House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 973: Sorrowful little girl (2/4)



The seaweed dance makes people dance. In fact, it is just as good-looking. At most, it is only enough to coax children to play. It is far inferior to Seve in terms of beauty, and it is not even comparable to square dance in terms of style. It was as if a neurosis was writhing around.


So, after reading it, Murphy didn’t want to learn at all.


But later, Yang Yi showed her the mystery of this dance, and Murphy really knelt down to Yang Yi!


Yes, I really knelt down!


Waiting for Xixi and Xiaojiao to kneel after sleeping at night!


No way, the bet is lost, Murphy has to learn something, doesn’t it? The seaweed dance she couldn’t bear to look at was too nervous, Murphy couldn’t learn it, she could only…



In the dead of night, when Yang Yi and Murphy were “communicating”, there were always some single dogs who couldn’t sleep and swiped Weibo on their mobile phones.


For example, Mu Yucheng, the fifth king of diamonds in the kicked world, was single on Christmas Eve three years ago, and still on Christmas Eve three years later.


Speaking of which, Mu Yucheng has an annual salary of one million, and he is rich and not ugly. Although he is in his thirties, it is also a high-quality resource. His family also wants to introduce him to someone, but he came and went to collect a few. Yes, it has never been successful, which is really surprising!


Even, there are young girls in the company secretly asking if he is gay!


Of course, without telling so many stories of Mu Yucheng, he swiped the microbroadcast and saw that Murphy’s microbroadcast, which he followed Yang Yi by the way, had updated a video update, and, looking at the cover of the video, It should be a video of Yang Yi holding a cat.


“Fuck, this pigeon Yang, the speed of publishing the book has slowed down, and the reason is actually to play cats!” Mu Yucheng was filled with indignation, and he forwarded it first, and then watched the video.


The video only lasted for less than a minute. At the beginning, Mu Yucheng heard the sound of a fast-paced jazz drum. Of course, Mu Yucheng had no musical talent. The drum sound just passed by his ears. All his attention was placed on a big-faced, gray-black cat lying on Yang Yi’s legs.


(Little girl: Meow? Scratching you!)


The little girl being held by Yang Yi is actually very cute, her face is full of confusion, her round eyes look left and right, and the little girl’s eight-petaled mouth just interprets ” Stupid” word.


Who am I? where am I? What am I doing?


Mu Yucheng also thinks it’s a bit strange, is Yang Yi playing a cat? But why is he holding the cat’s two front paws?


Soon, a funny song sounded: “Like a seaweed, seaweed…”


The two front legs of Xiaojiao moved with the singing!


I saw Yang Yi pinching Xiaojiao’s two front claws, and his movements were very standard. One claw was akimbo, and the other claw was stretched out, twisting and twisting like a beckoning!


What the **** is this?


Mu Yucheng didn’t react for a while, and looked at Xiaojiao’s “performance” with a dazed expression.


Then, the song “Fly with the Waves” sounded, and I saw Xiaojiao’s two claws being pinched by Yang Yi’s big hands, sliding from bottom to top on her round body, from the sides of her head, the two The ears were rubbed, and the bulging face of the little girl was squeezed into a Sydney face, and her eyes were narrowed into a slit…


When Mu Yucheng saw Xiaojiao’s expression of not knowing whether to enjoy or reluctantly give up resistance, he laughed inhumanly.


“What the **** is this Nima?” Mu Yucheng couldn’t help laughing and complaining.


When this dance was shown on the little girl, her magical nature instantly increased a hundredfold. Mu Yucheng never imagined that a cat could “dance” and dance so enchantingly.


Seeing that its two small claws were pinched, its soft limbs were twisted like a puppet, and it perfectly displayed a human posture. Mu Yucheng really felt that his three views had been subverted. !


It turns out that cats can be so flirtatious!


Also, when looking at the back, when the novelty of those movements retreated a little, Mu Yucheng also noticed that he hadn’t paid attention to it before, this cat was lying in such a shameful position, with a big belly that was gray and white. up…


But Mu Yucheng still didn’t feel sorry for the little girl at all, so he couldn’t help but want to laugh all the time.


