House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 866: Ding Xiang girl (three/three)



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On Tuesday night, the other shops outside the north gate of Jiangcheng Media University had already completed their business for a day. The doors were closed. Except for the dim lights on the side of the road, there was only a coffee shop on the corner. There is also a warm and warm light.


However, even at the corner coffee shop, there are no customers lingering at this time, and it is almost closing time.


“Tang Tang, didn’t you say that there is still a homework to catch tonight?” Ding Xiang’s voice sounded in the coffee shop, “If there is nothing else, go back first!”


The sugar cube, who was sneaking a CD into the audio console, was startled. She raised her head and looked around, and found that Ding Xiang, who was cleaning the dust on the bookshelf with a feather duster, did not see her movements. , only secretly relieved.


“Sister Ding Xiang, but I haven’t cleaned up yet!” Fang Tang said.


“It’s alright, you go to work first, I’ll come today!” Ding Xiang turned his head and smiled, “There’s no one who can’t take care of them, anyway, I’m idle when I’m idle.”


Of course, Fang Tang is not really in trouble. She heard Ding Xiang say this, and she felt more and more guilty, and said embarrassedly: “Sister Ding Xiang, I don’t know what to say, your people are really kind!”



Not long after Fang Tang left, Ding Xiang put away the feather duster, went to the bathroom behind to get a mop, and started to work.


Although it is not necessarily dirty if he doesn’t clean for a day, Ding Xiang still inherits Yang Yi’s clean habit, and always puts the hygiene of the coffee shop in the first place, even including sugar cubes. She also arranged for a few part-time waiters who had only been here for half a year to take turns cleaning.


After dragging for a while, Ding Xiang went to the back to change the water, but when she came out of the toilet, rolling up her sleeves and trouser legs, and carrying the mop, she couldn’t help being stunned.


How did the lights in the coffee shop change?


In the past, she turned on a normal incandescent light in order to find the dirt on the floor, but why is it now a dim chandelier? It was a chandelier to create a romantic atmosphere for the guests. At this moment, the coffee shop was also decorated into a flickering forest of lights.


“Who? Who’s there?” Ding Xiang was startled, she clutched the mop tightly with both hands, and asked nervously.


Although most of the university towns are students and teachers, it is not a utopian paradise! Because some people with bad intentions know that college students are easy to bully, they will also come here, and cases of petty theft and even robbery also occur from time to time!


Ding Xiang remembered that two years ago, the school found a dagger in the grass in front of the main entrance. During that month, the students in the whole school were like birds of a feather, and they stayed in the dormitory at night and did not dare to go out.


Fortunately, after she asked the question, Guo Ziyi’s embarrassed voice came from the bar after a while: “Sister Ding Xiang, it’s me…”


“Xiao Guo?” Ding Xiang was worried, grabbed the mop and walked over. Seeing Guo Ziyi scratching his head and standing in the bar with an embarrassed face, she asked suspiciously, “What are you doing?”


At this time, I ran to the bar of the coffee shop, wouldn’t it be to steal money? But Ding Xiang knew that Guo Ziyi was not short of money!


Guo Ziyi pointed to the audio console next to him, and said dejectedly, “I’m working on this, but I can’t find the play button…”


Yes, he was playing with it for a long time just now, but couldn’t make a sound. Of course, it was also because the light was too dim that the small characters on it could not be seen clearly.


Ding Xiang frowned and walked over: “What are you doing here in the middle of the night playing with the stereo? Besides, you turned off the lights and didn’t tell me.”


“I…I want to sing you a song.” Guo Ziyi said hesitantly, “But I didn’t learn the accompaniment, so I recorded an accompaniment tape… Fang Tang helped me put it in, but I Wrong key.”


Ding Xiang approached, and saw the small bunch of roses that Guo Ziyi had placed in the bar at a glance. Suddenly, she understood, her face turned red all of a sudden, and the blame for Guo Ziyi just now disappeared. All that’s left is inexplicable tension.


