House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 797: Sports, Xiaobai and Bicycles (2/4)



This time, Yang Yi installed a baby safety seat for Xixi. However, the comfort of the convertible sports car did not decrease in the slightest. The little girl got into the sports car. When the car drove on the country road, Yang Yi raised the speed slightly, then she happily grabbed the seat belt and looked left and right in the car. Look.


What perspective is it looking at?


Look at my dad driving next to him. When he concentrates on driving, his expression is so serious!


Or look at the front, the scenery in front is following the whistling wind, rushing towards you at a high speed! You can also look at the side, and the beautiful scenery that is rushing is also quickly disappearing…


“Baba, I haven’t said goodbye to Xiaobai today!” Xixi laughed happily for a while, and finally had some free time to think about other things, the little girl said to her father in a confused way.


“You can play with it tomorrow!” Yang Yi said casually.


“But, but I told Xiaobai yesterday that I want to play with him today!” Xixi shook her head and said seriously, “I can’t keep my promise! Xiaobai will be very sad!”


Yang Yi turned and glanced at Xixi’s watery eyes, very clean and pure. He smiled slightly and said, “That’s fine, Dad will borrow your time for a little in the morning, and then we’ll go home. You can play with Xiaobai in the afternoon, so you can keep your promise, right?”


Xixi thought about it for a while and thought it was quite reasonable, so she happily said “um”!


The country road continued to the north. According to what Mo Henian said, Yang Yi soon drove his sports car to the largest farm in the town. Several cowboys guided him to Doug, who happened to be at home.


“Yang, I’m surprised that you actually came to my house as a guest. Hey, you brought your little princess?” Doug came out of his mansion, which looked a bit like the White House, and saw Yang who had just gotten off the bus. Yi also brought her daughter, and knew that Yang Yi was not here to find fault, and suddenly became enthusiastic.


“Doug, I’m here to return this car to you.” Yang Yi said with a slight smile.


“Give it back to me? Why? You won it. We cowboys never give in, and I’m not someone who can’t bear a car.” Doug said in surprise.


When he talked about the back, he slightly proudly twisted the brim of the cowboy hat on his head.


Xixi was also a little surprised. She looked at her father with a confused look.


Why did Dad return the car? Isn’t this our car? Such a beautiful car… The little girl couldn’t help but pulled her father’s hand and looked at her, as if asking her to take back this strange thought.


Yang Yi said stubbornly: “I respect the spirit of your cowboys, but I also have my own rules, that is, don’t gamble! Gambling is very bad, it not only makes people lose a lot of money, but also affects their feelings. , hurt the feelings of many friends and family members!”


Why are Chinese people so troublesome? Doug was confused and couldn’t help but say, “But I don’t care about this sports car.”


“It is also a source of sin, like Adam and Eve eating that apple.” Yang Yi said seriously, “It will stimulate the greed in our hearts, and eventually it will The more we gamble, the more we will regret it one day… so we need to stop this greedy thought in the first place.”


Xixi was on the side, her eyes wide open, listening to her father’s story, and while subtly understanding, she became more and more adored for her father’s “noble” soul.


“But why did you still receive the keys yesterday?” Doug did not deny that Yang Yi was right, he was not as determined as he was at the beginning, but it was still a little strange, “You returned the car, did Mo agree? “


“He supports my approach very much, saying that doing so will be a good example for children to see!” Yang Yi smiled and patted Xixi’s little head lovingly, “As for what I received yesterday. I got the keys, that’s because your car is so handsome, I can’t help but want to try it out, and by the way, let my kids experience a sports car.”


Doug couldn’t help laughing. He winked at Xixi and said, “Son, what do you think of this car? Is it fun?”


Under the encouragement of her father’s eyes, Xixi summoned the courage to reply to the unfamiliar grandfather: “Sir, I think your car is very beautiful.”


In the end, the confused Doug couldn’t get over Yang Yi and took the car back, but through this, he liked Yang Yi more and more, and promised himself that he would give more help to Yang Yi’s father-in-law’s farm .



Yang Yi took Xixi out of Doug’s farm. Mo Henian’s jeep was already waiting outside. Xixi hugged her grandfather in surprise, but Yang Yi wasn’t surprised because he noticed her husband The man’s car had been following.


“Your education is very expensive!” After Mo Henian let Xixi get into the car, he looked at Yang Yi and said with some emotion.


This sports car should be worth at least 500,000 meters of gold. This is still based on the fact that buying a car in the United States is relatively cheap.


“But it’s worth it.” Yang Yi smiled.


“Where to go next?”


“We’re going to the supermarket in town, and I’m going to buy Xixi a bicycle.” Yang Yi said, “She’s also old enough to learn how to ride a bicycle!”



The child’s world is very simple. She didn’t show any regret or regret because her sports car was returned. Instead, Xixi was overjoyed when she found out that her father was going to buy her a bicycle.


After buying a bicycle and returning home, Xixi, who was not willing to take off her beautiful red helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and other equipment along the way, just dressed like a rider and ran into the house in a hurry. She exclaimed excitedly: “Mama! Mama! Grandma! Come and see my bicycle, Baba bought me a bicycle!”


