House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 900: Yang Chonggui’s Wisdom (3/4)



Yang Yi didn’t tell Lanzhou Kai about his relationship with the Yang family army in history, but Lanzhou Kai is not a fool. He had doubts about it as early as when he was discussing with Yang Yi about taking this land. Now that he knows that Yang Chonggui is coming, this guess can basically be answered!


However, not only is Lanzhou Kai not a fool, he is also a smart person who knows what to ask and what not to ask.


Since Yang Yi didn’t plan to tell him about it, Lanzhou Kai simply pretended not to know.


Of course, when I asked Lanzhou Kai for a car yesterday, Yang Yi also knew that Lanzhou Kai could guess something, but the two tacitly avoided this topic.


Of course, when Yang Chonggui came here, Lanzhou Kai still had to receive and visit the old man. After dawn, Yang Yi drove Yang Chonggui and the others to Wucheng County. Lanzhou Kai had already arranged lunch.


“Don’t worry, there is no one else to accompany me, I am the only one. Uncle Yang came from his hometown. I have to invite him to have a meal with the old man!” Lanzhou Kai said to Yang Yi with a smile.


Keep a low profile, Yang Yi is very satisfied with Lanzhou Kai’s arrangement.


“In addition, in the afternoon, on the survey team’s side, I sent them to the city to get blueprints and materials, so if you have anything else, you can arrange it.” Lanzhou Kai also helped Yang Yi set up a company. The experts created space for Yang Yi and their “private affairs”.


Yang Yi smiled slightly at Lanzhou Kai, without saying much, patted him on the shoulder, and simply thanked him: “Thank you!”



In the afternoon, Yang Yi, Yang Chonggui and Yang Qing appeared outside the Yang Family Ancestral Hall with the gate closed.


The weather in Jiangnan has not been very good these days. It’s gloomy. Although it doesn’t rain in Wucheng County now, looking at the sky, it feels like it’s raining at any time!


The ancestral hall of the Yang family has been in ruins. It is said that the candlesticks, incense burners and other iron items that can be sold for money have been stolen. The door locks have been replaced several times. Of course, after there is nothing to steal, even thieves are too lazy now. come here,


The door lock was rusted and the trail was overgrown with grass.


Behind the Yang Family Ancestral Hall, there is an unfinished building. It was built five stories high and was left there by the developer. Obviously, this unfinished building will still have to be demolished when the land is developed in the future.


Yang Qing also found this problem. He looked up and said to Yang Yi, “Brother, if this building is to be demolished, be careful. If it falls down, we are gone!”


Yang Yi smiled and nodded. He naturally noticed this, but the key issue now is not the problem of this unfinished building.


Yang Yi turned his attention to Yang Chonggui, who was in a state of deep thought.


Yang Chonggui has not been back here for decades. After having children and a wife, Yang Chonggui is no longer the fearless hero…


Revisiting the old place, Yang Chonggui must have a lot of emotion in his heart.


However, the old man is in good control. After all, after so many years, what can’t you figure out? He only paused in the memory for a short time, then raised his eyelids and nodded to Yang Yi.


Yang Yi took out two iron wires and tapped the door lock lightly. Although it was rusted and a little laborious, because Yang Yi had driven it once before, he opened the door with ease.


Walking into the ancestral hall, slamming the door shut, there is always a feeling of passing through. The interior of the ancestral hall is completely decorated with ancient decorations. Even the frescoes in the middle courtyard are quaint painters, carvings that people used hundreds of years ago. The scene of cold weapon combat.


“Here, the painting is of our Yang family army, generations of people fighting at the seaside and attacking Japanese invaders.” Yang Chonggui saw that Yang Qing and Yang Yi’s attention fell on it, and he opened his mouth to explain.


In the entire Yang Family Ancestral Hall, too many things have been stolen, and the only ones left are the frescoes and carvings that cannot be taken away, and still remain on the walls and pillars.


