House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 955: Xixi’s support group (3/4)



After returning from Yangcheng, Xixi’s dance training began to increase, and even Saturday and Sunday were fully arranged. After all, the dance competition she is going to participate in will start in less than two weeks, and the little girl always has to work hard to prepare!


From December 11th to 15th, Huijia Elementary School arranged their art competition for this semester this week! There are different types and different grades of competitions every day. For example, the lower grade dance competition that Xixi participated in was arranged on the afternoon of the 15th.


It was also because they wanted to watch Xixi’s performance that Yang Yi and Murphy pushed off all schedules for the day, including the peak night of “The Voice of China”!


Of course, Yang Yi and Murphy did not let Xixi go with the teacher to prepare and participate in the competition.


As an excellent member of Xixi’s support group, Yang Yi deliberately brought over the Seve dance music adapted by teacher Xia Suqing, re-edited and polished it, and gave it to Xixi to practice.


The dance music adapted by Teacher Xia incorporates folk dance music, but it can only be said to be a blunt patchwork, a bit like the style of street dance. He also processed the dance music to make the rhythm and drums more prominent, so that Xixi dances with a full sense of rhythm and is more ornamental!


Don’t think that Yang Yi is just carrying the excellent music works of his previous life. In fact, he has been making improvements all the time, such as composing. He listened to Jiang Chuan for a year before. If he was asked to write some simple pure music The tune is not a problem!


And his arranging ability is also increasing day by day, and he is no longer inferior to ordinary music producers. Even in the production of Murphy’s new album, Jin Yingming still sighed that Yang Yi was about to take his job!


Therefore, it is relatively easy for Yang Yi to process Xixi’s dance music.


Murphy will also take the time to point out Xixi’s dance, and, to be honest, Murphy teaches more and meticulously than Xixi’s dance teacher. Whenever Murphy goes home, or during weekend reunions, she will Taking Xixi to dance in person, the little girl’s training is still very good, which makes people look forward to her performance in the competition early.



This Tuesday, Xixi and Yu Xiaowei took physical education together again. When the teacher asked them to have only activities, Xixi jumped up and down to find Yu Xiaowei. Behind her, of course, she was with Lu Xiao. Yu and Lan Xin.


“Sister Xiaowei! I have something to tell you!” the little girl said cheerfully.


“Xixi.” Yu Xiaowei stood there quietly, still seemed a little out of tune with the classmates in her class, she only smiled when she heard Xixi’s cry, turned and walked towards Xixi.


Actually, Yu Xiaowei has made great progress in the past two months. She not only smiles more, but sometimes she takes the initiative to talk to her front and back desks.


Of course, the transformation still needs a long process. Yu Xiaowei still doesn’t say much, and the impression of her classmates has not changed, so she still looks a little lonely.


“Sister Xiaowei, will you come to my competition?” Xixi said, “I’m going to dance and participate in the competition on Friday, and then my Baba, Mama, and my brother… and Xiner and Xiaoyuer said they wanted to watch me dance!”


“That’s right! We’ll all go and watch Xixi dance!” Lu Xiaoyu nodded fiercely and followed Xixi’s words.


Lan Xin has some new ideas. She does not know why she is very proud, raised her chin, and said proudly: “I’m not going to see Xixi dancing, I want to see Xixi win the grand prize! Xixi dances Awesome!”


“Hee hee, I want to win the award too!” Xixi was amused by Lan Xin.


“Dancing? It’s amazing!” Yu Xiaowei looked at Xixi with some envy and whispered.


Yu Xiaowei is very introverted and has not participated in sports very much since she was a child, let alone such an intense event as dancing. Therefore, when she heard that Xixi was going to participate in a dance competition, she inexplicably admired her.


“Sister Xiaowei is also very good!” Xixi has a good memory and said, “Mr. Lai also said that Sister Xiaowei participated in the recitation competition and won the second prize.”


“Second prize!” Lu Xiaoyu exclaimed in surprise, “Wow, Sister Xiaowei, can I touch your trophy?”


“Ah?” Yu Xiaowei was a little embarrassed, and said shyly, “But mine is not a trophy, but a certificate of honor. I keep it at home…”


“Certificate of award? All right!” Lu Xiaoyu suddenly lost interest.


“Sister Xiaowei, you also come to see my game, okay?” Xixi didn’t forget her question and asked it again.


“Yeah!” Yu Xiaowei nodded and responded succinctly.


“That’s great!” Xixi clapped her palms happily, and she said happily, “I want to call Chen Shiyun and Qiqi!”


“Aren’t you Nan Zhaoyu?” Lu Xiaoyu checked for omissions.


“I called him!” Xixi said with a smile, “Actually, Nan Zhaoyu called me first! He also wants to participate in the competition!”


“What competition is Nan Zhaoyu participating in?” Lu Xiaoyu asked curiously.


“He participated in a singing competition!” Lan Xin hurriedly replied.


“Yes, Nan Zhaoyu will play on Thursday, I will watch his game, and then he will also come to my game on Friday!” Xixi said cheerfully, holding her little finger.


It turns out that there is such a small transaction!


However, before Xixi finished telling the story, she saw the little girl giggling and said, “I forgot to invite Sister Xiaowei and Chen Shiyun! If it wasn’t for Nan Zhaoyu to tell me, I don’t even remember. Yes!”


“But I’ll definitely watch you dance!” Lu Xiaoyu patted her chest righteously.



When Xixi was calling friends and friends, Yang Yi didn’t know it. However, if there is a daughter, there must be a father, and Yang Yi couldn’t help it. He called Yang Huan, Guo Ziyi, Ding Xiang, and the others. Ask them to come over to cheer on Xixi if there is nothing to do on Friday night.


Originally, Yang Yi didn’t want to be so flamboyant. He was afraid to create a group of relatives and friends and put too much pressure on Xixi.


However, looking at Xixi’s appearance during training, the little girl danced really well, and according to the teacher, she is likely to win the prize, Yang Yi’s little thought began to swell.


“We have such an excellent Xixi in our It is her first time to participate in the competition, and she may win the prize for the first time. How can we not let more people witness this special moment together?” Yang Yi thought about it. There is some excitement.


So, he secretly organized.


Except for Mo Xiaojuan, who really didn’t have time that day-because Murphy was out of work, she was going to receive a year-end award for a music website for Murphy. Yang Huan and the others agreed to come to support Xixi!


However, Yang Yi doesn’t plan to tell Xixi about this. As he was worried before, in order not to put too much pressure on Xixi, the support group will not show up before Xixi’s competition. They will only quietly go to the small auditorium of the competition, and when Xixi finishes her performance, they will suddenly appear to surprise Xixi and praise her!


All of this, Yang Yi planned it perfectly!


Yang Yi even thought of some plans. For example, if Xixi didn’t dance well, her name fell into Sunshan, and the little girl was in a low mood, he would let Yang Huan and the others read it and then secretly went back, accompanied Xixi by himself and comforted her. Just fine!


Of course, Yang Yi also notified Yang Chonggui and Dong Yue’e who were far away in Anqing. Unfortunately, the village is busy with a passage ceremony, and the old man is too busy to get away.


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