House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 944: Don’t like your brother!



The day after my mom was away.


Xixi took Lan Xin’s driver’s car in the morning and went to school with Lan Xin.


When her mother is not at home, the “welfare” enjoyed by Xixi has also been reduced a lot, mainly due to her father’s care. A large part of the energy that Dad spent on her had to be allocated to the more troublesome Xiao Jiao!


Fortunately, Xixi is a girl with a delicate mind and sensible, and she doesn’t care about her younger brother.


In addition, not only does Xixi not complain, she is still at school, happily talking about her brother’s funny stories to her friends.


“I haven’t come back today yet!” Xixi said to Lu Xiaoyu during class break, “Then my brother didn’t finish breakfast, Baba couldn’t take me to school, but he will pick me up!”


“Your mother is not at home, what should I do? My father is on a business trip, so I am not afraid. If my mother is not at home, I will have to eat boiled noodles with my father!” Lu Xiaoyu was worried about her little friend, but, She was obviously a little forgetful.


“No! I can cook! And, I can’t cook, hehe!” Xixi said proudly.


“Oh, that’s right! Your dad will be delicious!” Lu Xiaoyu just remembered.


“By the way, Xiao Yu’er, let me tell you! You want Baba and Mama to give you a younger brother! My younger brother is super fun!” Xixi said excitedly.


“I remember your brother, he was so young!” Lu Xiaoyu said.


“Yeah, I gave us a bath yesterday, I watched my brother take a bath, it was so fun, he was swiping water, and then he didn’t even know how to wipe his face, just his eyes, hee hee, I’m dying of laughter !” Xixi made a winking expression, and then pulled Lu Xiaoyu’s arm, and stuck it up with a smile.


However, only Xixi likes her brother better. When the third get out of class was over, Chen Shiyun, who came to visit, heard Xixi’s reputation for her brother, and she shouted, “Don’t like your brother, Xixi. , I tell you, my brother is very annoying!”


Chen Shiyun’s reaction made Xixi a little confused. She blinked her eyes in confusion and asked, “Why?”


“I hate it because of my brother! It’s super annoying!” Chen Shiyun said.


Without waiting for Xixi, Lu Xiaoyu, and Lan Xin to ask questions, Chen Shiyun said sadly about her tragic experience: “My younger brother loves to complain. Then, my dad beat me up and my **** hurts!”


Chen Shiyun’s younger brother is much older than Xiao Jiao and can speak now.


“Why do you eat your brother’s candy?” Xixi asked in confusion.


However, Lan Xin next to her has completely different doubts from her: “Why do you take your brother’s candy and eat it, your father will beat you? Can your father buy it for your brother again?”


“Because my dad said I bullied my brother, it’s not good!” Chen Shiyun said angrily, “I didn’t bully my brother, he couldn’t beat me at all, so I didn’t like to bully him, but he always I don’t like him anymore!”


“I don’t like complainers either.” Lu Xiaoyu sighed and nodded.


“Also! My brother is cute and sued!” Chen Shiyun seemed to feel that he had found an outlet to complain about his younger brother. He didn’t care about answering Xixi and Lan Xin’s questions, and continued talking about his younger brother. The story that provokes her, “Last time, I hid the test paper, and he saw it…”


The whole class became a small theater for Chen Shiyun to tell the blood and tears of her struggle with her younger brother. Xixi couldn’t get in, so the little girl could only listen on the side. However, her eyes blinked, as if thinking of something.



Long before Murphy’s new album was released, many record companies regarded her record as a serious concern, and even after knowing Murphy’s confirmation of the album’s time, they all adjusted the timing of their artist’s release.


Finally, Murphy’s new album came out in the eyes of peers in the industry, and “Speak Up” did not let them “disappointed”. This album began to show on the first day of release. A heaven-defying result!


Many brick-and-mortar record stores sold out their stock at eleven o’clock in the morning, so they frantically urged suppliers and distributors to ship quickly!


Of course the publishers are not stupid. They knew that Murphy’s record should sell well, so they made preparations early. They stocked up a few warehouses. After receiving the call to urge the goods, they quickly arranged send it down.


But no one thought that these preparations were far from enough!


At noon on the third day, due to the good reputation of “Speak Up”, sales rose rapidly, and the stock that was originally planned to be used for a week was sold out!


The regular edition albums sold the fastest, but by the end of the sale, the collector’s editions were all sold out. It is said that many people bought the regular edition and liked it after listening to it. Buy the Collector’s Edition!


The supply of goods in southern China is urgent, the supply of goods in central China is urgent… The supply of goods in most parts of the country has turned on the red light! What they can barely maintain is the Sahara Online Mall, which takes advantage of the Internet and has a fully stocked and fully-stocked factory. They can also maintain most of the country. As long as you place an order before 16 o’clock on the same day, it will be delivered to your door the next day. The sales promise!


But the problem is that the release of records in Sahara Online Mall is different from the release of records in physical audio-visual stores. The publisher who signed this album release agreement with Feiyisuosi Studio will not be able to mobilize the supply of Sahara Online Mall!


If they still can’t make up the supply of records, then this part of the customers who can’t wait may turn to the Sahara Online Mall. A single of the song…


This is a big loss!


Distributors can only grit their teeth, while picking up some unsold sources in remote areas, and transporting them back to the eastern region for thousands of miles, while contacting more recording studios to increase production…


Of course, these behind-the-scenes games will not be exposed to the public. All they can see is the sold-out audio and video Xixi’s two teachers, Li Ruolan and Liu Xuanxuan, Was friend Amway Murphy’s new record. After listening to it from a friend, Li Ruolan and Liu Xuanxuan, who liked it very much, decided to buy one for themselves and keep it at home so that they could listen to it occasionally.


Of course, their likes are different from Zhong Zhenzhen’s.


Zhong Zhenzhen got emotional resonance in the songs of this album because she was in a state of lovelorn.


Li Ruolan and Liu Xuanxuan, two single female teachers who are not troubled by love, like this album simply because they think the songs are good.


Li Ruolan likes to listen, while Liu Xuanxuan, who is lively and likes to sing and dance, wants to learn how to sing with Murphy.


However, at noon today, Li Ruolan and Liu Xuanxuan, who just didn’t have their turn to supervise the children’s lunch break in the classroom, made an appointment to go to the video store to buy this record.


Li Ruolan waited for Liu Xuanxuan’s last get out of class to end, and the two of them chatted and laughed on their little electric donkeys. They first went to have lunch, and then happily rushed to the shopping mall closest to the school. , there is a video store there.


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