House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 823: You will win if you work hard



The full version of the extremely selected charity concert was broadcast at the end of the summer vacation. Although the most discussed variety show in life and on Weibo has been shifted from the extremely selected to “The Voice of China”, people praised The novelty and splendor of the new program, and the high-quality sound effects like a concert, there are still many **** fans who are looking forward to the broadcast of this full version of the concert.


Jiang Yuzhe, who lives in Fujian Province, has been struggling for a week, and finally waited for this day to come.


Extreme Challenge has six members. Jiang Yuzhe’s favorite is Yang Huan, who is straightforward, beautiful, and skilled. It is said that Yang Huan, a female man who is not good at singing, has to sing hard. Jiang Yuzhe does not know how much Looking forward to her show!


Jiang Yuzhe hopes that Yang Huan can bring different surprises to their fans. Of course, in his heart, he still has some prank thoughts of wanting to see Yang Huan make a fool of himself.


However, after watching the last episode of the show, Jiang Yuzhe changed his mind. He moved Yang Huan’s show to the back and left the most anticipated show to Shan Hongkui and Yang. Yi’s collaboration!


It is said to be a Hokkien song!


Jiang Yuzhe, who speaks Hokkien himself, naturally wants to support this show!



At ten o’clock in the evening, the real last episode of the first season of “Extreme Challenge” was broadcast, and Jiang Yuzhe watched it with interest.


Yang Huan’s program came in second, making Jiang Yuzhe happy and somewhat regretful that Yang Huan’s program performed well. Although she couldn’t sing and didn’t understand musical instruments, she was ingeniously arranged by her partner. , Yang Huan sang the simpler part.


Jiang Yuzhe didn’t know, but Yang Huan put in a lot of hard work in June for these short sentences. Under the guidance of Jin Yingming, he plunged into the recording studio to practice for a long time.


Although in the eyes of professional singers, Yang Huan’s singing is still very ordinary, but in the eyes of ordinary audiences, such as Jiang Yuzhe, her performance is enough to surprise him!


More importantly, Jiang Yuzhe also watched a wonderful fan dance by Yang Huan, which was choreographed by a master (not Yang Yi) and mixed dance moves and martial arts moves, which more compensated for Yang Huan’s lack of singing. sorry!


“It’s wonderful!” Jiang Yuzhe couldn’t help applauding Yang Huan at home after reading it.


Each program is wonderfully choreographed, singing and dancing, beyond Jiang Yuzhe’s expectations! You know, in the last episode, Jiang Yuzhe thought that this charity concert was to sing from beginning to end!


However, the arrangement of the program group still gave the audience too many surprises. Whether it is original songs or old songs and new songs, they all reflect everyone’s intentions, including the stage beauty and lighting on the spot. A professional party is bad!


“The only regret is that this show is scheduled to be broadcast at 10 o’clock on Wednesday night!” During the commercial break, Jiang Yuzhe couldn’t help but complain in his heart, waiting for the appearance of Shan Hongkui and Yang Yi that he was looking forward to, it is estimated that It’s twelve o’clock!


Because the order of appearances in the last episode has been determined, Shan Hongkui and their show came last.


“However, the good news is that the next season has been confirmed to be broadcast at 8 pm on Saturday. This time period is great, and I won’t miss it!” Jiang Yuzhe thought in a good and bad mood, “It’s just, next time. One season has to wait until next year, annoying… Fortunately, there is “The Voice of China” to watch, Yang Yi should do more variety shows, just two is not enough, the more the better!”


Time passed quickly with the wonderful program and Jiang Yuzhe’s wild thoughts. Gradually, the concert drew to a close, and Shan Hongkui and Yang Yi finally appeared!


It was like a drama at the beginning, and it was like a drum prelude to a lion dance, which made Jiang Yuzhe’s dizzy head suddenly awake, and then, “Aha, ah, ah…” This wonderful human voice recited , give Jiang Yuzhe a kind of time and space travel, back to the time when his parents were still young people when he was a child!


“The melody of this song is so old!” Jiang Yuzhe thought with emotion.


