House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 960: An opportunity to insert a soft wide



Yang Yi and Murphy’s absence from the “Voice of China” peak night was not a big deal, and it was not even necessary to publicly inform fans – if a micro-broadcast explanation was sent, others might Laughing and questioning whether they were not invited, but found themselves a step down?


Of course, if such a thing happened half a month ago, then nothing would happen, but who made Murphy suddenly become the current Chinese language with his new record with terrible sales in the past half month The hottest star in the music world?


This afternoon, the media with a wide range of magical powers exposed the list of guests invited by Peak Night.


This revelation came from within the Beijing TV station. Of course, this is inevitable. Even if no one leaks it, the reporters can basically guess 70% of the results of the music stars who came to Beijing today.


But with this revelation, and the photos taken by the paparazzi sent by the media, the list of visiting guests can be fully confirmed.


There are a total of nine Chinese music stars (including the guests invited by the previous four mentors), and Bruce Levine, a popular singer in the United States, who also praised Yang Yi’s singing to Murphy in Australia before. that star.


But many people quickly discovered that there is no Yang Yi nor Murphy on the list!


Some people questioned: Will Yang Yi and Murphy just appear at the scene and not perform on stage?


But soon the media broke the news that Yang Yi and Murphy were in Jiangcheng. Although there were no real photos, the gossip media swore that they saw Yang Yi’s family still in Jiangcheng.


This is interesting!


Why didn’t Yang Yi and Murphy attend this summit night?


It doesn’t make sense!


The program team has no reason not to invite Yang Yi and Murphy!


You must know that Yang Yi is the founder of “The Voice of China”, and is also a well-known singer and writer. The program team can’t say that Yang Yi is not as famous as a long-established singer, so they won’t invite their own. boss, right?


What’s more, the program team invited Bruce Levine. Many people know that he has “admired” Yang Yi for a long time. With such a big gimmick, Yang Yi and Bruce Levine are not allowed to sing on the same stage. What a waste!


Let’s talk about Murphy, Murphy is so popular now, and her new album has been praised by many music critics. She is finally recognized as a diva-level singer with both beauty and singing skills. She has not been invited. What are other female stars? Eligibility to be invited to the scene?


As soon as Murphy was missing from the roster, fans jumped into a frenzy!


The official micro-broadcast of “The Voice of China” and the official micro-broadcast produced by Zhongxing were all captured by fans of Yang Yi and Murphy. They thought very cute. They felt that Yang Yi and Murphy did not attend. It’s because the official didn’t invite them, I think Yang Yi and Murphy must have been wronged!


The denounced comments occupied the comment areas of two official microbroadcasts, and their momentum even overwhelmed many fans of the starlet who also came to fight the grievances.


The program crew couldn’t take it anymore, so the chief director Hong Yumin discussed with Yun Yangfeng, found Yang Yi, and told him about it.


Of course, they are not looking for trouble with the boss. Yun Yangfeng told Yang Yi that his strategy is to ask Yang Yi to record a video of blessing China’s good voice, and then hand it over to the program team, which will be broadcast live at the party.


Hearing Yun Yangfeng say a lot, Yang Yi touched his chin and thought about it.


It’s not impossible to record a video, it’s just a little effort, but Yang Yi considers that the idea proposed by the program team is good, and, for Yang Yi, this seems to be a very good advertising opportunity.


What ad?


Of course, last month, Yang Yi transferred Mao Peifu back from the United States and asked her to preside over the promotion and operation of the new mobile chat software – WeChat!


However, regardless of whether this is a soft advertisement or not, Yang Yi still has to pay for the advertisement fee. After all, the revenue of this program is to be shared with Beijing TV station.


But even if he pays for the advertising fee, Yang Yi thinks it is worth it, because the ratings of the show on Peak Night will definitely break through the sky, and the advertisement should be placed in front of the people of the whole country. The gold content of this advertisement should not be too high!


So, Yang Yi gave Yun Yangfeng’s instructions on the phone and asked him to arrange with Hong Yumin.



When Yang Yi came back from the phone call, after Xixi, two contestants had passed, and Xixi’s performance, the results of the judges’ scores came out.


“Out of 10, Yang Xi scored 9.4 points, which can be said to be a very good result!” Murphy told Yang Yi impatiently.


Obviously, Xixi’s mistake still caused her to deduct a lot of points. But it is true that Xixi’s overall performance is too amazing, and the scores of the judges are generally high. One of the highest points is deducted, one of the lowest points is deducted, and the average of the rest is 9.4 points.


I just heard Xia Suqing say with a smile: “I went to ask the teachers at the scoring side just now that Yang Xi’s current score is ahead of the children who have already performed, and the children in front of Yang Xi are ranked higher. , the highest was only 9.1 points.”


Xia Suqing was a little excited: “It can basically be said that Yang Xi won’t be able to run for the award now, and as long as there are not too good players in the back, Yang Xi is very likely to win the first prize.”


Xi Xi won the first prize, she must have a bright face as an instructor!


Yang Yi was relatively calm. He smiled slightly, nodded to Xia Suqing, and said, “Troublesome teacher Xia, but now, don’t disturb other people’s preparations in the background. We will take Xixi out first to wait for the news!”


After saying goodbye to Teacher Xia, Xixi took her father’s hand and walked forward briskly, humming a song happily.


It seems that good grades can still make the little girl really happy. Who doesn’t want to win?


Yang Yi did not pour cold water on Xixi at this time, so that she would not be complacent.


This is a practice that affects Xixi’s mood very much!


Yang Yi just smiled and changed the subject: “Xixi, you know, did anyone come to see your game today?”


“I know!” The little girl answered cheerfully with a clear and sweet voice, “There are Qiqi, Zhaoyu, Shiyun, Xiner…”


She listed a long list of Finally, she turned her head to look behind her father and mother, Ding Xiang, who was like an invisible man, giggled and said, “And sister Ding Xiang!”


“Apart from them and Sister Ding Xiang, who else is there? You can guess!” Yang Yi said with a smile.


Xixi’s eyes suddenly lit up and she asked happily, “Is the little aunt here too?”


“Of course, there is also Uncle Xiao Guo. They are all watching you dance upstairs. Let’s go to them now, shall we?” Yang Yi said with a smile, “Also, I asked Uncle Xiao Guo to record it for you. Take a look at the video of your dancing, when the time comes, Dad will make it and send it to grandparents and grandparents, okay?”


Xixi bowed her eyes a little embarrassedly and smiled, and said coyly: “Oh, but I can’t dance very well!”


“It doesn’t matter, you go back and dance a little better. We both send it to grandparents and grandparents to see, so that they can also see your progress!” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“Then I must dance well!” Xixi jumped beside her and shouted with great interest.


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