House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 870: Sister Xiaowei (1/3)



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“Who is Sister Xiaowei?”


In the car on the way, Yang Yi heard that a name that he had never heard before kept appearing in the chat between Xixi and Lan Xin, and he couldn’t help but ask.


“Sister Xiaowei is sister Xiaowei! Xiner knocked her down and broke her leg.”


“But she can’t speak!”


“Hey, Xiner, it’s not that Sister Xiaowei can’t speak, she just doesn’t like to speak.”


“She didn’t say much to us”


In the descriptions of the two little girls, Yang Yi can roughly guess what happened.


“Xixi, you bruised someone’s leg, is it serious, is there any bleeding?” Yang Yi asked after looking at the rearview mirror.


“I didn’t bleed, I didn’t bump it, Xiner, I asked you if you had any blood?” Xixi said.


“I didn’t bleed, and I didn’t feel any pain at all. Sister Xiaowei couldn’t, she wasn’t as strong as me, she was crying!” Lan Xin and Xixi both misunderstood Yang Yi’s question and took care of themselves. spoke up.


Yang Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, ready to explain her problem clearly, but in the conversation with Lan Xin at the moment, Xixi responded by mistake: “Well, that’s because Sister Xiaowei is injured, and her The legs are bleeding here!”


Xi Xi raised her slender legs and pointed to her knees.


“Okay, the bleeding should hurt a lot, and I’m afraid of it.” Lan Xin sighed and said like the little adults, “No wonder she’s crying!”


“What happened after that? Did you take Sister Xiaowei to the doctor? You did this wrong!” Yang Yi asked.


“Baba, Baba, we apologized to Sister Xiaowei! Then she said she was not angry.” Xixi said, “Later, she also talked to me, and I learned that she also took reading class, but She’s already in third grade, she’s amazing!”


“What’s so great about the third grade? I’m so old, I’ll be in the third grade too!” Lan Xin said in disbelief.


“But Mrs. Lai said that Sister Xiaowei’s grades are very good.”


Yang Yi was a bit dumbfounded. After asking for a long time, the two little guys couldn’t answer. After a while, he finally realized that the girl Lan Xin injured was not serious, and the wound was also rubbed by Xixi and their teacher Lai.


“Dad feels a little embarrassed. If the teacher hadn’t explained it to you, Dad should have apologized to her parents in person. After all, we don’t care about this matter.” Yang Yi concluded, “But it doesn’t matter, Now Teacher Lai is handling it very well, so don’t take it too seriously.”


He was also worried that Xixi and Lan Xin would feel guilty, but the two little girls didn’t take it too seriously. friend.


“Sister Xiaowei is actually very nice, she told me not to worry later because her mother wouldn’t scold her.” Xixi said.


“But I don’t like her very much, because she doesn’t like talking, I don’t even know what to say to her!” Lan Xin pouted.


“You don’t like Sister Xiaowei?” Xixi was a little surprised.


“Hey, either I don’t like it or I think she’s so boring.” Lan Xin was thirsty and picked up a bottle of water to drink.


“But Sister Xiao Wei is a very good person! Like Kiki, she doesn’t dare to talk. I think if we become good friends, she will talk to you!”


“Okay then” Lan Xin was noncommittal.


Yang Yi looked at the rearview mirror and said, “Xixi, you have to drink water too, because your mouth is dry.”


“Hee hee, okay!” Xixi was drinking water, and suddenly remembered the topic she and Lan Xin discussed before, her eyes lit up, Gulu Gulu quickly finished her drink, and couldn’t wait to say, “Baba, let me tell you. , Xiner accidentally bumped into Sister Xiaowei because she wanted you to cook something for her tomorrow!”


Lan Xin was a little impatient, but her eyes lit up when she heard Xixi’s last topic.


“Really? What does Xiner want to eat?” Yang Yi laughed


Mr. Lai did not break her promise. She did not go ahead, but waited until Yu Ying came to pick up Yu Xiaowei and explained to her why Yu Xiaowei injured her knee and her clothes were torn.


After listening to Teacher Lai’s words, Yu Ying also checked her daughter’s knees, only to let go of her dangling heart.


“It’s okay, bumps and bumps are normal, Mr. Lai, thank you for waiting for me for so long.” Yu Ying said some polite words before holding her daughter’s hand and taking the bus home.


On the way, Yu Xiaowei didn’t say a word, and stood by her mother’s lap obediently. Yu Ying knew her daughter’s character, touched her hair, and waited to talk to her at home.


However, Yu Xiaowei was a little special today, before Ying spoke up. When she got home, she showed a look of eagerness on her face, pointed to the torn place of her clothes, and whispered to her mother: “Mom, here , can you help me make up a little flower?”


“Xiaohua?” Yu Ying was a little surprised.


Of course, seeing her daughter taking the initiative to speak, Yu Ying knew she was in a good mood.


“Well, Xiaohua.” Yu Xiaowei lowered her head and gestured with her fingers on her clothes, “Xixi’s clothes are also like this, they look very nice”


Yu Ying smiled and asked Yu Xiaowei to sit down. She looked at her clothes and said, “Who is Xixi? Is that the classmate who bumped into you?”


“It wasn’t her who helped me up.” Yu Xiaowei said succinctly.


However, Yu Xiaowei hesitated for a while, and then added: “They didn’t do it on purpose, mom don’t get angry, okay? They all apologized”


“Well, Mom understands, you are all fine.” Yu Ying hugged her her voice became bright and she laughed, “Come on, take off your clothes and go take a shower first, Mom. Study it at night to see how you can make your clothes look better!”


She tries to create a lighthearted atmosphere in the home.


Some time ago, she handed over the manuscript to Sahara Publishing House. Whether her editor-in-chief Wen Xuefeng, or other editor-in-chief and deputy editor-in-chief, spoke highly of the stories she wrote. Now that the manuscript has entered the publishing process, although Yu Ying is still a bit uncertain, and she does not dare to resign until she has no income, but she has been included in the list of official authors by Sahara Press.


Of course some benefits are also enjoyed!


Wen Xuefeng knew about her family’s situation and even applied to the publishing house so that Yu Ying could use the publishing house’s medical resources, such as consulting a psychiatrist contracted by the publishing house.


Because Yu Xiaowei is only a serious introvert, not a more troublesome autism, so the psychiatrist gave Yu Ying a lot of psychological counseling suggestions, one of which is to improve the atmosphere of life and maintain a positive attitude .


No, under the influence of her mother’s smile, Yu Xiaowei’s mood was also a little happy, and she couldn’t help showing some smiles on her face.


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