House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 943: Who accompanies whom video to sleep? (three/four)



Xiao Jiao’s unintentional self-exposure was caught by Yang Yi who turned his head. He quickly picked up the bath towel next to him, wrapped the little guy and fell down. Even so, this rogue younger brother is not ashamed. I don’t know if he thinks his father is playing with him, or he is proud of himself, and he is laughing constantly when he is bored in bed.


Since Xixi was beside her, she didn’t think her brother’s eyes were irritating. The little girl knew she was a little shy, and she wrapped herself tightly in a bath towel, but she still smiled at her brother, and the laughter echoed each other. One big and one small, one high and one low, it’s almost a duet!


“Sister dresses by herself, how old is she, and like my brother, do you want your father to dress you?” Yang Yi pursed her lips to Xixi and said with a smile, “In the past, it was your mother who gave you a bath, and in the future, you will also You’re going to learn to take a bath by yourself, you’re a big girl, and you want your father to rub bubbles for you?”


Xixi laughed, wrapped in a quilt, rolled around like a big white fluffy bug, and rolled with her brother before turning out.


The little girl stopped for a while, and said playfully to her father, “Don’t take a bath by yourself! I’m still a little girl!”


After all, Xixi finally dressed herself, and when her father dressed her brother, she went to her room, brought a comb and a hair dryer, and asked her father to dry her hair.


In the evening, you don’t need to wear a headband, but wet hair is better to blow and brush, it will be more comfortable, and it will be easy to dry before going to bed.


After finishing this, Yang Yi picked up Xiaojiao and pulled Xixi up: “Let’s go, let’s go to video chat with mother.”


When the video was connected, Murphy was still wearing the costume of the show, wearing light makeup, and sitting in the nanny car. However, even if the hairstyle and makeup were different from usual, Xiaojiao finally recognized her mother.


I saw the little guy staring blankly at Murphy at first, ignoring Murphy while talking to Yang Yi and calling him with a smile. He looked at him for a while, and finally confirmed his judgment. , holding the bottle that he drank so hard just now with one hand, pointing to the big screen with one hand, and saying to his father in surprise, “Mama!”


The little guy seems to be telling his dad: Look, Mama is here too!


Yang Yi is asking about Murphy’s situation. Murphy’s ranking program today was no accident, and she still won the championship. However, after the program ended, she was still interviewed by reporters under the arrangement of Mo Xiaojuan. , so it’s a bit late.


“I’ve already eaten, but I’m a little tired. I’m going to take a bath, and I’ll have to rest.” Murphy and Yang Yi complained about her hard work, “There’s another game tomorrow, and I’ll be in the magic capital early in the morning. Go. In fact, I was used to this kind of life before, but I got used to it for the past two years and suddenly felt a little tired.”


Mom was only on the TV in the living room before, why is she here now? And it also looks a little different. Xiao Jiao couldn’t figure it out, but he didn’t think much about it.


After expressing her surprise to her father, Xiao Jiao, who already misses her mother very much, happily talked to her mother. He didn’t care whether his mother was talking to him or his father, anyway, he regarded it as talking to him and responded on his own.


Of course, it was mainly Murphy who asked. The little guy babbled and responded in Martian language that no one could understand. He probably didn’t know what he was talking about. He was dancing happily in his chair.


Murphy was helpless, so he had to ask Xiaoyu a few times, and then continue to ask about the children’s situation today.


“He is still very good in the afternoon and evening. The trick he used last time is still very effective.” Yang Yi smiled, “However, here, I still want to praise you Xixi.” /


Yang Yi pulled Xixi, who was just on the sidelines, to the center of the camera, and said to Murphy with a smile: “I was going to give them a bath just now. Fortunately, Xixi made my brother amused, otherwise, Dad really doesn’t know how to deal with this situation.”


Xixi leaned against her father’s arms, giggling, blinking her big eyes, waiting for her mother’s compliments expectantly.


“Really? It seems that the younger brother still likes the elder sister very much.” Of course Murphy did not hesitate to praise her and praised Xixi, “Before Mama went on business, she also said that Xixi should be obedient and take care of Baba. Good brother, I didn’t expect you to do it! It’s great, Mama is very happy!”


Murphy is not just bragging, she is more direct, smiling: “Since she behaved so well, then Mama still has to reward it. What gift do you want? When Mama goes home, bring it back. to you.”


“I want…I want…that little sheep doll!” Xixi’s eyes lit up, she jumped out of her father’s arms with joy, jumped, and said happily, “Mama, are you right? Are you coming back tomorrow?”


“What lamb doll?” Murphy forgot about the alpaca doll that Yang Yi told her before, and asked with some doubts, “I can’t come back tomorrow, but I should be able to come back in the morning the day after tomorrow. , it’s just that you’re in class, it doesn’t matter, at noon, I’ll ask Baba to pick you up and let’s have dinner together.”


“Little sheep doll, it’s the little sheep doll!” Xixi pouted, not knowing how to explain.


“Dad will buy you the little lamb doll. Haven’t you already saved up some gold coins? Enough to exchange! This time mom will give you a reward, or let mom get the championship trophy she got today. I’ll give it to you!” Yang Yi rubbed Xixi’s little head and said with a smile, “Just like Xiao Honghua, you also put a trophy on your bookshelf to motivate yourself, and be like a mother in the future, work hard Win an award!”


Actually, Xixi doesn’t care much about a lamb doll. She now has a layer of gold coins in her little treasure box. The “rich” Xixi can ask her father for a lamb doll at any time, so she doesn’t have any. initial urgency.


Thinking about it, it seems that the trophy that Dad said is also very good!


Xi Xi has seen the trophies her mother won before, and she is also very envious!


As Xixi grew up, she gradually felt that this was more beautiful than the little red flower!


“Okay then, I want Mama’s trophy!” Xixi nodded cheerfully.


However, at this time, Xiao Jiao found that his mother had been chatting with his father and sister. He loosened the bottle he was drinking, and protested with a somewhat appetizing shouting.


“Okay, Mama is talking to you!” Murphy quickly turned her attention.


However, Murphy also returned to the hotel at this time. Because she had to pass through the containment of reporters, she stopped first, and then hurriedly opened the video chat when she returned to the hotel room.


At this time, on the other side of Jiangcheng, Xiao Jiao had already cried because he couldn’t see his mother. Although it wasn’t too intense, Murphy felt distressed when he looked at his son’s tearful eyelashes.


It’s also Murphy who loves his can’t bear to let him cry, so he kept playing the video and talking with Xiaojiao until he was sleepy, looked at his mother’s picture, and fell asleep in his father’s arms.


Yang Yi carried Xiao Jiao upstairs to sleep, and then took the mobile phone and reported the situation to Murphy.


“Okay, hurry up and take a bath and rest. You haven’t changed your clothes yet.” Yang Yi said distressedly.


“But I haven’t chatted with you yet.” Murphy muttered to Yang Yi when she saw that her daughter and son were not making trouble, and her voice became softer.


“Don’t accompany me! Instead, I still feel sorry for you. I’m exhausted, so go take a shower and sleep! Be good!” Yang Yi coaxed.


“But I want you to accompany me, let’s also play the video, and then you can put me to sleep, okay?” Murphy on the small screen of the mobile phone twisted her shoulder and said coquettishly.


“Okay, okay! You can say whatever you want!” Yang Yi was amused by Murphy, and said cheerfully, “You hurry to take a bath first, and I will accompany you when you come back! I will go to see Xixi sleeping first. Have you?”


“Yeah!” Before hanging up, there was a Murphy-esque response.


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