House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 966: Small??Sakura?/a>



After taking a bath and drying the hair on his body, Baozi was refreshed, shook his body comfortably, and leaned up to Xixi’s side, grinding and rubbing, acting like a spoiled child.


It is also smart and knows that it has done something wrong, only Xixi will not be angry with it and run to Xixi’s side, as if it has found a shelter!


But Xixi didn’t have time to play with it. After scratching its head, she followed her father with great interest and sat on a picnic mat spread out in the living room-because it was an experiment with water, Yang Yi Don’t want to stain the carpet.


“Come on, let’s come here too, let’s see what dad and sister are playing!” Murphy hugged the swaying little scorpion, who was about to leave, and brought the little guy with a smile. Sitting on a picnic mat.


Xiao Xiaojiao is very curious about everything, crawling on top of it, looking left and right.


“Hey, Xixi, how did you break this egg?” When Yang Yi took out the egg, he saw a crack on it. Although it hadn’t broken yet, Yang Yi was worried that the crack would easily make this experiment possible. There are flaws (perhaps).


Xixi blinked, grabbed her father’s arm, knelt up, and looked over her little head, but she didn’t have any clues – when did she break the egg?


“It may be that when you twisted the basket just now, you accidentally knocked the egg against something else, but it doesn’t matter, there are still eggs in the refrigerator, Dad, go get a new one, and save this one for cooking at noon! “Yang Yi did not criticize Xixi too much, and said with a smile.


“I’ll get it, I’ll get it!” Xixi was very positive, she got up from the ground and ran to the kitchen excitedly.


After a while, the little girl ran back happily with an egg in her hand.



Yang Yi’s first small experiment with Xixi and Xiaojiao is simple.


I saw him put clean water in the glass vase. Looking through the glass, it was crystal clear and very beautiful, but Yang Yi was only adding a small half bottle of water, enough to drown the eggs in it.


“Come on, Xixi put the eggs in.” Yang Yi put down the glass vase, and a wooden board was placed in the middle of the picnic mat, just enough to place the glass vase firmly on it.


“But, will it be broken?” Xixi grabbed the egg, hesitated, and looked at her father worriedly.


“It doesn’t matter, you put it in gently, we still have water resistance!” Yang Yi said.


The mouth of the vase is not too big, Xixi can hold the egg and put her small hand in, but because the inside is slightly tightened (a bit like a large-caliber decanter), Xixi can only reach the small hand Near the water level, and further down, the small hand that is holding the egg will not be able to get in.


“Let’s go!” Seeing Xixi’s cautious look, Yang Yi gave instructions.


Xixi let go of her hand, the egg fell into the water, swayed and sank, and finally landed firmly at the bottom of the bottle. When Xixi saw this scene, she breathed a sigh of relief and pulled out her little hand.


“Wipe your hands!” Murphy was by the side, actively doing logistical work, took out two pieces of paper towels and asked Xixi to wipe her hands. When the eggs were put in just now, water splashed on the little girl’s fingers.


Xiao Jiajiao didn’t know what her sister was doing, but she always felt that her sister and father were engaged in a big thing, referred to as doing things. He was also in his mother’s arms, stretched his neck long, and watched intently , without blinking.


“Okay, let’s add salt in now!” Yang Yi was not in a hurry to explain, he brought the salt shaker prepared in the basket and handed it to Xixi.


He handed over all these to Xixi to operate, and Xixi did it herself, and her feelings and memories would be more profound.


“Is this salt?” The curious baby, Murphy, stretched out his finger with interest, poked the white salt foam in the salt shaker, and put it into his mouth to taste it.


Without having to say Yang Yi, Murphy nodded and said, “Well, it’s salty!”


Xiao Jiajia had been twisting her head to see her mother’s movements just now, but now she saw her mother smacking her mouth, thinking it was something delicious, so she hurriedly grabbed her mother’s arm and got up.


“Yes, eat, eat!” Xiao Jiao said while opening his small mouth.


“Do you want too?” Murphy looked at the little guy amusingly and thought for a while, “Okay, I’ll give you a taste, just to know the taste of salt!”


As a result, Yang Yi saw Murphy eagerly reaching out and poking the salt shaker, and then extending his finger dipped in salt foam to let the little guy taste it.


Actually, it’s a bit unhygienic to do so – like it will stain the salt in the salt shaker.


Yang Yi’s eyelids trembled, but he didn’t say anything. In his own home, it was actually fine, not too dirty.


Maybe it was because Murphy licked his finger just now, and it was a little wet. This time, Murphy had a little bit of salt foam on it… Murphy, a big man, didn’t find this problem, and Xiaojiao regarded it as something delicious. Put it in your mouth and take a deep breath.


The next second, Yang Yi saw Xiao Jiao’s face wrinkled into a bitter gourd. He spit it out with a “bah”. Of course, the little guy can’t spit, he can only spit out some spit stars. It can’t solve the problem of bitter taste in the mouth at all.


This scene is very similar to those videos of children eating lemons that Yang Yi used to watch online! Xiao Jiao is like that now, sitting there, frowning salty, shaking his little hands struggling to and fro.


“Haha, well, it’s too salty? Mommy go get you some water to rinse your mouth.” Murphy knew it was okay and didn’t get too nervous, just soothed the little guy and brought him water drink.


After drinking a few sips of boiled water, Xiao Jiao gradually washed away the bitter taste in his mouth, and then returned to normal.


Yang Yi and Xixi have been watching happily, Yang Yi also asked Xixi jokingly, “Would you like to try it?”


“No, no, no!” The little girl shook her head into a rattle, she giggled, and said I don’t want to eat salt! I’ve eaten it, and I know it’s very salty! “


Yang Yi thought about it for a while, and it was true, when he was cooking, Xixi was watching, and she had really tasted salt and white sugar under her own advice.


It’s a bit off topic. After Xixi finished laughing, she also started an experiment. She used a small spoon to add salt to the bottle.


After a while, the water turned cloudy, but the eggs didn’t float!


“Huh?” Xixi turned to look at her father in confusion.


Is it the wrong experiment?


There is nothing wrong with the experiment, Yang Yi thought about it and understood what the problem was.


“Our bottle is too big, and there is a bit too much water in it. You add more salt and pour it boldly into it.” Yang Yi instructed.


After pouring the salt for a while, Yang Yi asked Xixi to pick up the long wooden chopsticks and stir to speed up the melting of the salt.


A miracle happened!


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