House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 912: The teacher arrived at Lan Xin’s house (3/4)



Today was supposed to be a happy day. When Yang Yi came out with two trays of cut fruit to the guests, he didn’t expect to see Murphy wiping tears.


Of course, nothing happened. Murphy was just sitting with the guests. She was chatting with Wu Jingjing and Yu Ying. However, the topic of their chat gradually shifted to Yu Ying’s predicament.


Under the care of the two new friends, Yu Ying has also found someone to talk to. She talked about her life as a single mother in the past few years. Although Yu Ying did not speak very emotionally, and did not hang up her ex-husband to criticize her, she simply sighed that she was busy with work and had no time to accompany her children, which led to Yu Ying. Xiaowei is now introverted to the point of being a little autistic.


Yu Ying also talked about the improvement of her current life and her gratitude to Xixi who helped Yu Xiaowei get out of autism.


But Murphy didn’t listen much afterward. When she listened to the front, she thought of her previous difficulties and suddenly felt very fortunate.


At least she just got off to a bad start, and she was lucky enough to meet a man worthy of trust. If it wasn’t for this change, I’m afraid her situation would be the same as Yu Ying. The most important thing is, will Xixi also become melancholy and autistic like Yu Xiaowei?


This consequence, Murphy can’t even imagine!


But when such a thought emerged, Murphy felt uncomfortable, and this was the scene where Yang Yi came out and saw Murphy wiping her tears.


However, in the world of women, Yang Yi didn’t get involved. He only comforted him a few words before being urged to leave, not to disturb their mother’s group chat.


“Let’s go and see how the children are doing now? Playing with Xixi, I think Xiaowei should be a lot more cheerful!” Wu Jingjing suggested.


So the three mothers went upstairs together and went to the bedroom to find the little ones.


Before they got close, there were bursts of cheerful laughter from Xixi’s bedroom, Murphy and Yu Ying looked at each other and smiled.


Started by Murphy, there was a light knock on the bedroom door, and the three mothers filed in.


On Xixi’s big bed, the four little girls turned their heads in unison to look over. In addition to Xixi, Lan Xin, Yu Xiaowei, and Lu Xiaoyu, Lu Xiaoyu came very early today, but just like last time, after her father delivered her, she went to work!


Four cute little girls, each holding a doll, and one or two spares in front of them, sitting around them, with some tableware and toys from Xixi in the middle.


Apparently, they’re playing the house game!


“Ah!” Lan Xin shouted loudly when she saw the mothers coming in, as if she was doing something bad and was discovered.


Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu were nothing at all, but when they heard Lan Xin’s strange cry, they couldn’t help laughing and screaming.


“Mama can’t come to disturb us!” Xixi smiled with crooked eyes.


Yu Xiaowei was a little more reserved, embarrassed to laugh out loud, but she also had a smile that couldn’t be concealed, and her cheeks were blushing with laughter.


Seeing this scene, the mothers were relieved.


Murphy put a fruit plate brought by Yang Yi on a small round table in Xixi’s room, smiled slightly, and said, “Mama don’t bother you, you will be tired from playing later, eat some fruit. But remember to throw the peel on Remember to wash your hands too!”


Yu Ying also walked over with a smile, helped her daughter with her hair, and said softly to her: “Have fun, have fun with your friends, my mother is chatting with Xixi’s mother downstairs, you don’t have to worried.”


After the mother group went out, the door was not closed, and they heard the voices of the little guys screaming again from the stairs, as if they were discussing the play of the house.


Wu Jingjing said with a smile: “I still have time on the weekends in the future, so let’s bring the children over to play. The Murphys and I are relatively casual, and it’s good for the children to have a playmate. You can see how happy she is, she just came here. I don’t even dare to laugh.”


“Indeed, she is now relaxed and cheerful. This is what I dream of seeing!” Yu Ying said with emotion.


“That’s right, if you haven’t finished the homework, bring it over and do it together! The three children study together, supervise each other and make progress! And I also want Xiaowei to guide Xiner, her current The grades are getting worse and worse, and I still don’t want to do my homework, so I have been procrastinating.” Wu Jingjing took the opportunity to say.


Her purpose is this. Just now, Wu Jingjing heard from Yu Ying that Yu Xiaowei had good grades, and said that Yu Xiaowei would complete her homework voluntarily every day, and read books quietly by herself, without the supervision of her mother – of course, because of Yu Xiaowei Ying is not available.


Wu Jingjing doesn’t know how envious the children are so well behaved and their grades are so good!



Li Ruolan was a little bit earlier, and at around 2:40 in the afternoon, he came to the villa area of ​​Hengyi Mansion. Because someone had explained it before, after the doorman found out Li Ruolan’s identity, there was a doorman soon. Driving the battery car, Li Ruolan was sent to Lan Xin’s villa.


