House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 849: Look, the news of your Yang Yi (1/3)



“Brother Yang, what hobby courses did you choose for Xixi?” On Sunday morning, Lanzhou Kai brought Wu Jingjing and Lan Xin to the ‘door’. . For more latest chapters visit: ШЩЩ.⑦⑨XS.сОМ.


Boss Lan just came back from Jinling City last night. He was very busy, but he couldn’t sleep late, because Lan Xin woke up early and was noisy early in the morning, and the whole villa could not be peaceful.


Lan Xin said that she wanted to go to Xixi’s house to play, just in time, Lanzhou Kai was also going to discuss with Yang Yi about the design bidding of the playground.


This time he went to Jinling, because under the premise of the opening up of national policies, officials in Wucheng County and Jinling City were still very enthusiastic towards him, and the efficiency was much higher than before. It is estimated that they bought Training Island is only a matter of time.


And Yang Yi also said that after preparing to take the training island, the construction of the first park of the playground will begin immediately! But building a house requires design, not to mention that this is a more complex playground design, involving billions or even tens of billions of capital investment. Lanzhou Kai takes a cautious attitude towards this.


No ordinary design team will do. Whether it is a domestic design team or a foreign design team, their qualifications must be world-class!


Of course, how to choose the design team, what the standards are, and how much the budget is, these issues need to be discussed in the long run, and they need to be discussed with Yang Yi slowly. Lanzhou Kai is not in a hurry.


So the main purpose of his visit to Yang Yi’s house today is to see what courses of interest Yang Yi has chosen for Xixi! Last night, Wu Jingjing showed him the list of interest courses offered by Huijia Elementary School, and his head was big.


“Choose what Xixi wants to choose!” Yang Yi looked back at Xixi who was playing with Lan Xin, smiled and said, “However, I told her that although I She does not interfere with her choice, but she is responsible for her own choice, and the courses she chooses will be studied hard this semester.”


After hearing Yang Yi’s approach, Lanzhou Kai revealed a wry smile: “That’s Xixi, do you know what our Xiner said? Her mother asked her, Xiner, what do you want to choose? class? She said, can I not choose? The class is so tiring…”


If Lanzhou Kai didn’t choose Lan Xin, Lan Xin might be too lazy to go to class.


However, Lanzhou Kai’s remarks made Murphy very happy. She smiled: “I thought Xiner would ask if there is any class with delicious food?”


“Hey, don’t talk about her. Murphy, what class did Xixi choose? We also want to refer to it.” Wu Jingjing smiled.


“She prefers dancing, so she chose a class that teaches dancing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And Xixi likes to draw, this class is on Thursday, and she also chooses a reading class on Friday. Yes, she said she likes to read…” Murphy said, clasping her fingers.


Actually, Xixi had a little misunderstanding about the reading class. The school arranged this interest course, not for the teacher to take them to read the villain book.


There are introductions in the list of interest courses. In the reading class, teachers will guide the children to read prose or famous masterpieces with profound thoughts. Of course, children of different ages have different levels of difficulty. But even in a first-grade reading class, it was just piles of text, with almost no ‘illustration’ pictures.


However, Yang Yi didn’t tell Xixi in detail, he felt that Xixi could try a new challenge.


“And Chen Shiyun told Xixi that she took a shuttlecock kicking class, so Xixi also chose one, and the two of them took this class on Monday afternoon,” Murphy said.


“Dancing and kicking shuttlecock, Xiner definitely doesn’t like it.” Wu Jingjing shook his head, “But I think I can sign her up for a reading class.”


Murphy said with a smile, “You can choose a vocal class for Xiner. Xiner has a good voice and she is a good singer.”


Before Murphy finished speaking, Lan Xin’s loud screams and laughter could be heard next to her.


It’s not that she encountered any danger, she is having a good time with Xixi and Xiaojiao! In the “castle”, the two little girls imitated Xiaojiao, crawling around obstacles such as pillows and dolls, and Xiaojiao was crawling up and down, chasing Lan who came to play with her. Sister Xin.