He is a nostalgic person. He has been influenced by the Nanyang melodies spread all over the streets and alleys since he was a child. Now, when he listens to it, he likes it even more!


In the TV camera, the guests who were accompanied by the extremely selected members were also on the sidelines. They were listening to Yang Yi’s song for the first time. Holding each other’s hands, twisted as if they were dancing on the beach.


“If you lose your mind, you can’t help but sigh!” Yang Yi took the lead in raising the microphone and sang the first sentence.


Wait, chicken feces accumulate emmm door bowl bombs? What does this sing?


A lot of people in the audience are confused. The audience in front of the TV is much better. Although most of the audience are confused, they have subtitles to watch. Like people with English dialogue in American movies, they pretended to “understand” the song.


Jiang Yuzhe is different. He who speaks Hokkien himself can really understand it.


“Oh, it’s not bad! You can sing quite accurately!” Jiang Yuzhe remembered that Yang Yi was from Anqing, and also remembered that Yang Yi said in the last issue that he was because his wife Murphy was from Baodao. , So I learned Hokkien, and now it seems that Yang Yi’s language level is really unbelievable!


Not only does he speak English well, but this Hokkien is also eloquent!


Afterwards, Shan Hongkui sang the next three sentences: “When you are down, you can’t avoid fear, how can you lose hope, and you get drunk every day…”


A high-level judgment is made, and the Hokkien language sung by Shan Hongkui sounds to Jiang Yuzhe full of errors and omissions!


Of course, to those who don’t understand Hokkien, Shan Hongkui sings well! After more than half a month of practice, it is worthy of appreciation to be able to sing a song in a language that I do not understand until the basic pronunciation is accurate or close.


“The soulless body is like a scarecrow…” It was Yang Yi’s turn to sing again, and Jiang Yuzhe, who was more picky with his ears, suddenly felt much more comfortable.


No way! Can’t patronize and listen to them sing right! Jiang Yuzhe suddenly came to his senses, he decided to forget about this, and listened to the song while watching the subtitles.


“Life is like the waves of the sea, sometimes rising and falling…” This classic sentence was sung by Yang Yi, and Jiang Yuzhe felt as if he had drunk a few ounces of wine, and his consciousness became slightly drunk.


It sounds great!


Yang Yi sings, just like Murphy, they don’t have too many exaggerated movements, but this makes people pay more attention to their singing!


Listening to the emotional and cadenced singing, Jiang Yuzhe seemed to be immersed in the world depicted by the singing.


“Good luck, bad luck” Shan Hongkui and Yang Yi sang a sentence each while looking at each other. This scene is quite interesting, but Jiang Yuzhe still pays more attention to this song.


“Shan Hongkui sings very well. Although there are some minor flaws in the pronunciation of some words, his voice is very good. No wonder he is called the best singer among the movie stars!” Jiang Yuzhe put aside his language concerns, Still happily judging.


Of course, audiences who don’t speak Hokkien don’t have so many complicated ideas. They just think this song is very nice. Not only is the melody beautiful, but the mood of the lyrics is also very inspirational!


“It is the most appropriate song for the theme of extreme challenge among so many songs since the concert!” Many viewers felt this way.


“Three points are destined, seven points depend on hard work, and love will win!” When the song came to an end, Yang Yi and Shan Hongkui sang this most important lyric for the third time in unison , many of the audience at the scene couldn’t help humming along.


Yes, even if you don’t understand Hokkien, this section is relatively simple and catchy. How could the infected audience not sing along?


Jiang Yuzhe also sang along with pride for the last time. Although the reverberation was lingering and the ending was not over, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “It turns out that our Hokkien language can also have such a beautiful song!”


There are a lot of Hokkien songs, but the most widely sung is “Love to Fight to Win”!


Jiang Yuzhe also fell in love with this song deeply. He decided to download the song from the Internet. He wanted Yang Yi’s original version of the previous official microbroadcast of Feiyi’s thinking studio to have sent a message, saying The sound source of this song will be released when the show airs!


“I want to learn this song. When the singing competition in the school comes, I want to sing this song to compete!” Jiang Yuzhe thought with joy.


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