House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 830: Xixi’s scallion dance and the opening of the first game (3/3)



Yang Yi mentioned some kind of stripping, but it was actually because of a movie he and Murphy watched together in the bedroom of the farm a few days ago when he and Murphy were still in the United States. There was an extremely enchanting ‘fuck’ in it. Murphy turned around and saw Yang Yi’s eyes showing an expression of admiration, she was decisively jealous, and said a little unconvinced: “Who can’t do this dance! It’s not just taking it off, it’s all taken off. ?”


However, when Yang Yi moved her index finger and wanted her to perform for a while, the music was released, but Murphy was embarrassed, and he rammed around and prevaricates the past. . For more latest chapters visit: ШЩЩ.⑦⑨XS.сОМ.


But Yang Yi never forgets it!


“Would you like to come? If I lose, I’ll jump too!” Yang Yi deliberately raised an eyebrow with Murphy, provocative.


So arrogant? How could this be!


Murphy bit her ‘lip’, glared at Yang Yi angrily, and hummed, “Come here!”


“I want to dance too, I want to dance too!” Xixi stood up in her father’s arms excitedly and said, “I can do this too.”


Yang Yi taught her this super simple scallion dance.


“Yes, but you have to jump first.” Yang Yi rubbed Xixi’s little head and said with a smile, “Because the TV will be broadcast very late, and you have to sleep.”


“Baba, you beat me!” The little girl really believed that her parents were going to dance the green onion dance, so she happily ran to her brother’s castle and picked up two pillowcases as green onions.


“Did tick tick tick tick tick…” Before the show started, Yang Yi sang the accompaniment to Xixi.


This song is not easy to sing, and it is because Yang Yi’s mouth speed is different from ordinary people that he reluctantly sings it. Although there may be mistakes in the middle, but listening to Yang Yi’s rapid ticking, Murphy turned around and threw himself beside him. On the sofa, he fell down with laughter.


Xixi danced very attentively, shaking her pillow from side to side up and down. Her earnest effort to keep up with the rhythm was indescribably cute!


However, sitting in the castle confused, Xiao Yuhao opened her mouth and looked at her sister with a puzzled look on her face.


I don’t know why he was attracted by his sister instead of his father. The little guy’s drooling ‘confused’ expression seemed to say: “Sister, are you not stupid?”



After a short ‘interlude’, the second issue of “The Voice of China” is on the air!


The opening animation and the super-burning and fast-talking advertisement of the host were quickly cut, and the first contestant appeared.


Murphy continued to play her way, turning away from the TV screen. However, she still saw the expression on Yang Yi’s face sitting on the sofa opposite her.


Seems a little surprised?


“What’s wrong?” Murphy asked with a ticklish smile.


Yang Yi moved his eyes from the TV screen to Murphy, pretending to smile mysteriously: “I won’t tell you, do you want to turn around and watch it together?”


Murphy gritted his teeth with hatred, snorted, pouted, and said, “No, I’m going to blindly choose!”


Actually, Yang Yi was surprised because the first contestant sang his song.


I saw the subtitles typed out on the TV screen: “”When You Are Old”, sung: Xu Lu; original singer: Murphy; lyrics/song: Yang Yi.” (Note 1)


The one who came to the stage was a girl with short black ‘color’ hair, carrying a guitar, and was full of heroic spirit.


Like other singers, after she came on stage, she bowed to the audience around her and the musicians behind her. However, she didn’t plan to ask others to accompany her, and she sat down on the high chair on the stage. , the guitar picked up.


“Ha, ah, ah…” As soon as the guitar sounded, Xu Lu began to use her own vocals to accompany the sound. The slightly hoarse voice was inexplicably ethereal at this moment. You must know that these two words usually mean Out of line!


Just listening to her accompaniment, the four instructors on the stage started shaking their heads, obviously a little intoxicated.


Yang Yi’s eyes also showed a stunned look.


“When You’re Old! It’s good!” Murphy knew what song it was after listening to the prelude, but she still gave the singer a thumbs up and whispered to Yang Yi, “It’s ‘very’ to deal with this here. Interesting! Why didn’t I think about it before?”


However, she only allowed the state officials to set fires and did not allow the people to light the lights. After she finished muttering, she waved her hand and told Yang Yi not to speak, but to listen to the song carefully.


“When you are old and your hair is gray…” Xu Lu sang while playing.


Xu Lu’s singing and Murphy’s singing are completely different.


