House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 913: Pity the world’s parents



There is a poem that once said: “In October, the leaves fall and the autumn is cold, and the pedestrians on the road are desolate. The bridge is far away, and the heartbroken person is Xiaolan…”


It’s about such a crisp autumn afternoon. There was a fat little girl who ran along a small road with no pedestrians. This was the most serious run she had ever run since she was born, but she was extremely determined and never looked back. Although she was out of breath, she never thought of stopping to rest!


At this moment, she is the fat version of Bolt, the cute baby version of Forrest Gump, and the never-give-up Big Wolf…


“Huhu, Huhu!” Lan Xin finally ran to Xixi’s house and couldn’t wait to return to the middle of her friends. Of course, she was still very tired from running, and when she came back, she collapsed on the grass and panted heavily.


Xixi and the others didn’t continue to play in the house, because more people started to play, so it’s better to play in the yard! And, it’s now 3pm and the sun is shining and it’s a great time for outdoor activities!


When Lan Xin came back, Xixi and the others were playing the game of eagle catching chickens, and they were having a good time. No one noticed Lan Xin who had sneaked in.


This round, Chen Shiyun was in charge of catching, and the weak Nan Zhaoyu was in charge of being a hen. Chen Shiyun was aggressive, and Nan Zhaoyu was a little scared. He still had the courage and desire to protect a boy, so he tried very hard to stop Chen Shiyun with open arms.


Of course, the girls behind him are much more powerful than him, giggling one by one, hugging the waist of the companion in front, and dodging quickly. Chen Shiyun couldn’t find any breakthrough for a while!


Suddenly, she found a “chicken” that “falls” on the ground, and jumped up excitedly, holding Lan Xin down. But soon she found herself happy too soon!


“Hey, Xiner is back!” Chen Shiyun shouted.


My friends, I just saw Lan Xin, who was still out of breath.


“That’s right, Xiner, why are you back?” Lu Xiaoyu scratched her head, stuck her head out from behind Xixi, and asked curiously, “Didn’t the head teacher go to your house?”


“Yes, yes! Could it be that the teacher has already gone back?” Xixi was a little anxious.


The teacher hasn’t come to my house yet!


Lan Xin also wanted to answer the question, but she was too tired to speak. After a while, she gasped and said succinctly: “No, it’s still there, but, but the teacher agreed with me to come and play! “


Hearing Lan Xin say that the teacher is still here, Xixi breathed a sigh of relief and resumed her smile.


Actually, in normal times, Lan Xin would still be happy to talk about her feelings, but at this time she was still panting and didn’t want to talk much.


And for a while, when Lan Xin has had enough rest, she can’t wait to join the games of her friends, so she can’t care about chatting.


“Okay!” Lu Xiaoyu gave Lan Xin a pitiful glance, she knew the power of the teacher’s home visit, but she didn’t say anything, but greeted everyone with enthusiasm, “Let’s continue playing! Chen Shiyun, you I didn’t catch anyone just now, but it doesn’t count for catching Xiner!”


Chen Shiyun didn’t cheat, she rolled up her sleeves and shouted full of energy: “I will catch you! Come on!”



The words are divided into two parts. On Lan Xin’s house, Li Ruolan is discussing Lan Xin’s study with Lanzhou Kai and Wu Jingjing.


As Wu Jingjing told Yu Ying before, Lan Xin’s grades have indeed deteriorated. In recent quizzes, Lan Xin’s grades have dropped from more than 80 points to more than 70 points, and Li Ruolan is also correct. It was for this reason that I came to visit.


Of course, Li Ruolan did not come to pass the buck to the parents. She described some of Lan Xin’s problems in more detail.


For example, distracted in class, such as doing homework and cutting corners, such as not completing the task of reciting the text required by the teacher…


In addition, Li Ruolan also conveyed the feedback from Teacher Lu Dashan of the PE class: “Lan Xin does not like to participate in sports, you should also know that Lan Xin is a little fat. , if she doesn’t exercise much and lose weight, it will be a big burden on her body in the future, and it will also affect her future study and life.”


Lanzhou Kai and Wu Jingjing kept nodding, Lanzhou Kai frowned and said, “Yes, Teacher Li is right, but Xiner is really a bit difficult to discipline, we scold her a little harder, she is good I will get emotional for a few days, and if I hit, her mother will stop me…”


“You can’t beat and scold children.” Li Ruolan quickly waved her hand and said, “beating and scolding children is not a good education method, but it is easy to make children feel rebellious.”


“Actually, I think Lan Xin is a very good kid, both in terms of IQ and personality, he is a very good kid!” Li Ruolan said calmly to Lanzhou Kai and Wu Jingjing, “It’s just possible In the spare time, we need your parents to cooperate with our teachers, give your child some patience, and use some clever methods to cultivate her concentration.”


“I’m quite busy with work. Usually, her mother takes care of the children at home. Teacher Li, if you have any suggestions, just tell her.” Lanzhou Kai patted Wu Jingjing’s knee and said.


“Yes, I will definitely cooperate, but Mr. Li, to tell you the truth, Xiner is a child with serious procrastination. Xixi finished her homework as soon as she came back. She procrastinated and said she would After eating, I talked about watching TV for a while, and I didn’t finish my homework until I went to bed at night.” Wu Jingjing poured bitterness with the teacher.


“Actually, most children don’t like to do homework and like to procrastinate. However, in the face of these situations, our parents should be more skillful in handling them.” Li Ruolan smiled and said, “I will give an example, our class has A boy named Wang Leilei, the situation is similar to Lan Xin’s, his father told him, you can’t watch TV if you don’t finish your homework! So in order to watch TV, he still works hard every day to finish his homework first! “


“But every child’s situation is different. Lan Xin is a girl. Maybe you need to be gentler to avoid her conflicting attitude.” Li Ruolan said, “You can do this. After the child comes back, talk to her first. Do a tidying up.”


Li Ruolan took out her notebook and gestured and said, “Ask her, what homework is there for Chinese today? What homework is there for math, and what homework is there for English…Write it down on a piece of paper and compare each one. The amount of homework in one subject!”


“At this time, it is necessary to do a sorting. Our parents should take the initiative to help her organize her thoughts, starting with the simplest, least amount, and easiest homework to complete! Because after completing a part, the child herself has A sense of accomplishment, so she will be more motivated to do the next part of the homework!”


“But at this time, or before the third grade, I still recommend that you take time out and accompany your child to do homework.” Li Ruolan said, “You don’t need to stare at her and write every word, but you need to be in her homework. Accompanying you. When you are with me, you can knit or do some work with little movement, but you can’t play with your mobile phone, we parents should lead by example.”


In addition to these, Li Ruolan also talked about a lot of motivational tips, which she learned from books, from other teachers, or from some successful parents.


As Li Ruolan said, she came to visit her home to help children grow up, not to call on parents and teachers to play doubles for their children. After more than an hour of detailed discussion, Li Ruolan patiently analyzed and suggested, so that Lanzhou Kai and Wu Jingjing both shouted that they had benefited a lot.


Don’t look at Lanzhou Kai as a billionaire with a detached status, but at the moment he is just an ordinary father!


How can a parent not care about his child?


Lanzhou Kai was also very worried about Lan Xin’s studies, so when he heard the teacher’s home visit, he rushed back without hesitation.


The good news is that he didn’t come back in vain. The teacher’s home visit did give him a lot of inspiration.


Just when Li Ruolan was about to leave and Lanzhou Kai kindly invited her to stay for dinner, Yang Yi came.


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