House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 967: I really want to play with my sister


Xiao 曈曈 thinks that the jar is not a good thing, and it is the most unpalatable thing in the world! Xiaojiao didn’t understand why her sister and father were interested in that jar. He was kind and wanted to stop her sister from touching this terrible thing.

But Murphy thought he was going to make trouble, so he held him in his arms and didn’t let him move around.

No! Let me go, I’m going to save my sister!

“Wow!” Suddenly, the excited cheers of elder sister came from Xiao Jiao’s ears, he stopped in doubt, raised his head, and looked over.

Of course, Xiaojiao wouldn’t pay attention to the details, he just saw his sister and father scrutinizing the big bottle.

If it’s an animation, there should be a lot of question marks floating over the little guy’s head at this moment: what happened? Why is my sister so excited?

Xiaojiao didn’t see it. At this time, the eggs in the glass bottle had already floated up and down in the somewhat muddy white water. Although it was only suspended in the water, this change was enough to make Xixi scream in surprise.

“Baba, the egg is floating!” Xixi turned her head and reported to her father excitedly.

“It hasn’t floated completely yet, try adding some salt in it.” Yang Yi encouraged Xixi to finish the experiment.

Of course, the following experiments do not need to be repeated, it is nothing more than adding a little more salt to make the eggs surface.

What Xixi is more curious about is what magic makes the eggs float out of the water?

No, after growing up, Xixi, who hasn’t asked why for a long time, asked her father with great interest today: “Baba, why is this happening?”

This scientific principle is not difficult to explain, but how to explain it so that Xixi can understand it. Xixi doesn’t understand what is buoyancy, what is specific gravity or density.

So, Yang Yi thought about it for a while, and said first: “Xixi, do you think water is heavier, or eggs are heavier?”

Xixi tilted her head for a while, but finally chose water.

“Because it’s heavy, it’s hard for me to pick it up!” Xixi pointed to the glass bottle filled with water and said seriously, “But eggs are easy to handle!”

Yang Yi understood his loophole, so he brought two identical cups and eggs over and started to demonstrate.

“Look, I put eggs in one cup now, and water in the other, but the water I added is about the size of an egg.” Yang Yi smiled and handed the two cups to Xixi, “You now Let’s see, which is heavier?”

However, the weight difference is still very small, Xixi weighed it, but still couldn’t figure it out.

Yang Yi had to ask for a small electronic scale for weighing dishes in the kitchen to compare the weight data of the two, and Xixi finally had the answer.

“Now do you think water is heavier, or eggs are heavier?” Yang Yi asked with a smile.

“Eggs are heavy!” Xixi responded quickly, keeping up with her father’s thinking speed.

“In addition, do you think the same size of iron is heavier? Or is the same size of wood heavier?” Yang Yi said.

Xixi knows how to answer this question without having to do experiments, only to hear her clear response: “The iron is heavier!”

“That’s right. On the premise of the same size, iron blocks are heavier than wood, and eggs are heavier than water. We call the reason for their heavier weight because they are denser!” Yang Yi still uses iron blocks. As a metaphor for wood, “it means that more and heavier things are stuffed into its small body.”

Xixi nodded her head, seemingly understanding.

It’s really hard to explain, but Yang Yi feels that if he talks a lot, Xixi will know more subtly, and he will be able to understand some of the scientific knowledge he said in the future.

“Well, the reason why this dense egg can sink to the bottom is because it is heavier than water, don’t you think?” Yang Yi said with a smile.

This Xixi can understand, the little girl nodded her head seriously.

“Then we add salt to the water, and the salt will dissolve into the water, so that when we drink salt water, we will feel the salty taste.” Yang Yi made a fresh metaphor, “It’s like , we’re carrying a bag with stuff on it, and now we’re going to unzip it and keep stuffing it inside, so will it get heavier?”

“Yes!” Xixi continued to nod.

“Then why is this?” Yang Yi smiled and asked Xixi a small question.

“Because, because…” Xixi still didn’t understand. At this moment, facing her father’s question, she became confused again.

Murphy listened with relish, seeing Xixi saying she understood for a while, and then opening her mouth and couldn’t answer, she couldn’t help but say, “Didn’t your father just say it? It’s because of its density. It got bigger, so it got heavier!”

Yang Yi smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, we now understand that after adding salt, salt water will be heavier than water!”

“I know, I know, because it has salt!” Xixi said actively at this moment.

“Yes, if you continue to add salt, it will also become heavier!” Yang Yi did not intend to talk about the more esoteric concept of solubility for the time being, but just said, “Because the salt water has become heavier, when it is heavier than an egg When it’s heavy, will the light egg float?”

Xixi was so excited that she didn’t know if she really understood, but she kept nodding her head anyway.

“Let’s see if we can apply today’s findings to a wider range of examples!” Yang Yi laughed, “For example, do you think swimming in seawater, for example, in summer, we go to the Binhai District Like playing at the beach, is it easier to float in the water than swimming in our freshwater pool?”

Where does Xixi remember these two feelings? However, although she couldn’t compare which of the two swimmers was easier to float, Xixi still understood what her father had to say.

I saw the little girl grinning and said happily: “I know, I know, because the sea water is also salty! There is salt!”

“That’s right!” Yang Yi gave a thumbs up in praise.

“Baba, Baba, let’s go on to other experiments! It’s so interesting!” Xixi waited for her father to finish talking about these big truths, and couldn’t wait to cry out again.

There must be a lot of interesting content in such a big book!

Xixi smiled brightly, and Xiao Jiao watched eagerly from the side. He couldn’t understand these reasons, but the little guy felt that there must be something funny when his sister smiled so happily. His little eyes were full of envy and expectation.

I really want to play with my sister!

The shooting of “Remaining Sin” has been going on for more than a Recently, the crew went south and went to Yangcheng to shoot some local scenes. Guo Ziyi, an important supporting role, also followed.

However, the weather suddenly turned cold, and news reports said that the cold air was not seen in ten years, so Tan Huizhen began to worry about whether Guo Ziyi in Yangcheng, further south, would be frozen.

Isn’t there a popular saying on the Internet: I am a wolf from the north, but frozen into a husky in the south?

This is a joke, but it makes some sense!

The cold winter in Guangdong Province is wet and cold. Although the temperature looks very high, the air with high humidity will make the cold like a bone gangrene. The negative measurement seems to be as uncomfortable as the cold air is going to get into the bone. !

So, when Tan Huizhen called Guo Ziyi, she suddenly asked where Guo Ziyi’s manager was now?

“Why are you asking Ding Xiang?” Guo Ziyi became vigilant. “She’s in Jiangcheng! She still has schoolwork, so she can’t run around with me before graduation.”

At this moment, Ding Xiang, who was sitting next to Guo Ziyi, straightened his waist nervously, and looked at Guo Ziyi with his chest upright.


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