Murphy’s tone of this song is relatively sentimental, and it just reflects the lingering beauty of her and Yang Yi’s love. Inadvertently, there is a sultry “swing” in the song!


And Xu Lu doesn’t have such a deep understanding of Murphy. She sings this song according to her own understanding. The slightly hoarse but still clear singing has a tiredness. As helpless to go.


Of course, if you want to see her real singing skills, you have to listen to the phrase “How many people loved you when you were young and sang happily”.


However, to Yang Yi’s surprise, Xu Lu did not sing this sentence with a high pitch like Murphy did. She still maintained her own ‘character’ and sang this sentence in a slow rhythm. There was a high pitch, but it just slipped past smoothly like a paper plane.


“It’s pretty good!” Murphy spoke highly of Xu Lu’s adaptation, and she discussed with Yang Yi enthusiastically, “I think it’s delicious to sing this sentence slowly!”


At this time, the instructor has already tapped the button, and the swivel chair on the TV screen lights up with a red “I choose you” light!


“Who, who turned?” Murphy asked impatiently.


Yang Yi couldn’t sell Guanzi this time, because Xixi, who was also watching intently, rushed to answer: “It’s Uncle Chen Yijie! Mama, that sister is crying!”


In the TV, here is a close-up shot. There is a tear in the eyes of Xu Lu who looks like a tomboy, but she still pretends to be calm and sings hard.


I don’t know if it was her singing experience in the bar that allowed her to cope with all kinds of emergencies. Although Chen Yijie turned around, she felt a little excited, but her singing did not lose its standard, it was still the same as before. , singing slowly and affectionately.


Murphy also turned around when Xu Lu sang for the second time, a little slower than Feng Huiwen who turned the second time, but she really liked Xu Lu’s singing, and clapped her hands gently and shook her head.


Finally, the singing ended, and the four mentors turned around.


Murphy still said to Yang Yi, “This song is really suitable to listen to with your eyes closed. You didn’t turn it around, you don’t know the feeling, it’s really amazing!”


“Really? I’ll try the next singer.” Yang Yi laughed.


After Xu Lu briefly introduced her name, the four mentors were rushing to comment. The comments here are also a matter of knowledge, not to mention the players who are not selected. Like these players who have turned around from multiple mentors, the comments of the mentors are also a means to win over the players. Maybe that sentence speaks to the heart of others, and the next second the contestant will choose you as a mentor?


Now is the time to change hands!


Chen Yijie also said in his very ordinary Mandarin: “Ms. Xu’s voice is very good, although it is not the kind of voice that sings sweet songs, but I like it very much, because this kind of voice is more expressive when sings. A strong emotion!”


“Mr. Feng Huiwen, Chen Yijie is saying that you are not suitable for Xiao Xu!” Luo Jian deliberately picked things up and said, “You were the queen of sweet songs!”


“I didn’t mean that.” Chen Yijie waved his hand quickly.


“It doesn’t matter if you mean it. Anyway, the two of them are not suitable. It’s just right for Xiao Xu to choose among our three male mentors!” Lin Qitian rarely became serious, he said cheerfully.


“I don’t want to talk to them, Xiao Xu, I want to tell you, ‘female’ people understand ‘female’ people Although I sing sweet songs, I also understand other ways of singing, I can Instruct you on how to sing ‘female’ vocal songs, they? Haha!” Feng Huiwen laughed.


There is a lot of tension on the stage. Although these people deliberately ‘exaggerated’ for the effect of the show, after the director’s cut, the atmosphere is indeed very tense, and she already feels that she has been lucky enough to find Xu Lu in the north. I don’t know how to choose!


“Which tutor do you think she will choose in the end?” Yang Yi asked, “Choose one quickly, and you will definitely leave!”


Murphy rolled her eyes at Yang Yi before saying, “I think she will choose Luo Jian. Teacher Luo also sings love songs. Maybe he was Xu Lu’s idol before.”


“I think she should choose Chen Yijie. Chen Yijie’s influence is still bigger now. After all, others are not very active in the music scene now.” Yang Yi said.


After Yang Yi finished speaking, it happened that the TV cut into a few short commercials. After the commercials, Xu Lu would definitely make a choice. He smiled and said, “Then let’s see, which one will Xu Lu choose! Chen Yijie or Luo Jian? Or neither!”


(Note 1: Here, it is recommended to listen to Cao Fujia’s version of “When You Are Old” with guitar accompaniment.)


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