House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 867: Don’t be alone (1/3)



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“Sister-in-law, you say, can Xiao Guo and the others succeed?”


In the box of a big hotel in the university town, Yang Huan, the “third party”, was in a hurry, restless, excited for a while, and even more nervous than Guo Ziyi.


“I don’t know, hasn’t he been out for a while? Why hasn’t he called?” Murphy was also looking forward to the result of Guo Ziyi’s confession.


“My phone doesn’t move, I’ve watched it several times.” Yang Huan sighed, “Hey, I want to call him or Sister Ding Xiang to ask about the progress.”


“Don’t fight!” Murphy hurriedly shouted, “If you are still confessing, wouldn’t it be a bad thing to fight now?”


“Hehe, I’ll just talk about it! I’m not stupid.” Yang Huan and Murphy winked and laughed mischievously.


Yang Yi turned to look at them, shook his head, ignored it, and continued to help Xixi with her homework.


The little girl came here with her parents after school today. In order not to have to go back and continue her homework, now that she has finished her meal, she races against the clock to do her homework on the dining table!





At night along the Grand Canal, the sound of water is gentle, one after another, then another, as if a low and melodious melody echoed in the calm night.


The night wind in early autumn is cold and there should be no people on the edge of the canal at this time, but today is special, a pair of men and women holding hands are on it, walking slowly.


“Why did you suddenly think of confessing to me today?” Ding Xiang’s somewhat shy voice came over in the darkness.


“Because…because…Sister Ding Xiang, in fact, I have liked you for a long time.” Guo Ziyi said hesitantly.


“I know… I feel it, but I can also feel it. What are you afraid of?” Ding Xiang stopped, and first looked down at Guo Ziyi holding his hand.


This guy secretly held Ding Xiang’s hand while he was singing, and wouldn’t let go after saying anything. Even after singing, he confessed, and while waiting for Ding Xiang’s response, He was playing tricks and didn’t let go.


Afterwards, Ding Xiang looked at Guo Ziyi, under the night, she could not see her eyes clearly, but Guo Ziyi could hear the unhappiness in her voice: “You didn’t tell me the truth, just now… you have already I hesitated.”


Sure enough, a person with high IQ, coupled with the nature of a woman, Ding Xiang was not even stunned by love, and his judgment on things was extremely accurate.


“Well, I’ll be honest, because Mrs. Huan accidentally saw some records of your search engine, and she knew your plan and told me. I also think I should have confessed first. I can’t let you I am wronged, so I will confess first!” Guo Ziyi couldn’t bear the “interrogation”, so he said it directly.


“My plan, what’s my plan?” Ding Xiang’s mind moved, and suddenly he had the answer, “You mean, Huanhuan saw some things I checked and thought I wanted to confess to you, so she ran To force you to confess first?”


This brain… The logical reasoning ability is many times stronger than the famous detective Ke Huan!


“Almost, but she didn’t force me to confess, I did it voluntarily!” Guo Ziyi said anxiously, but his brain was no worse than Ding Xiang’s, and he noticed the loophole in Ding Xiang’s words in a while. When something went wrong, “Wait, you mean, Master Huan, she made a mistake? Don’t you want to confess to me?”


At this moment, Guo Ziyi can’t wait to cover his mouth.


Why bring this up?


She nodded!


Do you still care if she had this intention before?


Is it possible, if Sister Ding Xiang didn’t mean to confess, you still regret rushing to confess?


However, Ding Xiang didn’t have so many twists and turns in her heart. She also looked at Guo Ziyi with some embarrassment, hesitated for a while, and then said hesitantly: “I originally planned to do this, but then I dismissed it. thoughts.”


“Why?” Guo Ziyi still couldn’t help asking.


“What do you think? Why didn’t you dare to confess for so long? That’s why I gave up this plan…” Ding Xiang said quietly.


Sure enough, wise people speak easily.


Guo Ziyi scratched his head and said embarrassedly: “It’s not that I don’t dare, but… I’m worried that I haven’t been able to protect you. I told Brother Yang that I want to work hard to become an actor, have my own identity and Status, at that time, tell the whole world that I love you, and I don’t have to worry about other people’s reactions!”


Ding Xiang was stunned, unable to see her expression in the darkness, but after a while, she turned around, put her hand around Guo Ziyi’s waist, and threw herself into his arms.


Guo Ziyi’s weight loss effect has been remarkable for more than half a year, and the belly on the stomach is no longer in the way!


With Ding Xiang’s hug, Guo Ziyi was surprised and embarrassed again. His hands were frozen in the air, and he didn’t know where to put them for a long time.


“That…that, Sister Ding Xiang, are you cold? Shall I take off my coat and put it on for you?” Guo Ziyi murmured for a long time, then squeezed out such a sentence.


Ding Xiang chuckled, but she didn’t speak, she just shook her head, and the hand holding Guo Ziyi’s waist tightened.


For a while… The two separated as if they were electrocuted. In the dark, they couldn’t see their faces clearly, but they could vaguely see Guo Ziyi’s buttocks pouting slightly.


“This…cough, sister Ding Xiang, I…” Guo Ziyi was embarrassed and didn’t know how to explain.


Ding Xiang coughed twice, pretending to be calm and said, “Let’s sit down and talk! Since we have to decide… to decide that we are together, we must have a plan, otherwise we will not be able to last long.”