“Ah…singing…don’t you need to sing? I…I…” Ding Xiang just heard what Murphy said about those scenes, and when it was her turn to deal with it, she also panicked and didn’t know her hands and feet. Where to put it, he said indifferently.


Little deer rambling, this word is perfect to describe Ding Xiang’s mood at the moment!


Guo Ziyi was dumbfounded. He scratched his head and asked hesitantly, “Ah? You don’t need to sing? What about that?”


“…” Ding Xiang didn’t know how to answer. She was still confused, so she blushed and didn’t dare to look at Guo Ziyi’s eyes.


Guo Ziyi was in a hurry with the ants on the hot pan, turning around.


Finally, Ding Xiang walked over, stretched out his hand on the audio console, and pressed a button.


The accompaniment music finally sounded. It was just a brisk electronic prelude at the beginning, and soon, it entered the accompaniment of the guitar.


“This, can you step back?” Guo Ziyi wanted to find a crack on the ground to get in, “I didn’t react, it’s a bit too much…”


Ding Xiang had to press a few buttons again, getting a little closer to Guo Ziyi. She felt that her face was so hot that it even burned to her ears.


She’s never felt this way before!


In the silence of the two, the music accompaniment played again. This time, Guo Ziyi was ready, he calmed himself down, and when the electronic music stopped, he stepped on the guitar accompaniment and began to sing. (Note 1, please be sure to read it first)


“In the rain, in the night, in this alley…”


Without taking the microphone, Guo Ziyi gently hummed beside Ding Xiang, his voice seemed to become gentle, never so gentle.


Ding Xiang was at a loss. She didn’t know if she should quit the bar. The two of them were crowded in the small bar, so close that she could feel Guo Ziyi’s breath not far from her ear.


“Meet your beautiful girl Ding Xiang/Your eyes are so soft and bright…”


This lyric is very straightforward. When Guo Ziyi sang, his voice trembled. And Ding Xiang couldn’t help but tremble slightly…


At this moment, she still can’t be sure of Guo Ziyi’s intentions?


But her head was already in a state of shutdown, so she could only bow her head shyly, looking at her toes, confused.


Guo Ziyi sang softly. Affected by just now, he didn’t sing very well at first, but this kind of song sings with deep feelings, deep feelings, and natural and beautiful.


“Your sighs make me stop thinking, your footsteps make me lose my direction, dear girl, the night is still long, please let me accompany you until dawn…”


Guo Ziyi could see Ding Xiang’s shy expression, which further aroused his restless heart. He was also influenced by the deep affection contained in the lyrics. Finally, he couldn’t help but summoned up the courage to reach out and pull Ding Xiang’s hand.


When Ding Xiang’s hand was grabbed by Guo Ziyi, she subconsciously wanted to retract it, but she just shook and didn’t move in the end.


The girl’s heart is also a little blurry at the She feels that she should not pull out her hand… No, she is still struggling in her heart, but in such a singing, she still did not mention pulling it out idea.


It’s a bit of a panic…


“Miss Ding Xiang has a lot to tell you, and Miss Ding Xiang has a song she wants to sing to you. This world has brought me too much confusion. I think you can give me hope…”


Guo Ziyi took Ding Xiang’s hand, and his mood suddenly became bright and happy, and even his humming voice contained a touch of sweetness.


The lyrics of this song are not complicated. After simply repeating it several times, Guo Ziyi finally sang it slowly with his most affectionate voice:


“…Miss Ding Xiang has a lot to say to you, Miss Ding Xiang has a song she wants to sing to you, no matter where you go to the ends of the earth, I am willing to accompany you to the end of the world…”


The singing is over, and the accompaniment has not been heard. It seems that after waiting for a while, Guo Ziyi’s voice sounded again when everything became quiet.


“Sister Ding Xiang, I like you!”


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