House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 957: On-the-spot Xixi (1/4)



How exciting can a primary school student’s dance competition be?


Needless to say, even if Huijia Primary School has high-quality students and is interested in the curriculum, the children are all excellent, but even so, the degree of brilliance is limited, and it will definitely not be comparable to the “Voice of China” which is comparable to the Spring Festival Gala. “The Night of the Peak.


But Yang Yi and Murphy didn’t regret missing the peak night at all. They stood in front of the standing crowd on the left side of the seats on the first floor, watching the performance on stage with relish.


No way, in the dance competition of the lower grades, children from three grades participated, the teachers and students of the school who came to watch, and a large number of relatives and friends of the participating children came to the scene. The small auditorium of Huijia Primary School was very good. In a large performance hall, the auditorium is divided into two floors, but the number of audience is still too large!


Don’t talk about Yang Yi who came later, Yang Huan and Ding Xiang were not able to occupy a seat either. They were also standing behind to watch on the second floor. Yang Yi and Murphy were both civilized people and would not rely on themselves. It is the identity of a big star, making a lot of noise at the scene, and I have to ask for a seat.


So, like other parents, they also stood in the passages on both sides. At this time, Yang Yi and Murphy were just like a pair of ordinary parents. They stood in the middle of the crowd, and no one recognized Mo at all. Fei is the new queen who is popular all over the world these days!


“Look at him, and don’t turn your eyes.” Murphy, who was leaning on Yang Yi’s generous chest, suddenly poked Yang Yi’s arm lightly, and pointed at the little boy that Yang Yi was holding with a smile.囈囈, said to Yang Yi.


Because she had to stand in the crowd and watch, Yang Yi was afraid that Murphy would be tired, so she hugged Xiao Jiao early.


At this moment, Yang Yi listened to Murphy’s voice and glanced down at Xiaojiao, only to realize that the little guy was indeed staring at the stage as Murphy said.


I don’t know if it’s because of the bright lights above, or because the young lady dancing on the stage is more attractive, the little guy looks very engaged!


Actually, the children performing on stage didn’t dance very well! Compared with Xixi, it is much worse,


Of course, Yang Yi couldn’t say these things in his heart in this environment full of people. He just smiled with Murphy and continued to look at the next contestant.


Although in the eyes of Yang Yi and Murphy, these children’s dances have great flaws, but they are not bad. Son!


Even if there was a mistake, the parents just chuckled kindly and gave encouraging applause, even if it wasn’t their own children.


I don’t know how long it took, and finally it was Xixi’s turn.


“The following is the seventeenth contestant, Yang Xi from the third class of the first grade, the instructor, Xia Suqing, she will bring us creative dance – the spirit of the peacock.” The host girl should be The seniors looked much taller, and they acted calmly and clearly, announcing in a clear voice.


Yang Yi suddenly became energetic.


“Come, come!” Murphy was also a little excited, she grabbed Yang Yi’s right arm and called softly.


This competition is really exciting. Murphy is very calm when he participates in various ranking shows, but now he can’t calm down.


When Xixi was the host, she was already on stage.


Under the bright stage lights, Xixi’s little face turned pale. Of course, this was just a lighting effect, and fortunately, the blue-blue eye shadow on the eyes and the corners of the eyes can soften the impact of this tone, at least let Xixi’s delicate little face looks more three-dimensional.


When Xixi came to the stage, the audience under the stage had a lot of discussion, and Yang Yi could hear the curious discussions of the parents around.


Of course, others are not saying how beautiful Xixi is. On the stage, the lights illuminate every child the same.


“Wow, this is a first grade kid? So tall?” Someone couldn’t help but smacking his tongue.


“If it wasn’t for what the host said, I would have thought she was a third-grade student! The first-grade student is so tall!” This is comparing Xixi with her peers.


“Yes! Today’s children can keep up with the nutritional conditions and look much better than those of our time…” Some people also compare Xixi with their childhood impressions.


Yang Yi mingled in the crowd, pouting the corners of his mouth proudly, but after thinking about it, he chose to keep a low profile.


At this time, the music melody sounded, and Xixi’s performance has begun!


The little girl was actually very nervous. Just like when she and her classmates performed a drama show before, the little girl’s face was tightly tensed, and she didn’t dare to watch the situation under the stage.


But she knew that her parents were watching from the audience, and her friends were also supporting her in the audience. Don’t look at it, a courage has been built up.


The music at the beginning is very melodious, with the faint sound of cucurbit silk floating in the middle.


The peacock dance that Xixi learned is a relatively simple primary movement, but under the background of the beautiful peacock feather skirt, the little girl dances to the music, like a naughty hop in the bamboo forest little peacock.


This description is not wrong. Xixi can’t dance like a dancer with the graceful and graceful charm of a peacock, but her small body twists and turns, but she dances out a bit of agile rhythm.


Of course, Xixi’s performance depends on how it compares!


If compared with the dancers who specialize in peacock dance, Xixi is still far behind.


But compared to the children in front, Xixi’s performance is amazing!


Yang Yi could hear the comments of the audience around him: “This kid dances very well!”


“It’s actually a peacock dance. She doesn’t learn this specifically, does she?”


“Amazing! My favorite folk dance is the peacock dance!”


However, Yang Yi also heard Murphy muttering in a low voice: “Steady, steady, the next turning point is the key!”


Murphy looked more nervous than Xixi on stage.


The rhythm of the folk dance music is quietly accelerating, incorporating the drum beat of the waist drum, slowly picking up the speed, and at a rhythm node, it switches to seve’s dance music softly.


The audience didn’t notice, until the familiar electronic sound remembered, and they suddenly shuddered.




Amid the exclamations and exclamations, the little girl in the peacock feather skirt lifted the skirt slightly, revealing a small section of her calf and shoes, and jumped briskly with the rhythm.


In the beginning, she just jumped like this, and at the back, Xixi put down her skirt with one hand and gently lifted it with the She jumped while using her free hand Doing the signature move of the peacock dance.


Although dancing Seve in a skirt doesn’t reflect the beauty of long legs, Xixi has to be lively!


At this time, the little **** the stage was like a fully active little peacock, as if something brightened her mood, it jumped briskly among the bamboo forests, spreading pleasant news positive energy!




Yang Yi couldn’t help but want to praise his daughter’s dancing. He found that Xixi is really a talented person who can play on the spot. The little girl didn’t even look at her little face, and she didn’t show a smile, but her performance , but she didn’t look nervous at all, and even Yang Yi felt that Xixi was performing exceptionally well, even better than when she was training!


It’s really amazing!


The audience under the stage did not expect to see such a wonderful performance in the dance competition of this lower grade child, and did not expect to see Seve’s difficult dance!


They were amazed, and even many of the sitting audience couldn’t help but stand up.


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