House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 901: Day 5 of my dad’s absence



Yang Yi was not at home, time passed quickly, and it was Friday in the blink of an eye. Early in the morning, Murphy’s hurried voices came and went in the villa.


“Hurry up and drink another glass of water after breakfast.”


“Have you brought an umbrella? It’s not raining, but you have an umbrella in your schoolbag. It’s best to be prepared!”


“Today is reading class, do you have the materials designated by the teacher in your school bag?”


After a few days of “experience”, Murphy has gradually found a state from the initial rush to the present. He can not only arrange Xixi’s work and rest, but also supervise Xixi’s homework. Xixi is late.


However, no matter how well Murphy does, it cannot replace Yang Yi’s position in Xixi’s heart.


There is a song well sung, “I miss you, day after day…”.


The same is true for Xixi. It’s the fifth day since her father is not at home. She misses her father more and more every day, and her emotions are also getting lower and lower every day.


No, when I woke up early in the morning, the little girl was lethargic, pouting her mouth and reluctant to speak.


The little face that used to be baby fat seems to have lost some weight. I wonder if the little girl misses her father too much!


Seeing this, Murphy felt a little uncomfortable. She squatted down, opened her arms, and said softly, “Come here, hug Mama, don’t be sad, Baba will be back soon, last night. , you made a video call with your father, didn’t your father promise you that he will be back in two days?”


Xixi still understands the truth, but she just misses her father!


So, although Xixi hugged her mother, she still looked unhappy when she got into Sister Ding Xiang’s car.


Ding Xiang comforted a few words while driving, but to no avail. No one persuades anyone about this.



Although Xixi is in a bad mood, the weather is good today. The sky in Jiangcheng had been gloomy for a few days, but it finally cleared up today.


The lazy sun hangs in the sky, it is not as dazzling as in summer, but the bright and clean appearance of the sky and the earth can give people a more positive impact than the cloudy weather!


I don’t know if it was because of seeing the sun, or because after arriving at school, Xixi was in a better mood after seeing a lot of smiling classmates.


Of course, if Lu Xiaoyu doesn’t lift the pot, everything will develop in a good direction.


Lu Xiaoyu came a little later, she almost stepped on the bell of the morning reading class. However, the lively Lu Xiaoyu didn’t want to sit in her seat and wait for the teacher’s instructions. She took out the textbooks from her schoolbag and put them in the drawer. She turned her head and asked with concern, “Xixi, your father. Are you back?”


As soon as this question came out, Xixi’s already smiling face became melancholy again. The little girl pursed her lips and said a little aggrievedly: “Not yet!”


The last sound was a bit long, reflecting the helpless emotion in Xixi’s heart.


“Okay, I forgot, your father said he won’t be back until next week.” Lu Xiaoyu patted her head.


Although Lu Xiaoyu’s question was a little out of date, she opened up Xixi’s chatterbox. Xixi wanted someone to talk to her about her father!


“Xiao Yu’er, you said, you said I miss Baba very much, what should I do?” Xixi asked.


“Then you can see him when he comes back!” Lu Xiaoyu thought for a while and answered an answer she thought.


Compared with Xixi, Lu Xiaoyu is not so dependent on her father. Her father is very busy with work and sometimes needs to socialize. football match!


How can Lu Kang, like Yang Yi, do his best to accompany his children to grow up?


As soon as Xixi heard this, she was not happy: “I mean I miss him very much! I don’t want to wait for my Baba to come back, I want to see him now!”


The little girl pouted her little mouth and said this with some anger.


“But if you cry and ask your father to come back, he will spank you!” Lu Xiaoyu said worriedly.


Xixi shook her head vigorously: “I won’t spank my ass!”


Lu Xiaoyu was a little distressed. She found that she was different from Xixi. It was useless to say anything…


The morning reading class started soon, and the teacher rescued Lu Xiaoyu.


When the get out of class was over, Lan Xin also came over, and Lu Xiaoyu told Lan Xin about Xixi’s question, asking her to help her out.


Speaking of which, besides Xixi, the person Lu Xiaoyu admires most is Lan Xin!


Don’t look at Lan Xin, who is usually lazy, doesn’t like sports, and does not do well in exams, but in Lu Xiaoyu’s view, Lan Xin has an unusual wisdom, she can always come up with magical ideas, and she can also learn from the desk. , in the drawer, in the hood, anyway Lu Xiaoyu took out small snacks for them to eat in unexpected places.


“This is easy to handle!” Lan Xin waved her hand carelessly and said, “Xi Xi, you can tell your father that you are sick, and he will come back to see you!”


Afraid that Xixi would not believe it, she also gave an example: “I always do this! Isn’t my father always on business trips? I lied to him and said, I have a cold, Dad, I miss you so much, and then he instigated him. Come on, fly back, fly back by plane!”


“But if your father finds out that you don’t have a cold, won’t he beat you?” Lu Xiaoyu reached out to cover her little butt, and looked at Lan Xin worriedly.


“No! My dad will take me to play. Well, sometimes he will take me to play, and sometimes he will buy me a lot of delicious food, and then I will let him go to work.” Lan Xin opened her hands and gestured for a lot of delicious food.


At this moment, there seems to be a familiar BGM sound: “We are different, different, everyone has a different situation…”


Xixi opened her eyes wide and looked at Lan Xin in She didn’t even know there was such an operation.


The little girl was a little moved. However, Lu Xiaoyu’s next words made Xixi hesitate again.


“But my dad would say, I can’t pester him, his work is very important! Don’t disturb dad’s work!” Lu Xiaoyu is an upright little girl.


This time, Lan Xin is no different.



Do you want Dad to come back?


Xixi spent most of the day in a tangle.


She was in a better mood when she went to the library with Lan Xin for a reading class in the afternoon.


“Xixi, Xiner, these books are for you.” Yu Xiaowei waited early in front of the first-grade reading class, holding a few books in her hands.


Yu Xiaowei looks a little nervous. This is the first time she has given something to her good friend. The little girl is very uneasy, and she is afraid that she will give something out, but others will not!


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