House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 842: How much money did Yang Yi earn (three/three)



Yang Yi’s “daughter” doesn’t just have to educate her endlessly. After her education, she still has to coax her!


“I don’t want to sit here. -79 Novel Network-” I saw Xixi, who had promised to do her homework obediently, stood aside, pointed to the coffee table, and said with a small mouth, “The teacher said, we have to straighten our heads, The shoulders should be straight, the body should be sitting upright, the back should be ‘straight’…”


Hey, he also memorized the teacher’s words, as if he was blaming his father.


Obviously, although Xixi accepted what her father said, she just figured out the big truth, and she was still reluctant to do homework, and there was a small resentment in her heart. Now, she needs to vent it .


“Okay, okay, Dad will change the desk for you immediately. Upstairs in your bedroom, there is also a desk and chair that Dad bought for you to do your homework, a very standard desk and chair for homework!” Yang Yi He said with a smile, and after he finished speaking, he swayed up and moved the table and chairs down for Xixi.


“Okay? I think this desk is ‘very’ good.” Yang Yi pulled out the small chair, sat down with a gentlemanly welcome gesture, and said to Xixi with a smile.


Xixi’s small resentment came inexplicably and dissipated inexplicably. At this moment, she couldn’t help giggling when she looked at her father bending over to invite her. Those eyes that were crooked like a crescent of smiles conveyed to her father that she had no grudge at the moment.



On Wednesday afternoon, Xixi saw her dad again after finishing a new day of classes.


Yang Yi pretended to be calm and took Xixi and Lan Xin back to the car. When he sat in the driver’s seat, his voice suddenly became very tempting: “Xixi, Look, what is this?”


Both Xixi and Lan Xin looked forward. Immediately, Xixi’s ‘excited’ cry rang out in the carriage: “Wow, wow! Baba, basketball, basketball!”


“Dad didn’t break his promise!” Yang Yi said with a smile, “Dad bought you a basketball!”


“Hmmmm!” The little girl couldn’t help but twist happily in her baby seat. She can’t wait to break free from the seat belt and run to the front to hold the ball. exclaimed, “Baba is super good!”


“It’s not just basketball!” Yang Yi dragged out a large bag from the passenger seat, flipped it inside, and showed it to Xixi while smiling, “There are also table tennis rackets, table tennis balls, feather ‘hair’ Rackets and feather balls, Dad guessed that you might be able to use them later, and bought footballs and volleyballs…”


Yang Yi made a rare trip to a sports store, and almost didn’t bring everyone’s store back.


“Hee hee, my Baba is the best!” Xixi nodded contentedly, and her compliment to her father was upgraded.


After all, super is not as good as the most…


“I want to shoot basketball with Xiner.” Xixi said to her father happily.


“I don’t want to shoot basketball, just play, it’s too tiring to shoot basketball!” Lan Xin said with no interest, shaking her head.


“But, but I’m in a group with you!” Xixi said in distress.


Xixi plays basketball, not because she likes it, but because she enjoys the comfortable feeling of exercising outdoors, and because she can laugh and make trouble with other children, this little game becomes interesting.


How boring it would be to play alone!


“But I don’t want to play!” Lan Xin maintained her last stubbornness, pouting and shaking her head.


Xixi was a little disappointed. She also wanted to invite Lan Xin to play with her after she had basketball.


Yang Yi did not disappoint Xixi. After returning home, he took the basketball to the yard and played basketball with her while the sky was still bright.


“Today we can eat a little later, exercise a little bit, and then do homework and cooking, okay?” Yang Yi smiled and hit the basketball gently on the ground at a speed that was not too ‘violent’ Pass it on to Xixi.


The little girl is very smart. She didn’t take it hard. She was afraid that her delicate little nose would be hit by the ball again.


Xixi awkwardly hugged the basketball, which was bigger than her head, and then she had time to answer. She also shouted mischievously: “Baba, I want to cook, and then, then, can you help me with my homework? Good? Hee hee!”


“You still cook? I don’t believe it!” Yang Yi shook his head in disdain.


Xixi thought her father believed it to be true, the little girl stuck out her tongue embarrassedly while chasing the basketball she shot and flew to her father’s side: “Hee hee, Baba, I’m joking! I don’t know how to cook!”


The fun of shooting a basketball is better than not uploading a catch! Shooting basketball is a solo play of one person, and passing and receiving the ball is the interaction between two people.


Xixi soon became immersed in the game of passing and catching the ball with her father. She did not have the ability to control the basketball with one hand of her father. Every time the little girl threw the basketball, she had to hold it high She was born with divine power, and if she wanted to throw it to her father, she had to use all her strength.


“Yeah!” After half an hour, the little girl threw the basketball out of her hand again, her face was flushed red, her forehead was sweaty, and her small mouth was still panting.


