House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 899: A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall (2/4)



As expected by Yang Yi, after Yang Qing and Yang Chonggui mentioned the three words Wucheng County, Yang Chonggui couldn’t sit still, and they rushed to the city to take the train the next day. But even so, they arrived in Jinling City in the early morning of Wednesday. Yang Yi borrowed an off-road vehicle from Lanzhou Kai Company to pick up Yang Chonggui and Yang Qing in the city.


At the station, Yang Chonggui and Yang Yi had a tacit understanding and said nothing. Although Yang Qing was very curious, he was not a person who liked to ask endless questions. He kept silent all the way until Yang Yi drove to their place in Jinling The hotel temporarily staying in the city.


It was getting dark, and it was a bit too much trouble to go to Wucheng County at this time. Yang Yi thought about letting his 70-year-old father rest for a while.


But after checking into the hotel, the old man’s face darkened immediately. He took out the umbrella he carried with him and took it to Yang Yi.


Yang Yi panicked, although he could feel that the old man was not using much force, but at the moment of contact, he still felt the extraordinaryness of this **** umbrella!


All the ribs are rigid and heavy. They are made of metal, and they are not aluminum alloys that are easily broken like ordinary umbrellas. Yang Yi can’t tell what metal it is for the time being, but he believes that if Yang Chonggui uses his strength, I am afraid that the trunk as thick as his arm will be smashed off!


Meanwhile, the umbrellas don’t hurt at all!


Yang Yi flexibly avoided, and still had time to think about the material of the umbrella, Yang Qing hurriedly came up to persuade him: “Dad, Dad, have something to say!”


“What are you talking about! Do you know where Tiezi told us to come!” Yang Chonggui angrily scolded.


“I don’t know.” Yang Qing shook his head honestly.


“For so many years, I didn’t dare to come back. It’s not that I’m afraid, I’m worried that I will bring disaster to you children and your mother! He’s good. I told him about it, but he knew that there were tigers in the mountains. Going to the Tiger Mountain!” Yang Chonggui was so angry that he blew his beard and stared.


“Dad, you sit down first and calm down. Although I don’t know what danger you are talking about, he is not a reckless person, and he will definitely make a decision after considering it carefully. Let’s listen to him explain it. !” Yang Qing persuaded bitterly.


Listening to Yang Qing’s orderly words, Yang Yi glanced at his younger brother in surprise. Yang Qing was not so articulate before.


However, if you don’t see it, you don’t know, Yang Yi’s attention was focused on the old man before, and now, he saw Yang Qing’s clothes. Although he didn’t like the suits and leather shoes of the people in the city, he was still in good order!


A grey sweater over a shirt with an exposed collar, buttoned neatly, a pair of khaki slacks and a black leather belt…


There is no such thing as the old man who used to hold a **** down to the ground, regardless of his personal image!


How should I put it… The current Yang Qing looks like a diligent, calm and solemn village cadre!


It seems that in the past two years, Yang Yi asked him to take charge of the road construction project in the village (mainly to audit the whereabouts of the money), and organized the village to set up a special modern agricultural machinery rental company. Yang Qing, who has been trained, has made a lot of progress!


Of course, Yang Qing’s taste has improved, and it is inseparable from the care of his daughter-in-law Zheng Shuyi.


These are not big things. After Yang Yi waited for Yang Qing to appease Yang Chonggui, he explained to Yang Chonggui with a smile: “Dad, don’t worry, it’s not like you don’t know my skill level, compared to you, Only high, not low…”


“Fart! When labor and capital were young, they roamed all over the world and beat the invincible hands of Southern China…” Yang Chonggui immediately bristled and boasted unconvinced.


He knows that his son is indeed very strong! But a son is a son, how can there be any reason to say that he is better than labor and capital? Hmph, even a dragon has to obediently lie down and call his father!


“Alright, alright, you’re even more powerful!” Yang Yi said with a bit of tears and laughter, “I mean, my skills are not bad, and I used to be in that kind of army, I haven’t seen any big scenes. Since I dare to Let you come here, you must have probed, confirmed that there is no ambush, confirmed that everything is safe, and made this decision.”


“A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall!” Yang Chonggui shouted an ancient sentence, but he still scolded Yang Yi for his recklessness, “No matter what time, you can’t relax your vigilance, you are like me now, you have a family If you have a room, you are not a lonely hero, you can ignore it…”


Yang Qing was in a fog while listening, but fortunately, Yang Yi waited for Yang Chonggui to lose his temper before taking a break and telling Yang Qing the true background of their old Yang family.


Of course, this background is historical background. The ancestors sold their properties and raised troops to save the country. The old Yang family did not have any property left for future generations. Don’t think about what great treasures there are.


“We are the descendants of the Yang family army?” After Yang Qing heard this, he felt a little unbelievable. He stared at Yang Yi, and then turned to Yang Chonggui for help, hoping to get some confirmation from him.


Yang Chonggui nodded lightly: “I have a hard time not letting you know about this matter for so many years. Since your elder brother said it and we are here, you should listen to him and talk about it, why I don’t let you guys Back to Wucheng County…”


Similar to Yang Yi’s reaction at the beginning, Yang Qing almost knelt down and listened to Yang Yi’s story of Yang Chonggui’s deeds of ravaging the Neon Kingdom. However, Yang Qing was not as calm as Yang Yi. Looking at Yang Chonggui with admiration on his face, he said with some grief and indignation: “Dad, are there any enemies? I’m willing to help you end them too!”


Worthy of being the seed of the old Yang family and the son of Yang Chonggui, Yang Qing also has a passion for blood and a chivalrous spirit!


Unfortunately, there is no room for him now, Yang Chonggui slapped Yang Qing back on the sofa, and hummed proudly: “You still use your junior to shoot? Your labor and capital never leave the enemy alive!”


Of After feeling the past, Yang Qing and Yang Chonggui both asked the most crucial question, why did Yang Yi call them here?


Yang Yi smiled slightly. He took out a map of Jinling City from the bag next to him.


This is a very common tourist map, but after unfolding it, you can still clearly see the labels of various counties, tourist attractions, mountains and rivers in Jinling City, and even each road is clearly depicted .


“This is Wucheng County!” Yang Yi pointed to a large area to the east, and then gently drew a circle with his finger on Lianbing Island and the surrounding land, “Now, this piece of land , it’s all ours!”


“It’s ours? What do you mean?” Yang Qing was confused.


How does he look at it, the place where the eldest brother draws his fingers seems to be bigger than their village!


With more engineering drawings, Yang Qing can also understand the scale on the map!


“It’s ours, which means that I bought this large piece of land.” Yang Yi looked at Yang Chonggui who was in deep thought, and said, “Dad, including our Yang family ancestral hall!”


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