House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 798: The gift of the old man (3/4)



Xixi will soon discover that exploring the unknown is fun, but it also comes at a price. Learning to ride a bicycle is not just about being protected by her father at first, and having fun in danger. If you want to really learn Riding a bicycle, you have to suffer a little…


After a few days of silence, Yang Yi’s microcast was quietly updated in the middle of the night.


“My heart hurts. Xixi learned to bike and fell, and her calf was rubbed. Seeing her tears falling from the pain, I suddenly regretted letting go. But then again, don’t let go. , how did he learn to ride a bike? Fortunately, Xixi was not squeamish in the end. After the wound was healed, she bravely picked up her bike and parked it by herself. Take a good rest, and continue to refuel tomorrow!”


Weibo posted two photos, one of Xixi’s back riding a bike crookedly, and the other a close-up of her injured calf. Although only a section of the calf appeared in the camera, the slender white and tender calf, at a glance, knew that it belonged to Xixi!


In the photo, the wound has been treated and bandaged by Yang Yi, and wrapped with a small circle of gauze, but judging from the redness of the skin next to it, the wrapped piece is obviously broken and bleeding!


The fans who saw Weibo felt distressed for Xixi and blamed Yang Yilai.


“Fuck, my father-in-law, why didn’t you protect my daughter-in-law? If it was me, I would never let go!” There were many people calling for father-in-law, and this became a daily routine under Yang Yi’s Weibo.


“Looking at the wound, our little cutie must be in pain, right? Oh, get well soon!” This seems to be a comment from an older sister’s fan.


“It does take a few falls to learn how to ride a bike, so don’t make a fuss.”


“I don’t care if you are hurt or not. What I care about is, why did you post two photos, but none of them had Xixi’s face?” Someone pointed out this question indignantly.


“Tong Xixi’s face, I want to see what’s wrong with our little baby!”


There is also a sophisticated party, who said indignantly: “Did you not find the flaw in Figure 1? Why did Xixi fall and get injured? Because Yang Yi didn’t look at Xixi well after letting go, he was taking pictures!”


This micro-broadcast was liked by many people, and some people followed below to criticize Yang Yi who was busy taking pictures.


This is really unfair to Yang Yi. Of the two photos, only the second one was taken by Yang Yi, and the first was taken when Murphy watched Xixi learn to ride a bicycle. At that time, Xixi Riding a bicycle crookedly in front, Yang Yi followed, but Murphy deliberately chose a picture that could avoid Yang Yi, she just wanted to take a picture of her daughter riding hard.



Although Xixi fell, she may have inherited her father’s excellent genes. She still has a very good athletic talent – a good sense of balance. On the second day of wrestling, Xixi never fell again!


She has gradually mastered the technique of maintaining her balance while riding alone, starting with some wobbles, and eventually becoming more stable.


Yang Yi doesn’t need to follow her to protect her. She watched Xixi ride in circles from a distance, and saw her happy smile. She was filled with emotion: After learning how to ride a bike, does it mean that she has grown a bit? ?


However, on this day, it was not only Xixi who brought a surprise to Yang Yi. In the evening, when the family was sitting together preparing to eat, Mo Henian carried a long box from one side and handed it to Yang Yi.


“You prepared a gift for Xiao Yang!” Zhou Mengyu smiled in surprise.


The old man didn’t want to admit it. He snorted twice and said, “Who said it was a gift? Last time at the club, he helped me win that old fox Doug. This is the reward.”


“You are my father-in-law, I should help you, what kind of reward do you want?” Yang Yi shied after hearing this.


Murphy watched from the side, full of joy. Although his father did not admit it, Murphy could feel that his attitude towards Yang Yi had undergone an earth-shaking change.


I saw Murphy smiling and pressing the long box that Yang Yi was pushing away into Yang Yi’s hand, and said: “What Baba gave you, you just take it! Baba, you are real, it’s obviously a gift, And said no.”


She didn’t wait for Mo Henian to defend herself, then she waved her hand, looked at Yang Yi curiously, and said, “Okay, let’s not talk about that. Yang Yi, take it apart and see what Dad gave you. Gift! It seems a little heavy, what is it from?”


Going to unwrap the gift?


Xixi was arranged to sit next to her grandmother, and she couldn’t see it from her own chair, but how could she miss such a wonderful scene of opening a gift? Even if the gift is not yours!


“Wait a minute, I want to see too!” I saw the little girl turned around and jumped out of her chair, giggled, and looked around beside her father.


Yang Yi opened the box, revealing another plastic box like a toolbox inside! There is a trademark on the box, which is the word combination of XXX hunting bow and the logo of an antler.


No wonder it’s so heavy!


Yang Yi opened it by the way, revealing that the box was inlaid with some materials for hunting bows and the shafts of twelve bows and arrows inlaid with sponge. The shaft is made of carbon and aluminum, which is very strong and strong. It is not as light and soft as the carbon arrows in the shooting range. These are hunting arrows!


“Baba, why did you buy a bow and arrow for Yang Yi?” Murphy asked in surprise. She thought it was a gift, but it was such a strange thing.


Mo Henian said lightly: “Last time at the club, seeing that he likes to play bows, I asked someone to help me order one.”


This is a rice-style hunting bow. In fact, Yang Yi prefers traditional hunting bows. Compared with this modern rice-style hunting bow, traditional bows are heavier and less powerful, and there is no such thing as an arrow rest to assist them. But in his previous life, Yang Yi played with a homemade traditional bow in the jungle, and he played to a certain level.


But it was given by my father-in-law after Yang Yi still smiled happily: “It’s still Dad, you understand me, I’ve been looking forward to a bow and arrow, although I can’t get it back, but here it is. It’s good to have fun too.”


I can’t take it back, the main reason is that the procedures at the customs are too troublesome, and even if I take it back, there is no chance to use it.


Xixi looked at it for a while, and found that it was something she was not interested in, so she turned back in disappointment.


Murphy didn’t say anything after seeing Yang Yi liked it.


“There’s nothing wrong with buying you a bow and arrow. I wanted to buy you a shotgun, but you can’t get a gun license. When the time comes to go hunting, you’ll use my gun.” Mo Henian calmed down and followed. Yang Yi said.


Yang Yi said confidently: “In the forest, guns and bows and arrows mean the same thing to me! Dad, you can watch it, then I’ll shoot a few coyotes with bows and arrows for you to see! “



The hunting activity started soon. Yang Yi just got acquainted with the new bow and arrow for a day, so Baria called Mo Henian and asked him to bring someone to prepare for the gathering.


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