House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 961: Xi Xi wins! (1/4)



Although Yang Yi is deliberately downplaying Xixi’s achievement concept, in fact, he still hopes that Xixi can win the championship! No, they continued to watch the game on the second floor. Yang Yi raised his ears and listened to the scores of almost every child in the back.


Xixi didn’t pay too much attention to this. The little girl sat with her friends and muttered softly. Several times she got excited and forgot to lower her voice. It was Yang Yi who reminded her. It didn’t affect the surrounding audience and other people’s games.


Finally, the last little contestant finished dancing. Although Yang Yi also saw that the dance of the last two children who did not score was not very good, he still stood upstairs, frowned slightly, and waited nervously. with the final news.


7:7, 8:3.


This is the result of the last two children announced after the host took to the stage after a while.


“Win!” Yang Yi breathed a sigh of relief, clenching his fists, thinking a little smugly in his heart.


The audience has already left the stage one after another, and of course Yang Yi and the others still have to stay and wait for the awards.


Ten minutes later, the chaotic jury platform returned to quiet, and the host took the statistics of the winning results and began to read the winning children.


“The winner is…”


“The third prize goes to…”


“Get two…”


The host read a long list of names, but there was no Xixi. The little girl twisted in her father’s arms uneasy: “Baba, why not me?”


“Because, she read from the back to the front, you… should be in the front, the front, anyway, wait patiently, it will be yours soon!” Yang Yi smiled and told Xixi said.


Before Yang Yi finished his words, a good news came from the stage: “The first prize in the dance competition of the junior group is … Yang Xi from the third class of the first grade, let us applaud these students to come to the stage to accept the award. .”


Xixi blinked, and reached out to pull her father’s sleeve, whispering, “Baba, it’s me!”


Murphy was overjoyed. She turned around, bent over and hugged the little girl, and said excitedly, “It’s you! Xixi, you won the first prize, the most powerful first prize!”






However, when I heard Murphy’s words, I was even more excited by Xixi’s little friends, Lan Xin, Lu Xiaoyu, Chen Shiyun, these active little guys, kneeling and crawling in the seat to play. Like the little frogs, they shouted one after another.


Xixi turned her head back and saw them smiling with crooked eyes, like a beautiful crescent moon. She wondered if she was happy for her award, or was infected by the excitement of her friends.


There is no need to repeat the process of receiving the award. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the certificate and notebook prize, Xixi’s first prize also has a small surprise!


After all, the dance competition is a large-scale competition that attracts more attention. Compared with the recitation competition, it gets more investment.


When a female school administrator in charge of the award smiled and handed a small golden trophy to Xixi, Yang Yi saw the uncontrollable surprise on the little girl’s face.


Small trophy!


Since Xixi is so big, it’s the first time she won a small trophy!


Before in the kindergarten, Xixi was basically awarded certificates, and it was the kind of certificate that the teacher wrote her name with a pen!


How can there be a beautiful trophy in a certificate?


After the little girl got off the stage, she couldn’t wait to run to her father’s side. She stretched out her little hands and showed her father happily: “Baba, look, look!”


However, before Yang Yi got his hands on the heat, a group of little girls and a boy named Nan Zhaoyu rushed to gather around him: “I want to see it too, I want to see it too!”



The night is gradually falling, and in the capital, a grand event is slowly kicking off.


Jiang Yuzhe, a boy from Fujian province, followed the crowd and slowly squeezed into the 100,000-person stadium in Beijing, and then found their seats in the eastern stands.


Jiang Yuzhe is a fan of variety shows. He used to be a diehard fan of “Extreme Challenge”. Because Yang Yi cooperated with Shan Hongkui, he sang the Hokkien song “Love to Fight to Win” in the last episode of the first season. Also became a fan of Yang Yi. However, after half a year, Jiang Yuzhe, who has not watched other programs, has now become a fan of “The Voice of China”.


Of course, Jiang Yuzhe could only watch “The Voice of China” on TV, because he is not a rich second-generation, an ordinary college student, and he does not have the capital to invest a lot of money to pursue a program.


But who made him lucky?


A few weeks ago, according to Yang Yi’s instructions, the official Weibo broadcast of “The Voice of China” organized a lottery event of following and forwarding, and selected 20 live tickets to lucky fans!


By the time of the lottery, the number of retweets of this microcast was as high as 900,000, and Jiang Yuzhe could not imagine that he became one of the twenty lucky winners.


But it’s a cool feeling!


Especially when Jiang Yuzhe came to the 100,000-person stadium in the capital, he saw the lively atmosphere of the crowd and the magnificent layout of the scene – huge stage, huge screen, Jiang Yuzhe couldn’t help but feel proud of the program he supported!


Only “The Voice of China” has such a great skill, daring to turn the finals of a talent show into such a sensational event!


After finding his position, Jiang Yuzhe took out his mobile phone, patted left and right, and excitedly posted pictures of the scene on Weibo.


Not long after, Jiang Yuzhe saw a person wearing a uniform with the logo of Jingcheng TV, carrying a camera, and followed a very beautiful host down the aisle. This is the host of the live interview. Jingcheng TV is for today The show also sent a very luxurious lineup of hosts, and even before the peak night began, a hot show similar to the “Feast of the Giants” before the World Cup was produced and broadcasted.


However, Jiang Yuzhe was not so lucky to be selected this time.


The beautiful host interviewed a girl not far away and asked which contestant she thought might win the championship.


“Ge Han, it must be Ge Han!” Jiang Yuzhe heard the excited shout of the girl.


This Ge Han was the contestant who eliminated Qianli Chuanshu in the mentor assessment competition. He had the last laugh in Lin Qitian’s group.


“Why do you think it’s Ge Han?” the hostess asked with a smile, “Are you a fan of Ge Han?”


“ I like Ge Han very much! But I think Ge Han may win the championship, not only because I am a fan of Ge Han, but because Ge Han is really strong!” That The girl said excitedly, “And Ge Han’s tutor is Mr. Lin Qitian, a professional professor who will definitely guide Ge Han very well!”


Jiang Yuzhe listened and couldn’t help but pouted.


“If you asked me, I would definitely not choose Ge Han! How can he sing as well as Xu Lu?” Jiang Yuzhe thought to himself, “Also, Xu Lu is so inspirational, a grassroots singer, who was born in a bar, and actually fought to the end! Too! Admirable!”


Jiang Yuzhe looked down on Ge Han because Ge Han gave birth to a good skin, and, according to media exposure, Ge Han used to be the lead singer of an unknown small group, and he was considered a debutante. Such players are liked by little girls, but they will not be sought after by music lovers like Jiang Yuzhe.


What kind of skill is it to bully grassroots players who are out of the aisle?


Xu Lu is not beautiful, and Jiang Yuzhe’s support for Xu Lu is obviously not because of her beauty.


As an ordinary person, Jiang Yuzhe is naturally happy when he sees grassroots players like Xu Lu counterattack all the way. Of course, he must support Xu Lu all the way to the end!


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