Yang Chonggui did not feel indignant. He had secretly fled Jiangnan with several ancestral tablets, and he was mentally prepared to accept the destruction of the ancestral hall.


But the ending wasn’t bad, just some property was stolen, and most importantly, this Yang family ancestral hall was returned to their hands.


Of course, the question now is, what should Yang Chonggui do with the old site of the Yang family ancestral hall, whether to renovate it, or what…


This afternoon, Yang Chonggui lit a few red candles specially bought in front of the empty altar, simply performed a ritual of worship, and brought two brothers, Yang Yi and Yang Qing, to sit Chat on the stone steps outside the inner hall.


It was also fortunate that although the weather was overcast, it never rained.


In this mysterious atmosphere, Yang Chonggui, like a dreamer, told Yang Yi and Yang Qing about the grand occasion of the ancestral hall in the past, the crimes he had suffered in the ancestral hall before, and many stories that were about to be forgotten. .


Yang Yi and Yang Qing just listened quietly, without interjecting or commenting. It was a bit like going back to the time when Yang Chonggui taught their brothers to practice martial arts.


Time flies by very quickly. In the evening, the sky is almost dark, and the candlelight in the inner hall is flickering. Although there is still a little bit, it will always be blown out in the whistling cold wind. a feeling of.


When Yang Chonggui also came to the final conclusion, he smiled softly: “Tie Zi brought back the things of our old Yang family. Zong, tell me about your achievements.”


Yang Yi opened his mouth, but before he could speak, Yang Chonggui waved his hand.


“People always have to look forward.” The old man’s rough face and big eyes like copper bells shone with wisdom at this moment, “The times are changing, and the dynasties have changed a few times. How can the location of the Yang Family ancestral hall remain unchanged for a long time? As long as it is, the inheritance of this incense can continue to be maintained, and it does not matter where our ancestral hall is!”


Yang Qing was a little surprised: “Dad, what do you mean, we don’t want this old ancestral hall anymore? Isn’t his efforts in vain?”


“I want it, but I can’t.” Yang Chonggui said meaningfully, “This place can be regarded as a memory to stay, but it is still the same as before. It is not appropriate for us to carry out major construction projects and restore the incense here.” /


Mainly considering safety issues, Yang Chonggui doesn’t think it’s any good to let others know that their old Yang family is back.


“Tie Zi’s efforts will not be in vain. At the beginning, I thought about moving everything else here, as long as I could, back to the village. Now that you have money, you can change the ancestral hall to a bigger place. “Yang Chonggui’s eyes flashed with excitement.


At the beginning, he could only take a few things with him, and many of the tablets of the collateral ancestors were still left. It has to be said that it has always been his regret.


“This is no problem. When the construction starts there will be countless trucks driving in and out every day. At that time, I will arrange a car to take down the murals and sculptures that can be dismantled. And those spiritual positions in the inner hall have been moved back.” Yang Yi nodded lightly.


“What about this side?” Yang Qing asked in confusion.


“Here…” Yang Chonggui also had his thoughts, “I can find carpenters and masons in the village, build another one according to this appearance, and send them back to make it real!”


Yang Yi understands his father’s thoughts. He wants to move the real ancestral hall away, but the fake ancestral hall still remains in Jiangnan, which is no different from the Three Caves of Crafty Rabbit!


“Dad, because President Lan had an agreement with the government at that time, and we also had the responsibility to protect cultural relics.” Yang Yi smiled, “In this case, I asked President Lan to use this excuse to repair the cultural relics as well. Let’s take a look at the surrounding environment. Although we want to move the ancestral hall back to Anqing, it is still a place that symbolizes glory in our old Yang’s house. If we clean it up simply, it will not be easy for others to see the flaws, and it can be well protected. Get up, it’s convenient for Xixi and Jiao to grow up, and Qingzi’s children to grow up, we can also bring them here to see and prove to them the greatness of our ancestors!”


Yang Chonggui weighed the safety issue, nodded solemnly, and said, “It’s easy!”


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