House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 871: Papa Lu’s surprise (2/3)



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“Little slacker, get up, didn’t you say that you are going to play at the same table today? You have to get up early because your dad has to go to work!”


In the early morning of Saturday morning, the sleepy-eyed Lu Xiaoyu was turned over from the bed by her mother. Of course, after washing up, Lu Xiaoyu also recovered her energy. Thinking of going to Xixi’s house to play, she jumped for joy. , I can’t even sit still while eating breakfast.


“Xiaoyuer, let Dad see the address.” Lu Kang said casually to Lu Xiaoyu when he put on his police uniform and fastened his buttons in front of the mirror.


“You didn’t prepare earlier, what if you don’t know the way?” Lu Xiaoyu’s mother walked by and nagged.


“Hehe, I’m not bragging, there is really no place in Jiangcheng that I don’t know about. I’ve been on duty all these years, walking around, and I’ve stepped on almost every street!” Lu Kang boasted.


Lu Xiaoyu took out a notebook from her small schoolbag, and pulled out an address note that Xixi gave her. Of course, it was written by Yang Yi, and she also left her mobile phone number so that they could contact them when they got to the gate of the villa. .


Lu Kang took it over and read while watching: “Tingshan District… Your classmate lives in Tingshan District? It’s a bit far, but you came all the way to Wuhu District to go to school…”


However, soon, he frowned suspiciously: “Xinbei Road, Hengyi Mansion… This place sounds familiar, wait, it seems to be a villa area!”


“Hengyi Mansion? Isn’t that the Banshan Mansion?” Lu Xiaoyu’s mother was helping Lu Xiaoyu tie her hair. Hearing this, she also looked over in surprise.



Not long after, Lu Kang drove Lu Xiaoyu to the outside of the villa in his police car.


I have to make a digression here. Although private use of public vehicles is wrong, there is no clear rule in this world that private use of public vehicles is not allowed. Just like when Yang Yi’s management was not strict in his previous life, Lu Kang drove a police car to pick up his children. It can’t be said to be a violation of discipline, and it is also a way of following the crowd.


“Xiao Yu’er, does your roommate really live here? What does the family do?” Lu Kang stammered as he looked at the heavily guarded villa area.


Just the access gate and the tower where the security guards are stationed looks like a bunker that is easy to defend and hard to attack.


“I don’t know, but Xixi said, Xiner lives here too!” Lu Xiaoyu curiously looked out the car window.


Lu Kang’s car was parked on the side of the road. He took out his mobile phone and was dialing the number on the note when two security guards walked over and tapped the driver’s car. Window, wondering what happened to Lu Kang.


If ordinary vehicles were parked outside the villa area, they would not be too busy, at most they would make a record. After all, their task was to manage the security of the villa area. But Lu Kang was driving a police car, so the guard’s rotating captain had to bring someone over to see if anything happened.


On the one hand, it is to avoid conflicts with the police. On the other hand, if there is an emergency, they can also take measures.


“It’s not an official matter. We are friends of one of your residents. We were invited to play. I’m calling him now.” Lu Kang explained.


He knows that the people who live here are either rich or expensive, and he is a small policeman, but he has no capital to conflict with each other.


Fortunately, everything went smoothly. Lu Kang’s call was quickly connected, the voice of a strange man. After a while, the security guard on duty who came to investigate also received a series of instructions in the headset, and his attitude suddenly changed from being strict to respectful.


“After you drive in, go straight and turn right at the third intersection…” He also described the driving route to Lu Kang in detail, “I wonder if you understand? If you still don’t know how to go Yes, we can show you the way.”


“Oh, no, I figured it out!” Lu Kang quickly waved his hand.


It can’t be regarded as arrogant. After all, the security guards used to make simple and routine inquiries before, and did not show a very arrogant attitude, but there were indeed some differences between the attitudes before and after, which made Lu Kang feel a little emotional. When it comes to such a situation – he used to have a different attitude towards others!


“Xixi!” He sighed while driving, but the daughter in the back seat shouted excitedly.


Only at this time did Lu Kang see that in front of the courtyard of a villa, a tall man held a little girl’s hand and greeted him.


Out of curiosity, he took a few more glances at the man as he parked.


“Xixi!” As soon as Lu Xiaoyu waited for the car to stop, she couldn’t wait to jump down and hugged Xixi happily.


“Hee hee, little fish, you’ve come, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” Xixi jumped and danced with her friends.


“Hello Uncle Yang!” Lu Xiaoyu received good tutoring, and she did not forget to say hello to Yang Yi.


Yang Yi went to pick up Xixi earlier, so Lu Xiaoyu met Yang Yi at school.


“Hello Xiaoyuer! Is this your father?” Yang Yi smiled gently and took the initiative to say hello, “Hello, I’m Xixi’s father…”


Before Yang Yi introduced himself, Lu Kang recognized him, and Lu Kang said excitedly: “I know, you are Yang Yi!”


Yang Yi’s reaction to Lu Kang was not surprising. He nodded slightly and smiled, “Yes.”


“I didn’t expect it to be you! I’m from the Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangcheng Public Security Bureau. My name is Lu Kang. When your extreme challenge program group was recording a program in Binhai District last time, we arranged for people to help maintain traffic order. , I’ve seen you before.” Lu Kang couldn’t help but tell his “relationship” with Yang Yi.


Lu Xiaoyu and Xixi were on the side, looking at them curiously. Lu Xiaoyu was still a little confused and didn’t know why her father was so excited.


“Thank you for your support of our work.” Yang Yi smiled and shook hands with Lu Kang, “But today I am Xixi’s father, so don’t take it offense.”


After Lu Kang listened to Yang Yi’s words, the pressure that he had just raised in his heart immediately disappeared, and his head that had been shut down finally recovered: Yes, this is not just a celebrity, he is also his daughter’s roommate.


“I’m I was a little excited just now.” Lu Kang calmed down a bit and smiled, “I’ll ask you to help take care of Xiaoyuer today, I’ll have to go to work in a while.”


“Understand, your police work is very hard. I’m not in trouble here. Xiaoyuer can come and play with Xixi. I’m very happy. She is very bored at home on weekends. Xiaoyuer, you are here. Don’t worry, in our house, I guarantee that she won’t be hungry.” Yang Yi joked and pulled the distance between each other.


“I know.” Lu Kang laughed relaxedly, “Among the stars, you are famous for your cooking skills, the chef of Xixi’s family! Today, Xiaoyuer has a good time!”


“Xixi, it seems that my father knows your father!” Lu Xiaoyu finally heard the clue and whispered to Xixi.


“I’ll tell you secretly, don’t tell anyone else!” Xixi also leaned into Lu Xiaoyu’s ear and whispered, “Baba and I are stars, so many people know them.”


“Okay…” Lu Xiaoyu doesn’t have much concept of stars.


Not long after Lu Kang delivered Lu Xiaoyu, he also said goodbye and left. He came out early today, but he still had to go to work.


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