I saw the little guy grinning and giggling, and he was having a lot of fun.


I have to say that Xiaojiao is very athletic. Although he can’t walk yet, he can crawl very fast now. He knows how to twist his little **** and use his knees to increase his forward speed!


Lan Xin was almost caught by Xiao Jiao just now!


“Brother, don’t keep chasing Sister Xiner! And me too!” Xixi turned her head and saw that she had been left out, so she cried.


The adults looked away from the child. Wu Jingjing nodded to Murphy and said with a smile, “Learn to sing, you can do this!”



I don’t know how long they talked, Murphy went to the toilet, and Yang Yi also brought out a plate of cut fruit from the kitchen and asked Lan Xin and Xixi to come and eat.


Wu Jingjing played with her phone in a bored way.


As soon as Murphy came back, she heard Wu Jingjing chuckle and she asked curiously, “What’s so funny?”


“Look at this news, it belongs to your family Yang Yi.” Wu Jingjing took the phone and smiled, “They only know now that Yang Yi is a billionaire!”


That’s right, Wu Jingjing read the report “The poor boy back then is now a billionaire, Murphy won’t lose by marrying him”, written by a small writer named Qian Dan from “Urban Entertainment”.


The title of this report is very intimidating, so the microbroadcast of Urban Entertainment Records was just published today, and it was contacted and reprinted by many “gateway” websites!


“Show me too!” Hearing what Wu Jingjing said, Lanzhou Kai was interested, took out his mobile phone, let Wu Jingjing find it, and he also looked over it.


In this report, Qian Dan starts with this year’s most popular “Extreme Challenge” and “The Voice of China” to attract people’s attention, exposing the fact that these two programs are not only designed by Yang Yi, but also Produced by Zhongxing Production, which is wholly owned by Yang Yi.


Through Zhongxing Productions, Yang Yi earned the biggest part of the profits after the two shows became popular, but no one may know that when Yang Yi and Xingyao Productions acquired Zhongxing Productions, they ‘spent’ nearly one The original production team and other assets of Zhongxing Production were obtained only after spending 100 million yuan.


“With a working capital of 100 million yuan, and even 30 million yuan to be invested in the “Children’s Book Author Support Fund” to support the development of children’s literature, Yang Yi is no longer the one who was considered and Murphy is an unsuitable ordinary person, let alone the poor boy living in a shantytown that some reports excavated.”


I have to say that Qian Dan really put a lot of effort into this report. He counted the books, movies, songs and songs that Yang Yi has published in recent years. copyright.


Combining some media reports, Qian Dan roughly calculated Yang Yi’s current net worth: “At least as high as 600 million, of course, there may be more! Because Zhongxing Productions is now too popular, if Yang Yi is willing to sell it They are worth at least 300 million or 400 million yuan, of course, Yang Yi should not be stupid enough to sell these two hens that lay golden eggs.”


After reading the whole report Murphy was very calm, but Lanzhou Kai glanced at the “six hundred million” calculated by Qian Dian, and laughed, somewhat mocking “trick”.


“Why are you laughing so much?” Wu Jingjing asked in confusion.


Lanzhou Kai waved his hand and said with a smile: “What I’m laughing at is that this reporter is a bit self-righteous, he thinks he has exposed what a great news, but in fact, he is not even a fraction of Brother Yang’s net worth. Brother Yang, he spent more than 600 million dollars on that piece of land in Jinling City!”


Wu Jingjing suddenly realized and smiled: “I see. If you count the shares of Sahara Online Mall, Yang Yi’s net worth may scare them to death.”


“That is, if Brother Yang reveals his family background, he will definitely kill the young leaders who are usually boasted in the reports!” Lanzhou Kai said with a thumbs up.


“You two, don’t bury me. No matter how much money I have, I can’t compare to Big Brother Lan’s. Besides, people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong, so let’s keep a low profile and live a good life!” Yang Yi smiled slightly ,


“I also think that more money and less money are the same.” Murphy said in a tone to Yang Yi.


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