But she was having a good time and didn’t seem to want to stop at all.


The steamed buns don’t want to stop either. This guy may have heard the movement. He didn’t know when he ran out of the house and participated in the game between the big master and the little master!


It can’t bite such a big basketball, but Baozi is not discouraged at all. It chooses to catch up with the basketball quickly, and even goes around the front of the basketball and pushes the ball back with its head.


Generally, only when Xixi is thrown crooked can it have room to play. The big master throws it well, and the buns won’t go to grab the little ones. Most of the time, it just flies around happily. basketball jumping around.


But even so, the little guy was having fun growing up so big (a year and a half) and playing ball for the first time!


“Baozi, hurry up, Baozi, hello ‘fantastic’!” It likes the joyful cry and praise of the little master after chasing the ball back by himself. This is one of the few expressions that Baozi can understand. .



After Yang Yi told the media about the original intention of his “Hua Yi Brothers” company, the media’s evaluation of Yang Yi was inconsistent.


Some media even praised Yang Yi, saying that he is the most conscientious and good boss in the entertainment industry!


There are also skeptics! Many media are questioning the credibility of Yang Yi and Qianli Chuanshu’s remarks, because according to Qianli Chuanshu, Huayi Brothers still has a ‘draw’ for them, but this ratio is not listed. A specific number, who knows if you are acting?


More, the critical voice!


Yang Yi’s statement reflects, to a certain extent, the fact that most brokerage companies in the entertainment industry have unreasonable terms in their contracts for newcomers!


Although Yang Yi only showed his attitude towards friends, this undoubtedly touched the interests of other brokerage companies. Their relationship with the media was inextricably linked. Naturally, many media were willing to jump out and criticize Yang Yi for them.


Some people say that Yang Yi’s ideas are too naive, and that a company without a strict order cannot last long!


Some people say that Yang Yi underestimates the complexity of people’s ‘sex’, but Yang Huan can say that now the entire entertainment industry knows that Guo Ziyi and Qianli Chuanshu have no restrictions on their contracts with their brokerage companies. The company poached!


Some people also say that Yang Yi is just creating his perfect person to be the most caring husband, the brother who can take care of his sister the best, and the boss who is the best to his brother. The entertainment industry is very complicated, it has many entanglements of interests, it is useless to shout slogans, and it is useless to run a company by benevolence and righteousness. The Hua Yi brothers will definitely not develop, and Yang Yi’s perfect character will collapse sooner or later!


The criticism of Yang Yi by the media can be described as mean, but although it seems that the entertainment industry is about to set off a war, Yang Yi disappeared, and he did not respond to other people’s doubts and criticisms of him at all.


Because he doesn’t care!


Telling about the situation of the Hua Yi brothers, Yang Yi had a hunch about these counterattacking public opinions, and Mo Xiaojuan also warned him, but he just didn’t care, so he said it frankly come out.


In the overwhelming denunciation of ‘waves’ and ‘waves’, the protagonist seems to stay out of the way, which makes some media with a vicious attitude, as if a basin of cold water has been poured on their faces, and their enthusiasm cannot be ignited. !


On this day, in the magic capital, an emerging Internet media studio called “Urban Entertainment”. A young man biting the pen suddenly brightened his eyes and ran to the editor-in-chief’s office excitedly: “Editor-in-chief, I know what news I write about Yang Yi, which can attract the attention of others the most!”


“Salted egg, what did you say?” The editor-in-chief pushed his glasses.


Qian Dan clenched his fists and said excitedly: “We can write about Yang Yi’s current net worth! Didn’t he say that he doesn’t need Hua Yi brothers to make money for him? This shows that he must be very rich~IndoMTL. com~ But exactly how much money, no one knows now. Previous reports gave people the impression that Yang Yi was always a poor boy who married a rich singer? In just a few years, he It must be very inspiring to talk about the fact that he has become the boss of a brokerage company from poverty to poverty, and people are eager to know how rich he is now!”


“You’re right, this is a very selling news!” The editor-in-chief also felt that Qian Dan’s idea was good, he patted the table and stood up excitedly.


“Hehe!” Qian Dan stood there and laughed smugly. He came up with this idea on a whim, but it was really explosive. Now that the editor-in-chief has approved him, how can he be unhappy?


Think about it, it seems like a promotion and salary increase, becoming a general manager, becoming a CEO, and marrying Bai Fumei, it seems that it is not far away!


“However, Qian Dan, you have to take a good look at how much money he has earned over the past few years.” The editor-in-chief did not disappoint Qian Dan, he patted Qian Dan on the shoulder and encouraged, “This report If you do it well, you should see a lot of people! At that time, our company’s bonus will be indispensable to you!”


Qian Dan nodded and said proudly: “Don’t worry, editor-in-chief, give it to me!”


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