House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 850: Reactions from all parties (2/3)



Not everyone knows the relationship between Yang Yi and Sahara Online Mall, as well as his relationship with the Houlang Technology Company behind Weibo and the Pippi Shrimp animation production company in which he has a stake. The equity distribution behind these technology companies is strictly controlled. Confidentiality!


In addition, Yang Yi is a hands-off shopkeeper. Even in those companies, except for the top management, few employees know about Yang Yi’s existence.


So when most people saw Qian Dan’s news, their reaction would not be as scornful as Lanzhou Kai, but they would be surprised!


Qian Dan’s reports are well-founded, and readers can relate to their own memories – Yang Yi did sell these copyrights, invested in these movies, and created these two programs, so they Basically, I will agree with Qian Dan’s judgment – Yang Yi has a net worth of almost 600 million.


Even a “mere” 600 million is enough to make many people drop their glasses.


How amazing is this, in two or three years, from a poor boy living in a shanty town to a billionaire with a net worth of 600 million!


Don’t be too inspiring with this story!


Followers of Yang Yi’s micro-broadcast are already boiling, leaving messages and comments asking if Yang Yi really made so much money.


Of course, Yang Yi won’t respond to these comments, but even if he doesn’t respond, fans will know that Yang Yi is amazing, and their admiration for him is increasing day by day.


“As expected of the idol I like, seeing your deeds, I feel full of positive energy in my heart, I feel that as long as I work as hard as you, I can get a promotion, raise my salary and make a lot of money, and one day I can marry Bai Fumei !”


“Relying on his own head to make money, even though Yang Da’s qualifications are shallow, compared with others, he is definitely the one who earns the most from copyright!”


“I am like Yang Yi now, I don’t have much savings, I work hard in a big city, and live in a shanty town… But I have a dream to follow Yang Yi, believe in myself, one day, I can also earn Six hundred million!”


Of course, there are also very skinny guys who call their father-in-law there every day, and they also keep pace with the times and make comments in different ways: “Kneeling to my father-in-law, you don’t have to work so hard to earn money to buy a dowry for my daughter-in-law? If I don’t take it, I despise you, if I take it, how embarrassing would it be?”


Generally, such Pipi shrimp would be beaten to death.



Qian Dan’s report on Yang Yi is still an inspirational chicken soup for many people who want to embark on the creative truth!


Yu Ying also saw this report in Wuhu District of Jiangcheng.


Many women may envy Murphy’s good fortune, starting from a stubborn rock and digging a diamond mine with unlimited future. But what Yu Ying pays attention to is only the story of Yang Yi’s journey to the peak of his life as written in the report.


“Yang Yi’s success is like a fairy tale, and everything started from that midsummer three years ago, when Jiangcheng was full of flowers, pink and willows were green, and “Soldier Assault” quietly appeared on It also opened the prelude to this legend…”


Yu Ying likes Qian Dan’s description very much. The simple words are magnificent, and it makes people feel emotional.


“He also started writing books!” Yu Ying thought to herself.


Although she knows more about Yang Yi, for example, Yang Yi is actually the owner of Sahara Publishing House, and she also knows a lot about Yang Yi’s deeds when he started from scratch. But every time I watch it, Yu Ying can’t help but be inspired.


“Can you be as successful as him?” Yu Ying murmured softly, rubbing her hand over the manuscript she had already finished but was just finishing up.


She may be asking about the manuscript, or she may be asking herself.


But it doesn’t matter, what matters is that Yu Ying is eager to see her success.


“If I succeed, it will prove that I can take good care of Xiaowei by myself. Who dares to laugh at me as a single mother?” Yu Ying’s heart ignited an inexplicable flame, “Women are independent, What’s the use of a man?”


Of course, Yu Ying is a woman after all, and after a while, her thinking becomes emotional again: “If this book can be published… When I get the first month’s money, I will quit my job, concentrate on writing at home, and make time for it. More time to accompany Xiaowei.”


“Writing while working… I’m so tired…”



“Honey, how true do you think this report is? He can earn hundreds of millions just by writing a few books and songs?” Wearing silk pajamas on a big bed in a luxury villa on the outskirts of the city Li Manman pushed the man beside him who was closing his eyes and asked in a coquettish voice.


This man who looks to be in his fifties is obviously not as energetic as before. Li Manman is so bored that he plays with his mobile phone after the incident. It happened that she also saw the news report about Yang Yi, so she couldn’t help crying out. Voice.


The man took the glasses from the bedside and put them on. He squinted and studied the report on the phone for a while. He moved slowly, took off the glasses, then snorted softly and said, “What? Look at him. There are several hundred million, young and handsome, want to empathize and leave love?”


Li Manman’s body trembled, and hurriedly smiled and said: “Where? You don’t know, I hate him so much that I can’t see him, okay? Someday he goes bankrupt, I see news like this , I’m really happy!”


“My dear, I only love you one! Although you don’t only love me…” Li Manman lingered with each other for a while before he said quietly.


The man obviously didn’t want to talk too much about the topic that Li Manman brought up. He raised his chin and gestured to Li Manman’s cell phone: “There is basically nothing wrong with what the report said. This surnamed Yang is somewhat level. . Xu Zhongwei of the global film industry also suffered losses from him, but in the end he was unable to do anything about it.”


“Old Jin, you say, how did he earn so much? I also know a few creative artists. Although they have a little money, they can’t make as much money as him?” With a circle drawn on his chest, he said.


Jin Yuanhe, the owner of the Chuhan brokerage company where Li Manman Of course, Jin Yuanhe’s main business is real estate, and the Chuhan brokerage company is just a cage he bought to keep the canary Li Manman.


“In this world, creators can earn more money than you poor working stars. Of course, they are not as popular as your stars.” Jin Yuanhe patted Li Manman’s red face and hummed, “Of course, like Yang Yi, Several of the novels he wrote are very popular, and the films he made are also very successful. There are not many creators. In addition, if you can make those two shows, you can also be worth hundreds of millions.”


“What can I do?” Li Manman smiled charmingly. She knew a man’s psychology and deliberately showed weakness, “I can only follow you, a capable and… capable man, and drink soup.”


Jin Yuanhe smiled with satisfaction: “It’s good if you know!”


“But you have to give me an idea. He has provoked me again recently. I want to make him uncomfortable!” Li Manman said coquettishly. …


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