House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 940: Sad people don’t listen



Xiao Jiao gave the things she “chosen” to her sister, Xixi picked it up in a trance, and some couldn’t react. This scene fell into the eyes of Yang Yi and Murphy, and immediately contracted them for a night of laughter.


However, because the little one is really too young to understand the deep meaning of the birthday, the little guy’s one-year-old is just so simple!


However, according to the definition of a certain subject, before the first birthday, Xiao Jiao can still be called a baby. Now that his first birthday has passed, Xiao Jiao is no longer a baby at the mercy of others!


On the second day, Xiao Jiao, who officially became a toddler, began to face a new challenge of her own – her mother went on a business trip again, and it was only two days away!


Now, not only will Xiao Jiajia not see his mother for two days, but he also has to face the terrible crisis of “running out food”.


Of course, Murphy had just taken a plane to the capital, and Xiao Jialu still didn’t realize the problem. The real difficult time had not yet come, and the little guy was still happily playing with the steamed buns!



At the end of November, after a cold wave, the northern country was frozen and snow drifted for thousands of miles, leaving only Qionghai Island in the whole country, especially the southernmost Yazhou, which was still as warm as summer!


In this beautiful and warm tropical seaside city, a person who actually needs warmth in his heart came today.


Zhong Zhenzhen, the sensual girl who went to Murphy’s concert before!


At the time of Murphy’s concert, she was still a junior at Magic University of Technology. Now two years later, Zhong Zhenzhen has not graduated yet, but she came to a better school in Yangcheng. University study.


Actually, Zhong Zhenzhen would rather not come to Yangcheng. It’s not that she doesn’t like the city of Yangcheng, but that if she stays in the city, she won’t meet her boyfriend who just broke up, and she won’t be in love , When they broke up, they were tortured and devastated!


She escaped the lively Singles’ Day, which was a frenzy of online shopping across the country, but she didn’t wait for the December 31st when the two of them made an appointment for New Year’s Eve six months ago.


Don’t mention the past, now Zhong Zhenzhen just wants to heal her wounds!


Chu Fangfang, an “old” best friend for so many years, recommended her to come to Yazhou, a beautiful city with four seasons like summer. Unfortunately, Chu Fangfang is also in graduate school, and she is still rushing to work on experimental projects with her mentor. Come with her.


However, it’s okay to play alone! Zhong Zhenzhen wore a swimsuit during the day and went to the beach to step on the waves, and lingered at various food stalls at night. The leisurely time in Qionghai made her gradually forget the unforgettable time when she broke up.


Of course, this healing trip would be perfect if she didn’t subscribe to Weibo!


However, Zhong Zhenzhen, who was a little bored after returning to the hotel at night, still started micro-broadcasting.


“Songs that sad people don’t listen to?”


Seeing this opening sentence, Zhong Zhenzhen hesitated for a while, but people’s vision is very big. Even when she was still hesitating whether to continue reading, she had already glanced at the content of this microbroadcast.


Li Shijian is a music critic who Zhong Zhenzhen is still interested in. Zhong Zhenzhen did not expect that when he introduced Murphy’s new album, he first advised people that they are in a state of emotional distress. Listen to Murphy’s new song.


“Are you talking about Murphy? Has she released a new record?” Zhong Zhenzhen was stunned for a moment, watching the microbroadcast blankly.


She used to be a big fan of Murphy and Yi Yang!


However, after falling in love, she no longer pays attention to those entertainment gossips. She spends all day in the library with her boyfriend, go shopping, and watch the stars. How can she care about chasing stars?


What’s more, Murphy hasn’t had any big news coming out.


Zhong Zhenzhen didn’t know that her best friend Chu Fangfang had already queued up to buy Murphy’s new album yesterday, but because of the song category of this album, Chu Fangfang did not dare to tell Zhong Zhenzhen about it.


“Sad people don’t listen to songs, but why did Teacher Li give five stars to all the songs?” Zhong Zhenzhen couldn’t help but click on the video to watch Li Shijian’s audition video.


In the video, she can’t hear Murphy’s song, but she can get a glimpse from Li Shijian’s evaluation and the song title.


1. He doesn’t love me.


2. For you and me, the cold wind blows.


3. If this is love…


This album is very sad!


Rational thinking told Zhong Zhenzhen: “Listen to Teacher Li’s advice, don’t find yourself unhappy in the healing stage.”


But the emotional thinking said: “How can you not support Murphy’s new album? Fuck it, **** it, after listening to it, just cry happily!”


Zhong is really a sensual girl…


So, regardless of whether it was worth it, she resolutely landed on a music website, purchased and downloaded all the songs in Murphy’s new album as singles.


She wants a song to listen to.


There is no single loop, there are thirteen songs on an album (two of which are of the same name but in Mandarin and Cantonese), Zhong Zhenzhen sat on the balcony of the hotel room, watching the silent night, silently I listened.


In Murphy’s different styles of singing, Zhong Zhenzhen is calm on the outside, but her mood is like a roller coaster, with ups and downs.


“I will try to let go of the past no matter how beautiful it was in the past, and I will also try not to think about how you surrounded me with love that affectionate taste…”


In the second song “Blowing by the Cold Wind for You and Me”, Zhong Zhenzhen has forgotten how excellent Murphy’s singing skills were evaluated in Li Shijian’s video. She was infected by the bleak self-persuasion in the lyrics!


In the early days of the breakup, didn’t she remember over and over again when they were in love and they were glued to each other, tired of being together every day?


If she can really let go, how can she be trapped by love? How painfully needed to flee that city to heal?


The third song is “If This Is Love”, this song completely ignited her inner sorrow.


“It turns out that the last kiss was so cold, you can only acquiesce that I’m going to be given up, watching you go…”


She suddenly felt that she was singing in the lyrics… There was another girl who appeared, and he had a different opinion. Although there was no final collapse, and there was no **** “rape”, he just negotiated calmly, However, he made a decision, and she can only fulfill…


Is this love?


No, no…she doesn’t want to fulfill, so she doesn’t want to bless…


“Why didn’t you choose me?” Zhong Zhenzhen hugged his knees and curled up on the sofa on the balcony, suddenly feeling so wronged and cold.


If the third song made Zhong Zhenzhen feel a little hysterical, and even wanted to find that person and question…then the fourth song, with its calm tune and calm lyrics, made her feel hysterical. I have regained the peace I had before listening to the I really miss you, now it’s raining outside the window again, my eyes are dry, and I feel like crying…”


Peace does not mean no sorrow. Outside the balcony now, the night is quiet and there is no rain, but when she heard this, she couldn’t help shedding two lines of tears.


Actually, she also knows that everything in the past can’t come back…


But she still wasn’t able to get out.


As sung in the lyrics, she understands “If there is no you, no past, I will not be sad”, or without that experience, “what’s the pity”?


But after losing her love, she couldn’t find her previous way of life at all, and couldn’t find her free and easy self.


Without him, she would have been… “without herself.”


Although I don’t want to love anymore, Zhong Zhenzhen still wants to know “Do you miss you like me”?


Oh, maybe not?


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