House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 956: Is Xixi dressed well?



December 15th, that day is coming soon!


For fans of “The Voice of China”, today’s peak night, they have been looking forward to it for a long time!


As early as a month ago, various versions of the list of students who could finally make it to the peak night had been circulated. Of course, last week’s last championship match ended, and the final four results were finally released.


But the strongest students from each of the four mentors will start the final battle and win the final championship. This show tonight is obviously the most critical, intense and exciting one!


Regardless of the spectators who are going to stay at home to watch, on the afternoon of the 15th, there was already a long queue outside the stadium of 100,000 people in Beijing. Countless fans who grabbed tickets came from all over the country to watch the scene. This musical feast!


The scene is already in full swing!


As for Huijia Primary School in Wuhu District, Jiangcheng, the campus was very lively in the afternoon. After the second get out of class, many parents, relatives and friends who were waiting outside the campus flocked to the campus, and some went early. The small auditorium of the art gallery occupies a space, and some are looking for their children who are about to participate in the competition all over the campus, saying the last words of encouragement.


Yang Yi is the latter. Yang Huan took a group of relatives and friends to the second floor of the small auditorium to find a seat. He took Murphy to Xixi’s previous dance classroom and met Xixi.


The little girl has changed into a light white dress with blue speckles and, of course, a thick coat before she takes the stage. The school also considers the health of the children, so heaters are arranged on the stage of the small auditorium, so Xixi can take off her coat before she goes on stage.


Mr. Xia Suqing is also putting on her eye makeup – some bluish eye shadow is applied to the corners and lids of the eyes. The little girl is naturally beautiful, and after wearing light makeup, she becomes even more beautiful!


There’s more of a playful charm!


Of course, this is just what Xixi’s dance needs.


Xixi can’t sit still. Just now, the teacher painted her with light red lip gloss, and she can’t speak. The little girl is about to suffocate! Now that her father and mother arrive, Xixi can’t care to respond to her father’s praise, and can’t wait to say to her father: “Baba, can you help me to see, have Qiqi and Shiyun arrived?”


“There are so many people outside, how can Dad help you?” Yang Yi said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter, they promised to come to cheer you on, and they will definitely come. When the time comes, you will be well on stage. Just dance! They can see.”


“You have so many small audiences?” Murphy stood beside the dressing table with Xiao Jiao in his arms, and laughed and teased Xixi, “Today, you should be among so many children participating in the competition, fans One of the most?”


Does this even need to be said? There are not many fans of Xixi, just look at the number of people who come to call her father-in-law diligently every day under Yang Yi’s Weibo!


Even if Yang Yi hasn’t posted much about Xixi recently, those **** still come all day to find Yang Yi happy!


However, when Murphy is referring to fans, he obviously doesn’t mean virtual fans. Murphy was referring to the relatives and friends who came to support Xixi today!


Xia Suqing gave Xixi the last eyebrow makeup, and she also made a funny excuse to go to the bathroom to give Xixi and her family a space to spend together for a while.


After the teacher left, Xixi didn’t have so many worries. The little girl jumped down from the dressing table excitedly, pinched her blue-eyed skirt, raised one foot playfully, and showed it to her mother, He asked expectantly: “Mama, look at you, am I beautiful?”


She was embarrassed to ask just now, and felt embarrassed to say that.


“Pretty!” Murphy said with a smile, “Our Xixi has now become a beautiful little peacock!”


Xixi was content, she smiled giggling, pinched the skirts on both sides, and twisted her little buttocks.


Yang Yi noticed that Xiao Jiao, who was in Murphy’s arms, kept staring at his sister with his big round eyes, and the little guy was not short-sighted. Yang Yi guessed that it was because Xixi was now His outfit made him unable to react.


“What’s wrong?” Yang Yi stretched out his hand, rubbed Xiao Jiao’s head, and asked with a smile, “You don’t recognize my sister?”


When Xixi heard what her father said, she jumped in front of her mother with great interest, made a face at Xiaojiao, and giggled.


No one expected that Xiao Xiaoyu was actually frightened by Xixi who was “green face and fangs”. The little guy hurriedly turned his head and grabbed his mother’s collar. He couldn’t help but look at his mother. He didn’t dare to make a sound, “Hey!”


Hey, why is this guy so scary?


“This is my sister!” Murphy explained amusingly.


However, Xiao Jiao still showed a frightened expression. He pointed at Xixi, pouted, and made a complaining voice: “Sister…”


Yes, sister, but it’s still scary!


Yang Yi and Murphy then realized that Xiao Jiao is an older sister who is not used to wearing makeup, and she is also an older sister who wears makeup like a peacock!


There is no way. They coaxed Xiaojiao for a while, and asked him to observe Xixi, who was not funny, so that he reluctantly accepted the appearance of his sister, but even so, the little guy still only dared to I took a peek at my sister and didn’t dare to look at it.


“Brother thinks I’m not good-looking!” Xixi watched her parents coax Xiao Jiao, she also pursed her little mouth gently, took her father’s hand, and said unhappily, “Why? I think the little peacock is very cute!”


“Because my brother hasn’t seen you dancing yet, when he sees you dancing in this dress, he will know how beautiful you are!” Yang Yi had no choice but to comfort Xixi.


This is impossible. After all, Xiao Jiayu is still young, and his ability to accept some changes in life is still weak.


Fortunately, here comes the rescuer!


The little friends Xixi was talking about just now poured into the classroom under the leadership of Yang Luoqi, who was also in dance class.


“Xixi, I can see you! I’ve been looking for a long time!” Before they came in, Chen Shiyun’s excited voice came over.


“I’m looking for it all! I know Xixi must be here!” Yang Luoqi’s face was a little red from the cold outside. Although her voice was small, she couldn’t wait to ask Xixi for credit.


“Hee hee, you’re all here!” Xixi swept away her lack of self-confidence, and happily joined the children, holding hands and jumping and Wow, Xixi, you are dancing So beautiful! “Nan Zhaoyu looked at Xixi enviously and said, “You will definitely win an award in such a beautiful dress!” “


Nan Zhaoyu didn’t win the prize in the singing competition yesterday. He was very depressed. Now he has an excuse for himself – it must be that he didn’t dress nicely yesterday!


“Really? But my brother doesn’t think he’s pretty!” Xixi asked happily, blinking her eyes. She still wants to seek the affirmation of her friends.


“Yeah! It’s beautiful!” Lu Xiaoyu and other friends responded with chatter, they wouldn’t let Xixi down.


Even Yu Xiaowei nodded and whispered enviously, “I think it’s beautiful too.”


“Xixi, where did you buy this dress? I want my dad to buy me one too, it’s so pretty! It looks like a peacock!” Lan Xin asked seriously, regardless of whether she could wear it or not. It doesn’t matter if the buyer’s show is different from the model’s show.


“Hee hee, it’s the little peacock!” Xixi jumped and responded cheerfully.


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