House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 841: Xixi’s little tangle (2/3)



“Basketball is fun!”


“It’s not fun to shoot basketball!”


In the car on the way home in the evening, Xixi and Lan Xin had a debate on this issue. Obviously, no one could convince the other. -79 Novel Network – Xixi is keen on sports, but Lan Xin is afraid of these exhausting sports activities. The two little girls are chatting to each other, as if they are about to quarrel.


“Wait a minute, did you learn to play basketball in physical education class today? You guys are amazing! You are only in the first grade of elementary school, and you started to learn to play basketball. Lai Xixi, Xiner, tell me, you all played basketball today. How many basketballs did you score?” Yang Yi had to intervene, changing the subject with a smile.


“There is only one basketball! I play with Xiner.” Xixi didn’t understand what her father asked, she said innocently, “But Mr. Lu has a lot of basketballs!”


At this moment, Lan Xin also echoed: “Yes, there are so many basketballs, Teacher Lu has so many, I can’t even count them.” The little girl also opened her hands and gestured.


Yang Yi knew that they all misunderstood, but it didn’t matter, he said with a smile: “Aren’t you two playing a basketball? There are 60 children in your class, halving it, that is, dividing by two, is 30 children. Basketball, count how many are left on the ground, and if the teacher has any basketballs, add them all up and you will get the number of basketballs!”


I don’t know if Xixi and the others can understand it. Yang Yi just wanted to teach them some computational thinking. However, seeing the two little girls blinking in the back, thinking in distress, Yang Yi guessed that they haven’t been able to. comprehend.


Xixi was still trying to figure it out, but Lan Xin adhered to the principle of not thinking about what I didn’t understand, and quickly put it behind her, and then said proudly: “Uncle Yang, I’m with you. Say it! When we were shooting basketball, I asked Xixi to help me play! Because I was very tired!”


“Hmm, Xiner doesn’t like to play.” Xixi nodded.


“Why don’t you like to play, Xiner?” Yang Yi asked, “Exercising more is good for the body!”


“Because I’m tired, I don’t want to play anymore.” Lan Xin pouted and said, “The teacher didn’t let me rest, I’m still tired now!”


“Baba, I’m not tired at all. When I was hitting the ball, the teacher praised me.” Xixi said to her father enthusiastically, just like inviting credit.


It seems that the little girl wants to help her little friend share the firepower. In fact, she just has a lot of stories saved for a day, and she wants to tell her father, so she can’t help but grab the topic.


“Really? How did the teacher praise you?” Yang Yi asked with a smile.


“Mr. Lu said I’m very good, and I’m the best at batting among ‘girl’ children!” Xixi said cheerfully, but her tone suddenly became regretful, “But it’s not a boy, because Chen Yuxuan It’s even better!”


Yang Yi understands what Xixi means. She means that she is no better than boys, but the most powerful among ‘girls’.


“That’s great too. After all, it’s your first day to learn this.” Yang Yi comforted.


“Baba, at the very beginning, when I started shooting basketball, I would hit my nose, and the basketball would fly, boom, and my nose was hit. Hee hee…” The little girl still described vividly, she was young Just like a little ‘chicken’ pecking at rice, her head suddenly clicked, and she even made a slamming sound.


“I’ve been bumped three times!” Lan Xin shouted, as if the bump was more rewarding.


“I only got one time, and I didn’t get hit again,” Xixi said.


Yang Yi asked with concern, “Does your nose still hurt? And Xiner, did you bleed after being hit so many times?”


Xixi in the rearview mirror still has red lips and white teeth. She has no problem with Qiaoshengsheng, she just shook her head and smiled sweetly: “It doesn’t hurt anymore, hee hee, baba , it’s been a long time!”


Lan Xin waved her hand carelessly: “I don’t feel pain, but I don’t like to play, I’ll play for Xixi!”



After returning home, Xixi was still a little unfinished. She wanted to play basketball and show her parents.


“Do your homework first, and dad will buy you a basketball tomorrow.” Yang Yi rubbed the little girl’s head and smiled, “I don’t have any at home now.”


“Baba, can you take me to buy it, I think I want it now.” When Xixi heard that she had to do her homework, she was a little unhappy, she took her father’s arm and acted coquettishly.


“You’re not doing your homework?” Murphy asked.


The little girl pouted and didn’t answer, but the expression already explained her inner thoughts.


“Dad has received homework text messages from the teacher, not many, only math and Chinese have homework, and English is not available today. Now you start doing homework, and you can finish it before eating, in the blink of an eye.” Yang Yi Shaking her daughter’s delicate little nose amusingly, she said, “If you finish it before dinner, you can play all night and watch TV, right?”


“But if you don’t finish your homework, you won’t be able to watch “Big Head Fish and Small Head Shrimp” later, you have to finish your homework first.” Murphy said seriously.


“I want to watch TV, but don’t want to do my homework.” Xixi rolled over her slippers glumly.


To do homework every day, Yang Yi actually knew that Xixi would be impatient, but he didn’t expect her to realize the conflict between homework and play after returning home.


“None of us want to do homework, but we have to do it, because you also want your teacher’s praise, and you want your father to be happy for you, right?” Yang Yi pulled Xixi onto the sofa, and the two of them Sit side by side and chat.


Xixi nodded her head slightly, but was still a little sad.


“Since these are necessary, but we don’t like them very much, what should we do?” Yang Yi said.


Xixi raised her little head and looked at her father in a ‘daze’ way with her big eyes. Yeah, what to do?


“At this time, we should try our best to choose a time that does not conflict with our other things to complete it! For example, during the period before dinner, you usually have nothing to do, and the TV also has to wait for after dinner and we take a walk. We have to see it when we come back, at this time, after finishing our homework, can’t we play as much as we like in the rest of the time?” Yang Yi said.


Xixi felt that what her father said made sense. Although she was still a little reluctant, she nodded her head.


“ When doing homework, there are many ways to save effort and speed up. As long as you are willing to use your brain, as long as you are focused enough when doing homework, you can complete the homework faster. You can play faster.” Yang Yi said, “You don’t have to worry about this, Dad will slowly explore with you, Dad will work hard with you, and try to finish it in the shortest time, okay?”


Xixi sounds like it’s easier to accept, and her father will help her, which is very important. Her originally depressed expression has now become a little happy.


“Then, Baba, you have to help me!” The little girl looked at her father with flickering eyes and said expectantly.


“Well, of course Dad will help you, because smart people not only work hard, but also face difficulties flexibly! Dad hopes you are also very smart!” Yang Yi pressed Xixi’s shoulder, Say it in an encouraging tone.


“I’m a smart kid!” Xixi tilted her head and screamed, as if she was declaring something. The little girl’s positive attitude is back!


Yang Yi laughed, this is what he wanted to see. No matter what the grades were, he hoped that Xixi would study with the fullest state and enthusiasm as before. “


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