House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 963: My sister’s trophy is going to be broken (three/three)



Winning the dance competition, for Xixi, the reward that makes her happiest is not the praise of Lan Xin, Yu Xiaowei and other adults and adults such as Yang Huan, Guo Ziyi, and Ding Xiang, nor can it be exchanged The doll or the extra four gold coins that you save to go to the amusement park, but the little trophy whose symbolic meaning is greater than its own value!


Yes, this little trophy is worthless!


It’s not the well-made crystal or copper trophies that Murphy and Yang Yi obtained. It’s a trophy awarded to children by a school. Naturally, the material can’t be so high-end. Yang Yi estimates that it should be just some kind of quality comparison. Light alloys!


In the hand, it is like a paper shell, light and fluffy, and there is always an unreal feeling that it will be damaged when it falls.


And the workmanship is also average. Although there is no decolorization, the color tone can be seen to be uneven, and the engraved characters are a bit untidy, which makes Yang Yi a little uncomfortable.


But Xixi is like a treasure, she has been holding it happily on the way from school to home.


After returning home, Xixi asked her mother to open the exhibition cabinet dedicated to Yang Yi and Murphy’s trophies at home – this cabinet was placed in Yang Yi’s study, the reason why she called her mother instead of her father was because Yang Yi Yi is busy making dinner.


After the cabinet was opened, the little girl handed over her trophy and asked her mother to put it in the cabinet. Moreover, she had to put it on the middle floor, between the trophies of her father and mother, and she stepped on it. After staring at the small stool for a long time, he nodded contentedly!


However, when everyone watched “The Voice of China” together at night, not long after the video call ended, Xixi couldn’t sit still anymore and asked her father to help her bring her the small trophy.


If the trophy is placed on the cabinet, it only has the function of display. How can Xixi hold back? She didn’t have enough fun!


So, while Yang Yi and Murphy were sitting on the sofa watching TV and pointing at the performances of the students in the camera, the little girl was holding her small trophy and playing with joy on the carpet on.


Don’t say, although the material of this trophy is average, it is golden after all, which is in line with the aesthetic tendency of Chinese people. Xixi looks over and over again, and the more she looks, the more she likes it!


Xiaojiao didn’t care at first, he preferred his own deformable robot toy, but after playing for a while, the little guy got bored, so he turned to look for his sister, and his eyes fell on the one in her hand Above the golden trophy!


What is this? It seems to be quite fresh!


Xiao Xiaojiao pouted her little butt, used both hands and feet, and crawled towards her sister-the distance was too short, there was no need to go.


Xixi was grabbing her trophy when suddenly, a small fleshy hand stretched out in front of her and pressed it. She turned her head in confusion, and her little brother’s curious face appeared in her sight.


Xiao Jiajia seems to know that he is embarrassed. Seeing that his sister found out about his small movements, he retracted his hand and grinned at his small mouth with a few teeth: “Hee hee!”


Xixi is more generous. Seeing that Xiaojiao seems to be very interested in her trophy, she handed it over generously and said, “Do you want to see it?”


Simple question, even if Xiao Haoyu can’t fully understand it, he can even guess and understand the meaning. When he saw his sister take the initiative to hand it over, he happily danced his hands and said in his slightly confused voice: “Yes, yes!”


The conversation between these two little guys caught Murphy’s attention, and she stretched out her hand and pulled Yang Yi in a funny way to show him the interaction between the siblings.


After getting her sister’s trophy, Xiaojiao also grabbed it in her hand curiously and began to look at it.


However, unlike Xixi’s careful scrutiny, Xiaojiao didn’t know how to hold the trophy securely. At first, he held the trophy with both hands, turned it over, and then As soon as it slipped, the trophy fell to the carpet.


“You broke it!” Xixi looked a little distressed and anxious. She first complained in a low voice, then hurriedly grabbed it and checked it, and found that it was not broken before handing it back to Xiaojiao.


There is no way. After seeing her sister take away the trophy, Xiao Jiao crawled over again, and her two little hands were still on her sister’s legs.


This time, Xixi paid more attention. She instructed Xiaojiao hand in hand how to grab the trophy.


However, Xiao Jiao was more interested in this trophy. He didn’t pay attention to the patterns around the trophy and the words engraved on the base. Instead, he was very curious about the big mouth of the trophy.


A small trophy, the body of the cup is not as big as Yang Yi’s fist, just need to hold it in his hand and look at it, you can see it at a glance, but Xiao Jiao doesn’t want to look at it normally, he holds the trophy and puts it to his own Get up on your face!


By the end, the trophy was all over his eyes!


And, not covering one eye!


Xiaojiao is a bit greedy and wants to see with both eyes, so the trophy is buckled between the two eyes, covering Yintang, revealing half of the eyes on both sides!


“Hee hee, brother, why are you so funny?” Xixi looked at Zhile, but didn’t stop her, but laughed heartily.


Xiao Jiajia seemed to be inspired, he held the trophy, and just like drinking water, he directly buckled it on his mouth, and laughed sullenly.


Xixi is also interested, she stretches out her hand and asks for a trophy from Xiaojiao: “Play with me too!”


Xiao Jiajia was reluctant to give it back to his sister at first, but seeing his sister smiling happily at him, the little guy still handed the trophy back to his sister under the emotional contagion.


Then, Yang Yi and Murphy saw that Xixi was also learning Xiaojiao, holding the trophy and clasping the hole in her mouth.


“Hmm!” Xixi made a muffled voice.


Xiaojiao’s small mouth is slightly open, and she looks at her sister without blinking.


Xixi realized that she was too tight to speak, so she moved out a slit, so that the little girl’s buzzing voice finally rang out: “ you heard me Do you speak?”


This voice is completely different from Xixi’s. Of course, the rhythm of the speech is similar.


Xiaojiao stared blankly for a while before realizing that it was his sister who was talking. He seemed to be slow to respond for a few seconds, and suddenly became happy, dancing with joy, really dancing, and kicking his feet up, I don’t know what kind of magic my sister’s words have to make him so happy.


“You come too!” Xixi happily stuffed her trophy into her brother’s hand.


Xiaojiao wanted to change the way of playing, but Xixi didn’t agree. While talking, he urged the little guy to buckle the trophy to his mouth.


“Woooo!” Xiao Haojiao didn’t know what to say, he grunted randomly and put down the trophy.


Yang Yi and Murphy find it funny and inexplicable at the same time. These two little guys really don’t understand their thoughts at all. At this moment, the siblings look at each other again and send out a message. String after string of silver bell-like laughter.


At least, they had a good time, didn’t they?


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