher’s words, and it is easier to accept new knowledge, but in the exam, these difficult papers do not seem to be difficult for her.


For example, Xixi is reading this reading statement question.


The title is “The Kitten Grows Fish”, the content is relatively simple, it mainly says that the kitten sees what kind of crops the farmer is planting, and can harvest a lot of such crops in the autumn, so the kitten planted the small fish in the ground.


There are three questions. The first question is how many paragraphs does this short passage have?


This question, Xixi just glanced at it and saw that there are three natural sections.


Of course, this question is not difficult in the first place. The test is just whether the children usually listen to the class carefully, and whether they remember the concept of natural paragraphs that the teacher usually talks about!


The last two questions are interesting! The second question is will the kitten receive a lot of small fish? Why? The third question belongs to the topic of divergent thinking. Let the examinee give the kitten an idea. How can the kitten receive a lot of small fish?


Such a topic should not be difficult for Xixi, and even Lan Xin estimates that it is not difficult for her.


After all, when they were in Chuntian Kindergarten, the two little girls both raised small goldfish and made observation reports, and now there are many small fish in Lanxin’s big fish tank.


Below the second question, I saw Xixi writing seriously: “There won’t be many small fish, because small fish live in water, not in the ground.”


The third question, Xixi thought about the way she could live as a little goldfish, and suddenly she had a good idea. I saw that she wrote neatly in the following strokes: “You can tell Dad, Dad will Buy a lot of small fish for the kitten.”




This answer. I don’t know if the teacher thinks it’s right or not, but Xixi thinks it’s not wrong for her to write like this!



Of course, doing the test paper is not too challenging for Xixi. The little girl’s joy comes from the exam that is about to end.


After the Chinese test, you can take a vacation. If you have a vacation, you can play with your father and mother!


After entering elementary school, although Xixi still likes to play with her friends at school, she doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for going to kindergarten before going to school!


Because after she started elementary school, her father stopped asking Xixi for leave. If she didn’t ask for leave, Xixi could only watch her mother fly around, or her father on a business trip for a few days, and there was no way to play with her!


As I grow up, I realize the value of holidays!


No, when she was still taking the Chinese test, the little girl became excited, and even when she was doing the questions, she was a little distracted. After writing the answer to a question, she even stopped for a few minutes. Fantastic:


When the holiday is over, my father said I would go to Hong Kong City to play, because Uncle Chen is going to have a concert…


Hong Kong City should be fun, right? Listen to Dad, there’s a huge amusement park there!


Fortunately, Li Ruolan, who was patrolling on the side, noticed Xixi’s distraction in time. She tapped on Xixi’s table solemnly, and brought back the drifting thoughts of this fantasy-loving little girl. .


“Answer the questions carefully, and if you’re done, check them carefully!” After Li Ruolan knocked on Xixi’s desk, she walked forward, but her reminder sound echoed in the classroom.


This reminder is mainly for Xixi, but also for all the children.


Xixi regained her senses, and then stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, and quickly and earnestly started the last topic of looking at the picture.


The last question is the prototype of the composition question. For the first grade children, it is still difficult. Fortunately, Xixi did it faster in front of me. question.


However, when Xixi did this question, it was time for her to take the final exam seriously. After finishing, although the little girl listened to Teacher Li’s words and opened the front to check it, the little girl was already a little absent-minded.


Let me ask, while Xixi was reading the question, she peeked at the clock in front of the classroom, looking forward to the passage of time, every minute and second. How could she find the problem after such an inspection?


After more than ten minutes, finally, under Xixi’s cheering eyes, the hands of the clock moved to where it should have appeared, and a harsh bell rang in the school.


“Okay, each child will stop answering the papers, cover your pens, put them in the pencil case, and put your hands behind your back, the teacher is going to collect the papers now!” Li Ruolan said seriously.


There were some anxious “uuuuu” sounds in the classroom. There were a few children who had not finished their work. They were so anxious that they were still writing tremblingly, refusing to put their hands behind them as the teacher said. .


Xixi is very well-behaved, and she is about to go on vacation. The little girl is so happy, with a cheerful smile on her face, she wants to wait for the teacher to finish the test paper soon, and she can go home with Lan Xin.


Of course, things went smoothly, at least it looked like this. After Li Ruolan received the test paper, he announced the end of the test.


“However, don’t be in a hurry, every child. After listening to the teacher, on the 16th of this month, which is next Wednesday, please go back to school on time at ten in the morning and come to pick up your student handbook. And the winter vacation homework, the teacher will write your exam results in the student handbook, as well as the comprehensive score of this semester, strengths and weaknesses, etc., I hope everyone will make progress when they go back to school next semester!” Li Ruolan chirped. And talk.


But at this moment, not only Xixi, but the children’s hearts had already flown out of the classroom. Li Ruolan knew that what she said was in vain, and she had to send text messages to the parents when she came back.


“Okay, I’ll be here today, all the children go home, pay attention to safety on the road, happy winter vacation!” Li Ruolan laughed.


“Goodbye teacher!”


“Happy Teacher Winter Break!”


The children responded one after another.


Xixi also shouted along, but she swiftly packed her small schoolbag, giggled, and jumped to find Lan Xin: “Xiner, let’s go home!” /



The children have all gone home, but Li Ruolan hasn’t rested She took the papers and returned to the office, ready to mark a few sheets, and then go back with Liu Xuanxuan in the evening.


Before the 16th, teachers were not allowed to relax, not only to mark exam papers, but also to register scores, and the most troublesome thing was to write the “Student Handbook”.


This is the most important job of the head teacher at the end of each term. It is not difficult to write one or two, but the difficulty is to write comments from 60 students. Li Ruolan is also a very responsible teacher, and she will give every student seriously Writing targeted reviews takes a lot of thought and time!


So, before it’s evening, hurry up and mark your exam papers!


After changing a few sheets, Li Ruolan found that one of the test papers was quite good. Not only was the writing neat and beautiful, but she basically didn’t find any mistakes in the front. It seemed to be all right!


Such a beautiful row of checkmarks, of course Li Ruolan will pay attention to it a little.


“This handwriting, if I guessed correctly, should be… Yang Xi’s test paper, right?” Li Ruolan thought, slightly bulging the side of the pinned pin, looking at the name of the respondent.




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