Who made the poor little girl, forced by Dad Yang’s arrogance, never dare to struggle – in fact, it struggled before, but Yang Yi’s hands were too fast, and the little girl who couldn’t catch up with the buns escaped. Without breaking away from Yang Yi’s Five Fingers Mountain, the little darling is like ashes and can only accept his fate.


Looking at the way it squinted and endured the “bullying” of Yang’s father, the officials only thought that the cat was very “suffering”, danced very cutely, and only laughed out loud. Can you take care of the poor, poor little guy?


Of course, it’s not that there is none. Now, under Murphy’s microcast, there are already book friends who recognize Xiaojiao and have started comments below:


“The Little Good Protection Association expresses its strong protest here… um, although I laughed so hard just now that my stomach cramped!”


“Da Yang, what have you done to our little girl? Little girl, my poor little girl!”


“Huh? Little girl didn’t resist? That’s unreasonable! Isn’t he bullying Baozi all day and has a wild personality?”


“It’s too long! Little girl, I didn’t expect you to be such a little girl…”


Mu Yucheng didn’t read the comments. After watching this video, he couldn’t help being alone for a while.


After a while, he smiled and shook his head, and then reposted this microcast: “Okay, after watching this video, I realized that the legendary cat licking is so interesting, and suddenly I really want to raise a cat. Ah!”


Hey, why is the focus on cats?



Mu Yucheng’s focus is rather strange, and the focus of normal people is still on this song and this magical dance.


Netizens commented:


“It’s over, I’ve been brainwashed by this song. It’s obviously not good. I wanted to spit on Yang Yi’s unprofessional work, but I suddenly found that seaweed and seaweed were in my head all night. How can I break it?”


“It’s so magical. I’ve played this video on a loop dozens of times, but I’m still not tired of watching it. I can’t help but want to laugh watching this cat enjoying it. What should I do?”


“What’s the name of this dance? I really want to do a dance for our cat.”


“Upstairs, your cat said: No, we won’t make an appointment!”


“It’s still Yang Yi’s talent! I really don’t know how this head grows. If you make any song or dance, you can catch fire!”


“Has anyone noticed Murphy’s laughter behind this video? Am I the only one who thinks this video also teaches us how to use cats to seduce girls?”


“It’s over, I laughed all night, and the next day I took this video to the class with dark eyes and showed it to my classmates. Now the whole class is laughing, the kind that can’t stop, the teacher makes us stunned. Circled!”



So, stepping on the tail of the year, Xiaoguo became popular on the Internet.


It’s just that these netizens don’t know that Yang Yi and Murphy just released the little girl’s video of “Cat Dancing with Seaweed” for them to laugh at, but they put the seaweed of the two little girls Xixi and Lan Xin. The dance video is hidden.


In that video, the two little girls dance in their own way!


Xixi’s two hands are folded together, her movements are as light as seaweed, her slender waist is twisted with vitality, and then look at the little girl’s smiling eyes and the little face that seems to be able to squeeze water, really She’s so cute that you want to take her away.


Lan Xin is not bad either! The little girl danced naively, especially her two little hands imitating the seaweed swaying in front of her, and her bulging belly also twisted. This cuteness is also endearing!


And Don’t look at Lan Xin’s fat, she also inherited her mother’s beautiful facial features, her face is also the embryo of a beauty, her big eyes are bright and bright, her small nose is round and upturned, her small mouth is also small and exquisite, and her skin is small and exquisite. Pink and tender, as if soaked in milk!


If it’s just a glimpse, maybe there are some people who are judged by her figure, but the more you look, the more you will think that this little fat girl is very attractive, round, soft and waxy, also very flattering what!


In the video, these two little girls brought out the cuteness of this dance to the fullest, and looking at their serious looks, there is only cuteness left, not the original crazy feeling!


But this video, Yang Yi will not post it.


After all, this dance is still a little off the table, and it’s good for your family to have a good time, so don’t take it out for those decent gentlemen to criticize.


This is not alarmist. A few days after Yang Yi posted the video of Xiaogai, some music critics released the song “Seaweed Dance”, criticizing Yang Yi’s self-indulgent degeneration after he became famous, saying that he only knew how to play some brainwashing songs. , lost the normal aesthetic of music…


Of course, Yang Yi will ignore these comments.


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