“How could it be?” Guo Ziyi said excitedly, as if he had beaten chicken blood, “We will definitely be together forever, and we will grow old together, I will not be empathetic!”


“Hey, don’t get excited! I don’t mean you, I mean, since we are together, we must face difficulties together, have a plan for our future, and work hard together.” Said happily.


Compared with Guo Ziyi, Ding Xiang is more organized.


“Okay!” Guo Ziyi nodded cleanly this time.


The two were crazy. It was autumn and the night was cold. They were still sitting down on the empty dam, with their legs hanging outside, ready to discuss important matters.


Guo Ziyi was a little absent-minded. His hands crawled over like ants, but at the last moment of contact, he hesitated and asked, “Sister Ding Xiang, I… can I hold your hand?”


Ding Xiang is angry and funny, but isn’t this the Guo Ziyi she likes? When you are smart, you can make a good plan for the world, but when you are with yourself, you are stupid and cute…


“Do you still call me Sister Ding Xiang?” Ding Xiang resisted the shyness in his heart and shoved her hand into Guo Ziyi’s. “What is our status now?”


“You are my girlfriend! But I can’t call you my girlfriend, right? Well… I can’t keep calling Sister Ding Xiang, too loud, why don’t I call you Xiang’er?” Guo Ziyi muttered. .


It really is a pot that can’t be lifted without opening it! Ding Xiang wanted to strangle him when he heard half of it!


“Don’t call it Xiang’er, it’s too nasty!” Ding Xiang is not that treasure, she can’t stand it.


“So what? What’s it called?”


Ding Xiang hesitated for a moment and said, “You should call me Ding Xiang, don’t mention the word sister!”


“I understand! Ding Xiang…not my sister, you are my girlfriend!” Guo Ziyi shouted, trying to stretch his arms around Ding Xiang’s shoulders, making her lean against his arms.


“…” Ding Xiang discovered his intention, but hesitated for a while, but did not refuse.


Just holding the shoulders, if we contact more deeply, Ding Xiang may be against it, she is a very conservative Miao girl.


“Tell me about your family… I know, it’s them that you’ve been worried about.” Ding Xiang said softly.


“They…don’t worry about it!” Guo Ziyi was agitated, he was worried that Ding Xiang would back off again, and said quickly, “I will definitely do their ideological work well, and I will work very hard to get better results. Achievements and strive for their recognition!”


Ding Xiang couldn’t take it anymore, she straightened up from Guo Ziyi’s arms, and then angrily stretched out her two hands to pinch Guo Ziyi’s big face from left to right, of course she didn’t exert any force, but she still said seriously: ” Do you take our relationship seriously? Do you really think of me as your girlfriend?”


If it was someone else, and when I heard such a question at this time, I should talk and kiss it directly!


But Guo Ziyi was just a thief but not a thief. Looking at Ding Xiang’s pretty face who was approaching, his mouth was dry, and he didn’t dare to move, arguing: “Of course, I really like you, want to Give you happiness!”


“Happiness is managed by two people together, it is not something that can be exchanged for one party’s hard work!” Ding Xiang changed her pinch to hold. She gently held Guo Ziyi’s face with both hands. In the night, her eyes were clear and clear. Bright and said, “Since we are going to be together, let’s work hard together, and let me help you, don’t support it alone, okay?”


Guo Ziyi was so moved that he just nodded his head hard.



I don’t know how long it took before the lights of the coffee shop came on again.


“Huh? The floor has been mopped.” Murphy looked left and right.


“It’s not upstairs either. Shouldn’t the two of them go to open a room? Are young people so open these days?” Yang Huan shouted.


Yang Yi just locked the car and came in. Hearing their conversation, he quickly covered Xixi’s ears and said angrily: “Yang Huan! What are you talking about? Where did you learn these things? Let me tell you. , if you just met a boy and you go to a room with him, I won’t beat you to death!”


“Hey, that’s what I’m talking about! There are many situations like this in the movies. Westerners are very open! But that doesn’t mean that I am also such a person.” Yang Huan muttered.


Although Yang Huan usually looks a little out of the way, it is undeniable that she is indeed a very traditional girl, and she has never received anyone’s pursuit.


“ Let me tell you, do you know what is the most annoying thing?” Yang Huan avoided Yang Yi, pulled Murphy to the door and muttered, “The most annoying thing is that they don’t know where to go. What a fool, put us aside, and didn’t notify us of the result, causing us to wait for a long time! It’s all my fault for that dead little Guo, who has a new love and forgets the old friends!”





Guo Ziyi, who said he was going to give Ding Xiang a coat, suddenly sneezed.


Ding Xiang, who embraced him and enjoyed the first couple’s alone time, reacted immediately. She immediately entered the rhythm of being an agent for Guo Ziyi, and hurriedly reached out and pulled the zipper of Guo Ziyi’s accidental sleeve, and said reproachfully: “Look, I forgot, we stayed outside for so long!”


“It’s okay, I’ve already finished dragging the ground for you. There’s nothing else going on at the coffee shop.” Guo Ziyi said with some nasality and some reluctance, “I’m very happy with you, no matter whether it is in where!”


“I’m not talking about this, I’m worried that you will catch a cold soon if you are outside!” Ding Xiang said with tears in his eyes, “Let’s go, we should go back too!”


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