House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 942: I am very happy with my sister (2/4)



Murphy’s new album released two years later sold well on the first day, and it also caused a lot of controversy and fans’ concerns, but Yang Yi did not have time to pay attention to the questions of the fans on his Weibo, and even he He didn’t have time to pick up his mobile phone and turn on his computer to swipe Weibo, so he was wholeheartedly busy dealing with Xiao Jiao.


Murphy was on a business trip to participate in the chart show, and the first day of the day was fine, the little guy was not difficult to deal with.


Because Xixi went to school, Yang Yi can concentrate on taking care of him. With his father playing by his side, Xiao Jiajia has not thought of asking for his mother yet. The crying crisis of getting up in the afternoon was also dealt with by Yang Yi with the routine of video and bottle.


But at night, when he was about to take a bath, Xiao Jiao finally became uneasy.


This whole day, I haven’t felt my mother’s arms, and I haven’t had a mouthful of breast milk. Xiao Jiajia feels that something is wrong!


Why is my mother gone again?


He wants his mother to bathe himself, not his father…


When Yang Yi pulled out the little guy to change clothes in the closet, Xiao Jiao pouted and took small steps, trying to find his mother.


“Wait for your mother after taking a shower, darling, my father wants to give you a bath with your sister!” Yang Yi picked up the little guy who was leaning on the door frame and wanted to go out, and rubbed his little head , said with a smile, “Aren’t you happy to take a bath with your sister?”


No way, Xixi also has to take a bath, Yang Yi can’t leave Xiao Jiao outside alone when she’s bathing Xixi, right? Even if the crib can temporarily trap Xiaojiao and prevent him from running around, he would make a lot of trouble.


“I want Mama, Mama, wash…” Xiao Jiao struggled, pursed his small mouth, and said aggrievedly.


I don’t know if he was coerced by a sense of crisis, but Xiaoyu’s language ability has been improving these days. Originally, he could only use some single-syllable verbs, and his pronunciation was not very accurate. Now he can actually connect some of them. Appellation, vaguely about to be connected into a sentence with complete meaning!


The little guy is in a panic. Not only is he struggling in his father’s arms, but the water mist in his eyes is also gathering sharply. If his father “hides” his mother again, he must cry, cry loudly, and let him Mom is here to save him!


“Yes! We can talk to Mom on the phone after we take a shower. Dad’s study has a large screen. When the time comes, we will project Mom on it, and you can talk to her, okay? Seeing that the little guy was about to cry, Yang Yi snapped his fingers and shouted at a higher volume.


Xiao Jiajia was a little surprised by his father’s snap of his fingers. He opened his big eyes. Although there were tears rolling in his eyes, he couldn’t fall out for a while. He just looked at his father in confusion.


He heard Dad say Mom, but couldn’t understand!


Fortunately, at this time, someone who cooperated with her father’s performance came. Xixi came from next door with her panties, nightdress, etc. She was going to let her take a bath, just heard her father say If he said that, he jumped up next to him happily: “Okay, okay! Baba, I want to see Mama too! I miss her too!”


“Mama…” Xiaojiao turned his head to look at his sister for a while, then turned his head again, blinking his eyes, as if trying to hold back the tears of grievance, and emphasized, “Mama!”


“I’ll have my mother in a while, look, how happy is my sister?” Yang Yi felt that Xixi’s good mood might infect Xiao Jiao, and hurriedly pointed at Xixi, motioning Xiao Jiao to take a look.


Xixi smiled, hugged her nightdress, twisted her body, and hid behind her father mischievously.


“Hey, you bad elder sister, why don’t you let your brother see it?” Yang Yi called out, holding Xiao Jiao and turning to look for Xixi.


Xixi threw her change of clothes on the sofa and ran away giggling, but she didn’t run out either. She walked around the furniture, avoiding the sight of her father and brother, just like hide-and-seek. Have a great time.


Yang Yi hugged Xiao Jiao and laughed and turned in circles. Xiao Jiao was a little confused at first, but he was infected by his sister’s pleasant laughter, and he couldn’t help but twist his little head back and forth, his little hands scratching Dad’s chest, for a while, sticks out to Dad’s left side, and now a small head sticks out from the right side of Dad’s shoulder.


“Hee hee, sister!” The little guy laughed himself, pointed at Xixi who was busy hiding behind the sofa, and laughed with his father.


Finally soothed!


With Xixi playing by the side, Xiao Jiayu is finally willing to settle down. Although there are still tears next to his eyes, his mood is at least cheerful.


Ten minutes later, in the steamy bathroom, Yang Yi sat on a small bench and gently scrubbed the back of Xiao Jiao, who was sitting naked in the small bathtub.


In front of him were two tubs of the same style, one large and one small. Of course, Xiao Jiao was sitting in the small tub, and the warm water only covered his belly button. However, Xiao Jiao was not at all restless, he kept giggling and splashing, looking in the direction of his sister.


Sitting in the big bathtub, the little girl has a fluffy headband with bunny ears on her head, which is convenient for her long hair to be tucked away to avoid getting dirty.


However, this little bunny-eared headband is so cute that it attracted Xiaoyu’s attention. He stood up from his small bathtub several times, giggling, and tried to crawl towards his sister with his hands and feet. I just want to touch my sister’s bunny ears!


“Don’t make a fuss, I’ll finish washing it soon!” Yang Yi was busy washing the foam off Xiao Jiao’s body, so he could only press him down again and again.


Xixi and her brother were also having a good time. She took a bath there, but there were a lot of small toys floating on the water. No, she happily fished out a little yellow duck from her bathtub. , and enthusiastically put it into Xiaojiao’s bathtub.


“Brother, let’s play with this!” Xixi’s sweet laughter is very healing. At this moment, the cute little girl needs only a pair of white wings to become a kind little angel!


Xiaojiao became very interested in the little yellow duck. While he was still observing it, Xixi stretched out his arm again, taught him how to hold the little yellow duck, and then let go of his hand to let it float. .


This is not enough. Yang Yi opened the drain hole of the small bathtub, drained out the dirty water with foam, and when the little one was replaced with clean hot water, the little guy watched as the water rose, gradually draining from the basin. The little yellow duck floating from the He laughed excitedly and danced, not to mention how happy he was!


“Hee hee, hee hee, Baba, my brother is so fun!” Xixi was on the side, also amused by her brother, she turned her head with a smile, pointed at Xiao Jiao and shouted to her father.


If it wasn’t for Yang Yi’s fear of catching the cold, he quickly washed them up, and I’m afraid both Xixi and Xiaojiao would be able to play with water in the bathroom all night!


Finally, after taking a shower, Yang Yi put Xiao Jiao and Xi Xi wrapped in bath towels, one in each hand, on his shoulders, rushed out of the bathroom like a war, and threw them both on the big bed.


This wind-like speed, this feeling of being carried and running, and looking at each other across Dad’s neck, made Xixi and Xiaojiao two little guys couldn’t help laughing, and they were thrown all the way. Lots of happy laughter.


However, this guy is a little naughty. His father just left him on the bed and turned around to get him some clothes to put on.


“Hee hee, hee hee!” The little guy seemed to be getting up faster than anyone else, stepping on the bed naked and giggling at his sister.


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