House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 813: WeChat (two/four) in the same vein as Weibo



I came to California again. Unlike the hurried itinerary that I had to rush to my father-in-law’s house last time, Yang Yi’s itinerary was much more relaxed this time. They flew over two days earlier. Yang Yi arranged to go to Berkeley first, and the US branch of Houlang Technology Co., Ltd. is here. As a big boss, he came to the United States, and he should come to the United States for inspection. Mao Peifu.


Mao Peifu has grown rapidly in recent years. She has shown the ability to be independent in China. After selling the domestic version of Facebook last year, she was sent to the United States by Yang Yi to set up the US branch of Houlang Technology Company. And is responsible for operating the foreign version of Facebook (mentioned earlier)!


This is a daunting task, starting from scratch!


But Mao Peifu has done a good job, responsible for personnel work in China, which gives her a wealth of experience in personnel affairs. The US branch was quickly established, and members were recruited locally in California, not only a large number of Chinese computer geniuses, as well as young college students of different colors, are full of vigor and have a deep understanding of different ethnic groups and know how to cater to their needs.


In the operation of Facebook, she took a multi-pronged approach, widely publicized and carried out many social interactions among American college students, young intellectuals and white-collar workers, and even used a similar “ice bucket” taught by Yang Yi to her. Challenge” propaganda strategy, in just a few months, this social network has become popular all over the United States.


This is also why after Yang Yi’s video became popular before, many people reposted and commented on their Facebook! That’s why in the previous “Sneak Tracking” program, there were pictures of hunters tracking down those people’s social networks through Facebook. Of course, Germaine also used Facebook to send photos to fight back against hunters!


Yang Yi naturally gave Mao Peifu a lot of awards for his achievements. Not only the equity reward promised before, but also the equity of the US branch, Yang Yi gave Mao Peifu a lot of it.


Of course, when Yang Yi met Mao Peifu this time, in addition to inspecting the US branch, she had another task to assign to her.


“Now is the era of the mobile Internet. Smart phones have almost replaced the market share of feature phones. We need to seize the instant communication port of people’s smart terminals before this market is fully formed.” Yang Yi and Mao Peifu Said, “I mean the mobile version of SNS.”


“Are we finally going to fight with SNS?” Mao Peifu asked not surprised but delighted.


SNS is the button of the world, it has dominated the domestic instant messaging software market for many years! In the domestic Internet industry, it is also a giant crocodile-level existence.


The Houlang Technology Company, which has only been established for less than three years, is only a very weak sheep in front of it, and even if the Sahara Online Mall is compared with SNS, the value of the Sahara Online Mall, which has not yet been listed, is difficult to compare with the already listed. Compared with the SNS!


You know, SNS spent 800 million to buy the domestic version of Facebook last year, making it linked to SNS, but it was eventually robbed of the limelight by this year’s popular micro-broadcast. SNS was equivalent to 800 million. It’s a splash, but it doesn’t hurt or itch to them.


Some time ago, SNS ambitiously wanted to annex Houlang as a whole, but Yang Yi was not impressed by the price they offered.


“Yes, we are going to fight with SNS, but I said just now that we are going to be a mobile version of SNS. I don’t mean to copy the SNS model to make mobile software. We must have our own innovation and focus.” Yang Yi said .


“Copy SNS, it will be plagiarized by Gao.” Mao Peifu smiled, “I understand, then what should we do?”


Yang Yi talked to Mao Peifu: “Our software, the initial focus is on the voice chat function, which is similar to text chat. People can send voice messages to convey the information they want to express. Of course, You can also send text if you want…”


Yang Yi doesn’t really remember how the software was designed in the early days. He just told Mao Peifu about the functions of the software in his memory, including those vivid emoji packs and emoji mall, and even made it through drawings. The interface is drawn, which is convenient for Mao Peifu to arrange for someone to design it.


“Your software is mainly for communication in private circles. Compared with Weibo and SNS, it pays more attention to personal sex, right?” Mao Peifu listened to Yang Yi talking about some functions and limitations of Moments , and suddenly realized that it is different.


“That’s right, it’s more focused on the communication of personal circle of friends, so it requires a mobile phone number for registration.” Yang Yi said, “In addition, I hope this software can be launched as soon as possible, and in order to cater for the upcoming New Year next year. , we will also add the function of red envelopes…”


Yang Yi has already thought about various aspects of publicity, not only the red envelope offensive of the Saharan Double Eleven shopping festival at the end of the year, the new red envelope concept for the Spring Festival, and the advertisement of the Spring Festival Gala, he also plans to let the people produced by Zhongxing, in the A large number of advertisement placements of this software have been added to the extreme challenge of the second season!


Mao Peifu took the record seriously, and she asked suspiciously: “You already have a comprehensive idea of ​​this software, why did you make it in the US branch? People in China also have this technology to make it!”


“We have to bypass the eyes and ears of SNS…” Yang Yi said.


Although Houlang Technology is still not as good as SNS, SNS also dare not underestimate Houlang Technology, which owns micro-broadcasting. After the merger of Houlang failed, SNS’s monitoring of Houlang is increasing day by day. Yang Yi doesn’t even know about the company. Whether someone inside was bought by SNS.


But the classic trick of commercial espionage definitely exists. Maybe, their R&D department accidentally recruited technical personnel sent by SNS on Yi wants to fight with SNS, this plan must be carried out secretly, If SNS gets the wind, they deploy mobile instant messaging software early and prepare for sniping in advance. Later, with the strength of the company and the experience in the instant messaging industry, it will be more difficult for them to seize too much market share under their watch.


So this project is scheduled to be executed abroad!


“I understand!” Mao Peifu nodded.


“When this project is made, go back to China and take charge of all its work!” Yang Yi also entrusted Mao Peifu with a heavy responsibility, “This is also what you are looking forward to, a head-to-head confrontation with SNS.”


Mao Peifu ignited her fighting spirit. She looked at Yang Yi excitedly: “Boss, what’s the name of our project? Weiyu? WeChat? Or Weiyin?”


Mao Peifu just guessed according to the naming pattern of Weibo, Yang Yi didn’t expect that she would be right when she said it casually.


“Let’s call it WeChat! It’s in the same vein as Weibo.” Yang Yi smiled, “The English name is Wechat, don’t forget, we have to occupy the foreign market as well.”


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