House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 835: I have problems doing homework independently (2/3)



Of course, Xixi also has math homework and English homework, but these homework are still quite interesting. For example, math homework is from one to ten. It is necessary to find items corresponding to these quantities in life, like a ‘fat ‘Soap, two ‘towel’ towels, three toothbrushes, etc., are not boring copy-and-paste assignments. . For more latest chapters visit: ШЩЩ.⑦⑨XS.сОМ.


While Yang Yi was reading the homework assigned by the teacher on her mobile phone, Xixi was also looking at her father, as if she was waiting for something.


But starting today, Yang Yi will no longer take her to do her homework!


“Do you know what the teacher’s homework means?” Yang Yi asked with a smile.


Xixi nodded and said with a small hand gesture: “Mr. Li, Mr. Li has said it! She said that she would make such a big card, write the letters on it, and read it to Baba Mama. …”


The little girl chatted, almost repeating what the teachers said. Her memory is really good, especially for short-term memory. Yang Yi asked her to tell her what happened that day. Basically you can tell.


Yang Yi cleaned the coffee table in the living room. This coffee table is not very useful now, so it can be reserved for Xixi to do homework.


Xixi stood aside, looking at her father curiously, and saw that he had placed a stack of A4 white paper, a long plastic ruler, and a long pencil on it.


“Come here!” Yang Yi beckoned with a smile.


Xixi ran over immediately, thinking that her father was going to take her to do her homework.


“The three homework, you can do it here!” Yang Yi patted Xixi’s small shoulder and said softly, “For example, for the Chinese homework, you can use the ruler to cut the white paper as the teacher taught you. Make cards one by one, and then write the few pinyin letters learned today, note that there are different tones…”


Yang Yi said with a smile before saying, “When you finish this, Dad will come over to see your results and listen to you and Dad read Pinyin, okay? Dad is going to make dinner now!”


Xixi became anxious. She took her father’s hand, pouted, and said unhappily, “Not good! Baba, why don’t you do your homework with me?”


“Because of your homework, you have to do it yourself! Dad accompanies you to do homework, how can you do homework by yourself in the future?” Yang Yi gently ‘touched’ Xixi’s little head and laughed .


“I don’t want to do my homework by myself. Can you accompany me to do my homework in the future?” Xixi said reluctantly. the flaws.


“That won’t work. Xixi, listen to your father, now you are a primary school student, no longer a kindergarten child who had to rely on your father for everything. After primary school, you have to start studying with your teacher, and the most important thing is Yes, you have to learn to learn by yourself, to do something by yourself!”


Yang Yi patiently explained to Xixi: “For example, you like the little goldfish very much, but in the classroom, the teacher won’t teach you this, you need to find information by yourself to learn more about the little goldfish. Knowledge, you need to raise a little goldfish yourself, take care of it, observe it, and verify the knowledge you have found. Have you already done this when you were in kindergarten?”


Xixi pouted her mouth and nodded glumly.


“That’s right, we are just extending the interest of the little goldfish to a wider range. Whether it is a poem or a mathematical formula, you can study and research independently. You didn’t tell Dad just now. , in English class, do you already understand a lot of what the teacher said?” Yang Yi said.


“Yes! The teacher told us to memorize the letters, but I understand them all!” Xixi said.


“If the teacher is talking about what you know, you can learn something else, for example, you can only speak English, and you can’t write those letters and words with a pen, when the teacher teaches other students to read them , can you learn to write a little earlier, and recite the letter composition of these words by yourself?” Yang Yi felt that he was racking his brains, extending from a homework thing to so much.


“But, but I don’t know how to write…” Xixi said in confusion.


“So, we have to start from now on, do every homework well, and in these homework, learn to learn independently. If you rely on Dad for everything, it is difficult for you to learn these things quickly. You also want to get teachers I also want to get a good score in the exam, right? Go ahead and do it, Dad believes that you can do the homework well yourself!” Yang Yi waved his fist at Xixi and encouraged .


Xixi was still a little reluctant to part with her, and she muttered with a very melancholy expression: “I want Baba to help me.”


“Dad is going to cook, and Xiner will come to eat later. You don’t want Xiner to be disappointed when she sees that the food is not ready yet?” Yang Yi smiled, “And it’s not like Dad said no. I’ll accompany you, wait for you to finish the part that needs to be done by yourself, Dad will come over with you to complete the rest, don’t you want to read it to Dad?”


After saying this, Xixi felt a little better: Dad will come over later, and Dad didn’t abandon him.


“Okay then…” The little girl finally nodded, although she was still a little reluctant.


“Come on, when you’re done, we can have dinner, and then you can play at night.” Yang Yi laughed.


There is not much homework now, and Xixi has not really faced the choice between playtime and homework time.


After her father left, Xixi sat down in front of the coffee table, holding her cheeks and tilting her head, looking sad: “What should I do?”


Without her father, Xixi still feels helpless. Her father just walked away, when Xixi found that all the thoughts in her head were ‘chaotic’, and she didn’t know where to start.


After a while, Xixi calmed down and sorted it out by herself.


Do your language homework first!


Actually, Xixi remembers the requirements of the homework clearly, and how to cut the white paper with a ruler, she has seen her father do it many times.


I saw the little girl brought over “a” piece of paper, which seemed to be a bit thick, but without looking carefully, she pressed the ruler up, and then she grabbed a corner of the paper and began to tear it up.






The strength of the right hand is slightly stronger than that of the left hand, and Xixi does not know how to balance the force. As a result, when she tore the paper, the ruler held by her left hand slipped. Up crooked, one side is big and the other side is small.


“It doesn’t look good!” Xixi pursed her little with two hands, holding a piece in one hand, looking at her “results” reluctantly.


Furthermore, Xixi found out just now that she took too much. These are two blank sheets of paper!


The little girl has a problem! She subconsciously turned her head to look in the direction of the kitchen, where her father was cooking, and Xixi could still see her father walking around.


If Dad was here, he would definitely teach her how to deal with this problem!


But what if Dad’s not here?


Xixi got tangled, she turned her head back, looked at Baozi who was lying beside her, loyally accompany her, and asked in a low voice, “Baozi, tell me, do I want to ask a question? Ask Baba?”


Baozi raised his head when he heard the little master call him, but he didn’t understand what Xixi said, and just wagged his tail to please.


“Well…” Xixi pouted her little mouth unhappily and said, “Bun, don’t you let me go to Baba for help? You don’t even help me, I don’t like you anymore!”


Baozi: ? ? ?


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