“Bought a bike?” Murphy was curious and followed.


Murphy saw Yang Yi from the jeep carrying a small children’s bicycle with a red metal body and two high grips. It looked very interesting! However, although it is a children’s bicycle, the rear wheel of this car does not have two auxiliary small wheels, and like a normal bicycle, it is in danger of falling.


Under the onlookers of Murphy, Zhou Mengyu, and even Xiao Jiao, at noon, Xixi staggered and rode her red bicycle. Of course, Yang Yi helped her keep her balance by pressing the back seat. .


“Slow down, don’t fall!” Zhou Mengyu watched Xixi pedal hard, worried that her granddaughter would fall, and was nervously commanding.


“Slow down for what? It’s easier to fall if you slow down!” Mo Henian corrected on the side, “If you ride fast, it will be easier to maintain your sense of balance!”


Xixi rode tremblingly, she twisted and twisted, in fact, her heart was also very nervous, her little face was tense, and she didn’t care what her grandmother and grandfather were saying, she only cared about her father behind her. Shouting: “Baba, don’t let go, okay? I’m afraid…”


On the first day of riding a bicycle, Yang Yi still wanted to protect Xixi and let her feel the sense of balance while riding, so he didn’t let go. Although Xixi twisted and wobbled every once in a while, with her father behind her, she did not fall in the end and was able to stop and regain her balance.


Xixi rides a bicycle. Although she is in danger, she enjoys the feeling of riding a bicycle, especially after riding for more than half an hour, she gradually finds a little feeling.


“Giggle, giggle!” The little girl’s silver bell-like laughter echoed in the garden-like courtyard.



In the evening, before going to bed, Xixi didn’t mention the matter of buying clothes yesterday. She listened to her father’s story obediently and was about to go to bed.


However, Yang Yi still has something to tell her: “Xixi, Dad asked you, today, you rode a sports car, rode a bicycle, and played with Xiaobai in the afternoon, which do you think is the most interesting? Have the most fun?”


Xixi blinked, thought for a while, and said embarrassingly: “Baba, I think it’s all fun! I like riding a bicycle, but I also like to play with Xiaobai.”


“Where did Dad drive you to drive a sports car?” Yang Yi asked with a smile.


“That’s fun too, but Baba, we’ve already given the sports car to Grandpa Doug!” Xixi said puzzled.


“Yes, you think riding a bicycle, driving a sports car, and playing with Xiaobai are actually just as fun, right?” Yang Yi said with a smile.


Xixi nodded her head, she felt that it was difficult to tell which was more fun.


“Xixi, do you know? In our life, there are actually many temptations. Just like sports cars, just like many expensive and beautiful clothes.” Yang Yi sat up and stared at Xi Xi’s eyes, said.


Xixi looked at her father in confusion, not knowing what her father was talking about.


“Will you refuse to play with Xiaobai because you like to ride in a sports car that doesn’t belong to us?” Yang Yi asked.


Xixi shook her head and said seriously: “No, that sports car belongs to Grandpa Doug, but Xiaobai belongs to me. I like Xiaobai.”


“Then you will like those very expensive clothes and bags that your father can’t afford, just like the bags that grandma bought you yesterday, because you like them, you will no longer want to wear them Didn’t you buy such expensive clothes?” Yang Yi asked, “That’s a truth.”


“No…” Xixi first shook her head, then spent a while to figure out the connection between the two before whispering to her father, “I like the clothes Baba bought me. But, but Baba, let’s not return the clothes that grandma bought for me, okay?”


The little girl looked at her father pitifully with her watery eyes, for fear that her father would return her clothes and bags like a sports car: “Grandma said she bought it for me!”


Yang Yi smiled and said, “Of course not, Dad allows you to keep those clothes, and Dad thinks you are very beautiful.”


Xixi breathed a sigh of relief and smiled happily again.


Yang Yi then said slowly, “Dad just wants you to understand that the expensive clothes and bags that grandma bought for you, just like that sports car, are full of freshness and can also make you feel self-satisfied. ;


And the ordinary clothes and schoolbags your father bought for you, just like Xiaobai, you are very comfortable and But more importantly, you are practical;


In addition, there are many clothes and bags out there that you haven’t tried, or are cheap but also very interesting, just like the bicycle you ride today, you don’t know or know them before, but it is It is worth exploring and pursuing. “


Xixi seems to be able to understand, and she listens very carefully.


“Now while you are enjoying your precious and beautiful clothes and bags, you should not forget the ordinary clothes that you were comfortable wearing and liked, and the school bags that have accompanied you for many years. Nostalgic for those precious things, you can easily satisfy yourself, because in this world, there are many things that look inconspicuous, but are equally interesting, waiting for you to explore!” Yang Yi said with a smile, “Okay?”


Xixi nodded obediently, she turned around, hugged her father’s arm, and said in a greasy voice: “Hee hee, I got it! I like grandma, but I will always like Baba!”


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment, then patted the little girl’s head with a smile, feeling a little happy in her heart.


It seems that Xixi misunderstood something… However, she remembered what her father said, and I believe that she will gradually understand it in her life and growth in the future.


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