House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 869: I don’t know each other (three/three)



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“Will your dad make us those sweet lotus root chips? Or deep fried potato chips?”


The two little girls approached the library and chatted lively. Lan Xin took the initiative to lead the topic. When it came to excitement, she ran two steps faster and circled around Xixi. in front of him, turned around, and spoke backwards.


“I don’t know… but Baba said it will make delicious food.” Xixi said with a wink.


Lan Xin rolled her eyes, raised a finger, and giggled: “But, you can suggest to your Baba that we can make super sweet lotus root slices…”


Lan Xin is drooling just thinking about the sweet, crunchy and powdery snacks. Even, for the sake of delicious food, her accent changed to Xixi’s, and she also said “Baba”.


Xixi was not fooled, she pouted and said, “You can also tell my Baba, I will definitely do it for you, he likes you!”


“Oh, Xixi, please help me!” Lan Xin shook Xixi’s hand, backed away, and said coquettishly, “I don’t even dare to tell your father.”


“Xin Er…”


“Xixi!” Lan Xin rushed to speak.


But soon, she kicked her heels, let go of Xixi’s hand, screamed, and fell backwards.


Xixi still wanted to help, but it all happened too fast, she could only watch Lan Xin fall in a stunned manner, and bumped into a girl in front of her, the two of them were like rolling gourds Fall into a ball.


“I want to say there are steps!” Xixi muttered softly before she came to her senses and hurriedly helped her fallen companion.


When Xixi helped up the girl Lan Xin and Lan Xin had knocked down, she saw the other person’s appearance, a young lady with a beautiful bow hairpin on her hair.


There is no girl taller than Xixi among children of the same age, and the one in front of her who is a little taller than Xixi should be a few years older than Xixi, so it is not wrong to say that she is a young lady.


However, being knocked down by surprise, this young lady’s neat clothes and hair have become a little messy, messy, and even look a little embarrassed, but she still maintains a calm face and does not shout excitedly Call.


“Oops…” She just heard a soft cry, and the young lady who had stood up bent down and squatted down again, holding her right knee and frowning.


“You…Are you injured?” Xixi stood aside and saw the other person frown, and the tears fell, and the look of crying while hugging her knees, she didn’t even know it was there What a grievance, this made the little girl a little helpless.


Lan Xin is full of flesh, and she has a natural “protective shield” when she falls. When she patted her buttocks, she acted like nothing else. Hearing Xixi’s words, she laughed and said, “I’m not injured. !”


“Oh, Xiner, I’m not even asking you!” Xixi cried anxiously.


In the end, the three little girls squatted in a ball at the entrance of the library. Xixi and Lan Xin looked anxiously at the little sister who was crying silently and refused to speak.


Both Xixi and Lan Xin felt guilty, but the other party, like Duan Hulu, didn’t respond, so they didn’t know what to do. The past classmates looked at the three girls suspiciously and regarded them as strange creatures, but no one came to help them when they passed by.


Fortunately, Teacher Lai from the lower grades of the reading class was late.


“Yu Xiaowei? Why are you crying here? These two classmates, are you students in my reading class? What happened?” Teacher Lai asked in surprise.


Xi Xi and Lan Xin stood up excitedly as if they had grabbed a life-saving straw, and talked to Teacher Lai about what happened.


A few minutes later, in Mrs. Lai’s office, Yu Xiaowei was sitting on a chair wiping her tears, silently watching Mrs. Lai rub the potion on her torn knee. Of course, she was crying just now. It was so bad that her nose was still twitching.


“Okay, there’s no big problem, it’s just a broken skin. Xiaowei, after you go back, tell your mother, be careful when you take a bath, it will get better after a while, don’t worry.” Lai The teacher smiled, patted Yu Xiaowei’s head lovingly, and said kindly.


Yu Xiaowei is relatively close to Teacher Lai, she nodded lightly, but she still didn’t speak, she just grabbed her clothes and looked a little uneasy.


At this moment, Xixi, who was standing on the side, noticed the problem with sharp eyes. She pointed at Yu Xiaowei’s clothes and said, “Oh, sister Xiaowei’s clothes are also torn!”


“It may be a small hole, but it’s not a big problem. Teacher will take you to talk to your mother later. She won’t blame you.” Teacher Lai said gently.


Xixi’s big eyes flickered, she suddenly thought of an idea, she saw the little girl stepped forward, pulled up her jacket, pointed to the flower behind her shirt, and said, “I know, Mr. Lai , Sister Xiaowei can ask her Mama to help do this, it will look good when sewn!”


“Wow, have your clothes been torn too? Who patched them? The design is ingenious and amazing!” Teacher Lai said with a smile.


Xixi twisted her little buttocks a little embarrassedly, and smiled: “It’s my teacher! She helped me mend it. My clothes had a wire when I was sweeping the floor, and then they were torn. , I’m like Sister Xiaowei, I’m about to cry…”


The little girl’s story-telling energy has picked up again.


Compared to her, Lan Xin is very weak. In front of the teacher, she doesn’t like to make a sound. She shrinks her head and acts as an invisible person, as if she is afraid that the teacher will blame her for being naughty and bumping into others!


Yu Xiaowei listened to Xixi’s nagging, and her eyes kept falling on the patch of her clothes.


Actually, Yu Xiaowei’s clothes also have patches, as well as her mother’s bottoming clothes. After all, the family’s financial situation is not very It is impossible to buy new clothes when they are broken. Because Xiaowei has been growing up, she often wears new clothes, and her mother and grandmother’s clothes have to be worn for several years.


So, seeing the patch on Xixi’s clothes, Yu Xiaowei felt very kind.


Mr. Lai knew that Yu Xiaowei’s personality was relatively introverted, so she smiled and brought three little girls over and asked them to sit face to face: “Okay, in fact, things are clear now, Yang Xi and Lan Xin A little classmate, it wasn’t intentional, Lan Xin accidentally bumped into you, but she has already apologized, right?”


Yu Xiaowei nodded lightly.


“Then can you forgive us?” Xixi snatched the original teacher Lai’s words, blinked her eyes, and asked in a soft voice.


“You are all very good children, it’s just a trivial matter, it’s not like you don’t meet or know each other. From now on, everyone will be good friends, right?” Teacher Lai said with a smile.


“I’m not angry…” Yu Xiaowei twisted and finally opened her mouth.


Xi Xi and Lan Xin both showed happy smiles, but they were anxious.


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