House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 836: Find a solution for yourself (3/3)



Because of some “wonderful” misunderstandings, Xixi gave up her habit of going to her father whenever she encountered a problem, and decided to figure out how to cut the paper herself. , Visit the latest chapter: ШШШ.79xs.СоМ.


I saw the little girl sitting at the table, frowning at the paper that she ‘broken’ just now. Her drooping eyebrows, this pitiful little appearance, made people feel particularly distressed.


She tried again, but it didn’t work, and the paper was still torn.


The resulting cards are not good looking! Xixi pushed the ‘broken’ part to the other side of the coffee table.


“How did Baba do it?” Xixi tilted her head, trying to recall.


At this time, the little girl’s extraordinary memory came into play. She remembered that when her father used to do handwork with her, they always folded the paper first.


“Baba, why are you doing this?”


“Because after folding like this, we can press a mark here, and when it is torn apart, the paper will be split according to this mark, and it will be neat.”


Xixi’s mind also replayed her father’s conversation with her at the beginning.


Actually, Xixi just asked casually at the beginning and watched her father make things. If she didn’t say a few words, it would be too boring. But Dad answered her question patiently, and I didn’t expect that this answer would come in handy after so long!


The little girl who found a way showed a happy smile on her face. She excitedly went to origami. In order to compact the crease, she also pouted her little buttocks and tried her best to press the weight of her whole body against small hands.


The coffee table is pretty solid…


After a while, Xixi’s cheerful voice came from the living room: “Okay!”


The little girl held two pieces of paper cut out, looked left, looked right, and smiled with satisfaction. In fact, she didn’t align the corners when she folded it, and the cut paper was still a bit uneven, but Xixi couldn’t see it, she thought it was already neat!


Xixi jumped out from the coffee table happily, hugged Baozi, who had been wronged for no reason, and said happily, “Baozi, you are right! We don’t need to go to Baba for help. I want all of them. Make it, then, and then show it to Baba! Then, then Baba will say, Xixi, you are really amazing, so ‘fantastic’!”


The little girl said, she was intoxicated by this imagination, and danced and gestured.


Baozi doesn’t know why, but it doesn’t think too much. The little master is happy, and it is also happy, as if it thought the little master was playing with it, and jumped up happily beside him, his tail wagging happily.



Murphy came downstairs with the fragrant Xiao Jiao who had just taken a bath, and saw Xixi lying alone in front of the coffee table, holding a pencil and writing and drawing.


“Xixi, what are you doing?” Murphy leaned over curiously.


Xixi, who was very serious just now, didn’t pay attention. After hearing her mother’s voice, she raised her head, looked at her mother with big eyes and said, “I’m doing my homework!”


“Do your homework by yourself? Would you like Mama to teach you?” Murphy asked with concern. She hadn’t communicated with Yang Yi yet, thinking that Yang Yi was busy cooking and didn’t accompany Xixi.


However, at this moment, Xixi is very satisfied with her ‘groping’ state, and she wants to do this homework well, and she will be praised by her father later. I saw the little girl waving her hands again and again: “No, no, Baba said I want to do my homework by myself!”


Murphy raised an eyebrow in surprise and smiled, “Okay, then you can do it yourself.”


However, at this moment, Xiao Haoyu leaned out of his mother’s arms, stretched out his little hands, and cried out in a ‘milk’ voice, “Jiejie…”


I don’t know if he wanted to play with his sister, or if he was curious about the pen in her hand or something.


“Don’t disturb my sister with her homework, let’s see what Baba made us today!” Murphy held him up and walked to the kitchen with a smile.


After a while, a strong smell of ‘meat’ soup wafted from the opened kitchen ‘door’, and Baozi couldn’t help getting up from the ground, sticking his tongue out, and looking in the direction of the kitchen.


Xi Xi is still struggling with her homework.



While Dad finished cooking, Xixi also finished her homework. As soon as she finished writing, the little girl couldn’t wait to drop her pen, ran to the kitchen, and took her father’s hand: “Baba, I’m done!”


Looking at her expectant little eyes, she doesn’t know how much she expects her father’s compliments.


Yang Yi came out with her and looked at Xixi’s homework. He first looked at the top one, Xixi’s math homework.


“A puppy?” Yang Yi saw Xixi’s crooked numbers on the paper, and some corresponding drawings, and asked some uncertainly pointing to the patterns on it.


Obviously, Xixi, who has not yet learned to write, uses a combination of pictures and texts to do this homework. Just like the letter she wrote before, Yang Yi also encouraged Xixi to use her drawing ability to do her homework. Otherwise, how could these little girls who are just starting school complete these homework that requires writing by themselves?


“A dog is a bun!” Xixi said with a smile.


She couldn’t wait for her father to guess the riddle, so she took the initiative to tell her father: “Then, and then there are two eyes, Baozi’s eyes, three cats, Xiaogua, Xiaohui, and Duo…”


It is also difficult for her, and she actually draws each specific object. Although it cannot be said to be exactly the same, Xixi’s painting level has improved a lot over the years, especially the integration of cartoon style. Yang Yi feels that Xixi’s painting It’s pretty recognizable!


“That’s right, you did a good job in your math homework, you gave full play to your imagination, and you also drew so many pictures by yourself. You see ten pillows, and you also drew ten pillows on them, Dad. I believe you must have done your homework very seriously.” Yang Yi ‘touched’ Xixi’s little head with a smile, “Do you feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing it now?”


Xixi giggled and twisted, embarrassed to admit it.


While Yang Yi was checking her homework and complimenting Xixi, Lan Xin came with her mother! Murphy pressed the remote ‘door’ lock of the yard, and Lan Xin happily took the lead and ran over.


“Xin Er, have you finished your homework?” Yang Yi greeted Wu Jingjing and asked Lan Xin casually.


“What homework?” Lan Xin ran past Yang Yi in a flash, left a sentence, and ran to Xixi’s side.


“Today’s class, the homework assigned by the teacher!” Yang Yi actually looked at Lan Xin’s absent-minded already had the answer in her heart.


“Where does she do homework!” Wu Jingjing said with a wry smile, “As soon as she got home, she would sit in front of the TV watching cartoons, and she wouldn’t even move if she was told. If it wasn’t for her coming to your house for dinner, she wouldn’t I’ll move my ass.”


Yang Yi looked at Lan Xin, who was smiling heartlessly with Xixi, and shook her head helplessly.


“Is Big Brother Lan not back yet?” Murphy asked Wu Jingjing curiously, “Isn’t he finished with the meeting?”


Wu Jingjing pointed at Yang Yi with a smile and said, “Then you have to ask your husband, he said he wanted to buy an island or something, and sent our old Lan to Jinling.”


“Do you still want to buy an island?” Murphy looked at Yang Yi in surprise and asked.


Yang Yi nodded lightly and said, “Brother Lan went to the capital for a meeting this time. It is said that there are many new policies to be passed, such as ‘private’ leasing of islands and the extension of the period of land to a hundred years. We have discussed with him that it would be better to rent the training island next to our land in Jinling, and develop it together.”


Murphy also asked casually, she was not interested in Yang Yi’s business.


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