When entering Lan Xin’s villa, Li Ruolan couldn’t help but sigh.


She worked as a teacher at Huijia Elementary School for several years and visited countless homes, many of them from wealthy families. After all, Huijia Elementary School itself is an aristocratic elementary school. It stands to reason that Li Ruolan, who has seen many families living in villas, would not be surprised.


But Lanxin’s house is really luxurious, with several garages, a huge heated swimming pool, surrounded by shrubs and flowers like a garden, and a villa decorated with splendor like a palace!


At this moment, Li Ruolan realized that the little chubby girl, who was usually in the school without showing off the mountains and waters, had such a wealthy family!


“Mr. Li, hello, hello!” A chubby man greeted Li Ruolan with a smile and greeted Li Ruolan, “I’m Lan Xin’s father, Lanzhou Kai.”


Yes, he is Lanzhou Kai!


Just, didn’t you say he was on a business trip earlier? How would it appear here?


Li Ruolan was also a little surprised and asked this question out of curiosity.


“Yes, I still have some things in hand, but this is not the teacher, you want to visit your home? It’s the first time Xiner has a teacher to visit her home. As a father, I have to put things aside, so at noon I rushed back.” Lanzhou Kai said with a smile.


Wu Jingjing was next to him and reminded him with a smile: “Don’t go outside, please come to the house and sit down!”


“Yes, yes! Sit in the room, it’s windy outside.” Lanzhou Kai hurriedly greeted Li Ruolan to sit in the living room, and he made tea for Li Ruolan himself.


“It’s too much trouble for you, I’ll do it myself.” Li Ruolan said politely.


At this time, Wu Jingjing also called Lan Xin over. She called back Lan Xin who was having fun just now. The little girl was reluctant. He greeted the teacher in a frenzy and was reluctant to speak.


“Why is Lan Xin unhappy today?” Li Ruolan pulled Lan Xin over and asked with a smile.


“It’s nothing, it’s just that she’s playing with Xixi. Isn’t that the teacher, you’re here? Her mother called her back, and she lost her temper.” Lanzhou Kai explained with a smile, “By the way, Xi Xi is Yang Xi from your class, and his father said he would wait for us to finish talking later, and he would like to invite you to their house.”


“Yang Xi? Her home is also here?” Li Ruolan was surprised at first, but quickly patted her head and smiled, “I’m sorry, I forgot, Yang Xi and Lan Xin often We play together, and Lan Xin often takes Yang Xi’s father’s car home, so it’s normal for you to live in the same community.”


“Yes, Xixi and Lan Xin grew up together, and the two children have a good relationship. Since Xixi’s father picks up the children, we also let Xiner go to school together. The two children go to and from school together. Companion!” Wu Jingjing said with a smile, “Xixi’s father and mother, Teacher Li, should have heard of it, and they have a very close relationship with our family.”


“I have met Mr. Yang. He is very approachable, which makes me a little surprised. It’s the first time Dad Lan met today, and it seems that he is usually busy with business!” Li Ruolan said.


“Haha, to be honest, compared to that kid Yang Yi, I’m more like a star when I’m busy! He and his wife are the most family-friendly stars I’ve ever met!” Lanzhou Kai said with a hearty smile, “Lan Xin starts school. At that time, I was also on a business trip, so I asked her mother to accompany her to report, but now, for Teacher Li’s first home visit, I have to accept it. It’s just that I can find out what good things this naughty **** has done at school! ”


When Lan Xin heard this, she twisted up unwillingly, her mouth pouted, and she made a protest sound.


“It’s not like Our teacher’s home visit is not only a response to the problem, but also a comprehensive communication with the parents about the child’s situation, both good and bad. Of course, the most important thing is to hope to be able to Helping the child’s growth.” Li Ruolan speaks very well.


She patted Lan Xin on the shoulder with a smile and said, “Lan Xin, if you want to go to Yang Xi’s house, you can go, it’s okay, the teacher is here today to talk to your parents!”


Lan Xin’s eyes lit up, but her mouth stopped pouting, and she asked happily, “Is it really possible?”


“Yes, Father Lan, look…” Li Ruolan winked at Lanzhou Kai and Wu Jingjing.


Actually, some words are more convenient to say when the children are away, and Li Ruolan is also worried that she will say it too bluntly, causing the children to resist.


Lanzhou Kai nodded in agreement.


As soon as he nodded, Lan Xin jumped off the sofa excitedly and ran out without looking back.


It’s still fun at Xixi’s home, there are teachers here, it’s too depressing!


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