House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 945: You rascal (1/4)



“Ah? What? It’s sold out?” When Li Ruolan and Liu Xuanxuan came to the video store talking and laughing, they were not surprised. When they got such news, Liu Xuanxuan was shocked, and then turned to Li Ruolan and said, ” Forget it, if we don’t have it, we can only go to other stores to buy it, I know there is also a video store in the movie city next door.”


However, the boss kindly told them: “There is no video store over there, and it’s useless for you to go there. Besides, let alone the next door, even in the entire Jiangcheng, you can’t find any video store with stock.”


“No way?” Liu Xuanxuan looked at the boss suspiciously, “Aren’t you lying to us? Do business with integrity, boss!”


“How could I lie to you? Beauty, there are really no more. If you don’t believe me, check the Internet. Many places in the country were sold out of stock yesterday!” the boss called Qu.


Li Ruolan pulled Liu Xuanxuan, worried that this girlfriend who likes to be aggressive will anger the boss, and hurriedly said: “Boss, how about this, when will you arrive? Can we register the mobile phone number and leave us a copy?”


The boss smiled and took out a thick book, opened it, several pages of phone numbers and names, pointed to it and said to Li Ruolan: “Of course you can register, and if it arrives, we will notify you. However, beauties, let me tell you the truth, there are too many people waiting for Murphy’s new record! Even if the registration is done, it is estimated that it will be next week when the first people are finished.”


Registration is a must anyway!


Li Ruolan and Liu Xuanxuan walked out in a trance. They rode their little electric donkeys and walked slowly to the school.


On the way, Liu Xuanxuan sat in the back and didn’t speak. Li Ruolan thought she was disappointed and in a bad mood, so she was thinking about how to comfort her.


But Liu Xuanxuan suddenly screamed in surprise: “It’s true, it is said on the Internet that many places sold out yesterday! Now Murphy’s album sales have exceeded 6 million, if not for the lack of stocking. Enough, maybe Murphy can sell more than 20 million albums within a week and get the title of platinum album!”


It turns out she was looking at her phone.


Li Ruolan said with a smile: “It seems that this album is really good. You can see that everyone is eager to buy it, and the supplier did not expect it to sell so well.”


Liu Xuanxuan is not very interested in this achievement, she wants to buy a record!


“Lan Lan, I said, you are unqualified as a class teacher!” Liu Xuanxuan was behind, poked Li Ruolan’s shoulder, and said, “This daughter of Yang Yi and Murphy is in your class, Wouldn’t you tell the parents and ask them to help get a record?”


Li Ruolan was startled and said seriously: “The teacher asks the parents of the students for bribes, but they will be expelled from the school!”


“I’m not asking you to ask for bribes! Let’s just go to the audio and video store. Can’t we just pay for it?”


“Let’s talk about it!” Liu Xuanxuan muttered, “I’ve heard that other teachers take shopping cards and gift cards from their parents. As long as the parents don’t tell me, how will the school know?”


Li Ruolan shook her head and said, “It’s definitely not okay to take other people’s work. We feel bad about doing this. And we are teachers! How can we set such a wrong example for our students?”


“Okay, okay, I won’t talk about you anymore. Let’s wait and listen to the album next week, okay?” Liu Xuanxuan sighed.


“Okay! I didn’t say no, didn’t you just say, can we buy it from Yang Xi’s father? So, I’ll tell him after school this afternoon, and if possible, trouble him Bring us a record.” Li Ruolan laughed, “I’m like this, I’m not dead brains, right?”


Li Ruolan is not pedantic, she understands that using money to buy records from Yang Yi is not a bribe, but just asking an acquaintance to buy it on her behalf.


Liu Xuanxuan was overjoyed, stretched out her hand, hugged Li Ruolan’s waist, lifted it up, grabbed a hand on the soft peaks, and said with a smile: “As expected, it’s the big-breasted Lanlan I know, who is very fond of me. Still so good!”


“Hey! Liu Xuanxuan, you rascal!” Li Ruolan was ashamed to death. If she hadn’t been driving, she would have turned around and slapped Liu Xuanxuan. At this time, she could only hold the handlebar staggeringly and said angrily. , “Let go, don’t say I know you in the future!”



After the second class in the afternoon, Xixi carried her drawing tools on her back and was ready to go to the painting interest class.


However, instead of going downstairs directly, Xixi went to the first grade teacher’s office first.


She can already be said to be familiar with the road. As long as it is Monday to Friday, Xixi will come here at least once a day. As it is now, she finds the head teacher Li Ruolan and asks her to punch in the “I am a good student”. Sign the card.


The little girl handed the card to the teacher with expectant eyes. Three names have been signed on it, and they are all signed on “yes”. If the teacher still signs “yes” today, Xixi can get at least two gold coins. If it is “yes” tomorrow, then this week She can get three, which is enough to buy a doll!


However, Li Ruolan received the card and was not in a hurry to write. She took the pen, weighed it, and smiled softly with Xixi: “Today, your performance is actually very good! Teacher Liu said that you answered very actively. Question, the physical education teacher also praised you for taking the first place in the running quiz!”


Xixi happily said to the teacher: “Yes, I ran so fast, they couldn’t catch up with me!”


“That’s good, but in the first class this afternoon, the teacher saw that you were a little distracted, didn’t you?” Li Ruolan still smiled and said to Xixi.


Xixi hates the turning point the most. Her originally happy expression suddenly drooped down, and she looked at the teacher aggrieved, thinking that the teacher was going to deny her today’s efforts!


“The teacher saw it, you peeked out the window for a while, and lost your mind for a while.” Li Ruolan said softly, “However, your overall performance today is still very good. In the afternoon class, the teacher asked you to come and write, You also wrote neatly and listened to the lecture very carefully.”


“So! The teacher thinks that I can give you a good student evaluation. After all, I have just started class in the afternoon, and I may not be able to concentrate enough when I wake up from sleep. It is understandable. But the teacher asks this question, and I hope you will pay more attention in the future. During class, you can’t be distracted, no matter how beautiful the scenery outside the window is, we have to wait until after class to enjoy it, okay?” Li Ruolan asked softly.


This is not because Li Ruolan wanted to ask others to let Xixi go on purpose! But this problem is really small. She feels that Xixi’s hard work shouldn’t be obliterated because of a little mistake – didn’t you see Xixi is so sad now?


Li Ruolan is a She understands that this will make Xixi nervous first, and then make her happy, which will make it easier for her to remember this mistake and correct it later, instead of focusing too much on punishment and making Xixi conflict psychology.


Li Ruolan was right, Xixi began to feel sad, but suddenly saw a glimmer of hope, she looked at Teacher Li in surprise, nodded quickly, and looked at the pen in Teacher Li’s hand, but did not see the result Before, she was very worried!


Li Ruolan smiled and signed her name and handed it to Xixi. When Xixi saw Teacher Li’s name appearing in the small circle with the word “Yes”, she felt relieved and smiled sweetly: “Thank you. Teacher!”


However, Xixi, who was about to turn around to go to class, was stopped by Li Ruolan: “Yang Xi!”


Xixi turned her head in confusion.


“After the painting class this afternoon, can I wait for the teacher in the classroom? The teacher has something to tell your father.” Seeing Xixi’s surprised and confused expression, Li Ruolan said quickly, “Don’t worry, the teacher will It’s not about you, you’ve been doing very well recently, the teacher has something personal, and I want to talk to your father.”


Xixi nodded her head ignorantly: “Okay!”


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