House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 795: He earns money to spend on another girl



When Yang Yi was showing off her prowess at the shooting range, Xixi was shopping with her mother and grandmother in a big shopping mall in Xiaoniucheng. They go in and out of stores of top women’s clothing brands, and now, they are picking clothes for Xixi in a children’s clothing brand store that can walk in Milan Fashion Week.


“Xixi doesn’t necessarily have to wear a skirt to look good.” Zhou Mengyu took down a pair of denim trousers with fat legs from the shelf with a smile, gestured in front of Xixi, and said, “Xixi wears This one should also look good, and it can reflect the advantages of long legs.”


Murphy pushes the pram aside and asks, “Are the trousers a little wider?”


“Wide trouser legs are a style that has become popular again in recent years, especially when women wear them, they look taller and thinner, and they look more atmospheric. It is said that you sing all day long, you don’t care about fashion, and you can’t keep up with the trend. Right?” Zhou Mengyu said with a smile, “This is not bad, and the size is just right, Xixi, go and put it on and show it to grandma!”


“Okay!” Xixi happily held the dress and ran into the fitting room. Of course, Zhou Mengyu followed and helped her adjust the corners of the dress.


After a while, Zhou Mengyu pulled Xixi out of the fitting room who had changed her clothes. Zhou Mengyu, who was smiling brightly, waved her hand beside Xixi and showed Murphy her granddaughter who had changed her style!


The upper body of the little girl is still the original short-sleeved T-shirt, but the lower body is replaced with jeans with wide trousers. The loose dark blue trousers can almost be tucked into three or four of Xixi’s slender legs, but they are worn on Xixi’s body. , does not feel sloppy, but looks neat and adds a lazy and elegant temperament!


Because of the high waist, the trouser legs look very long, but the size seems to be more suitable, Xixi can also show a small part of the ankle, such nine-point wide-leg pants can make Xixi look taller and longer , as exaggerated as the legs are all under the neck!


“Yes, grandma’s eyes are still good.” Murphy praised with a smile, “Xi Xi, you look handsome all of a sudden!”


Xixi listened to her mother saying that she was good-looking, and happily grabbed both trouser legs and twisted them to show the trouser legs that looked like wings. She didn’t forget to tell her mother what she found: “Hee hee, Mama, look, there are two pockets here! It’s very big and can hold a lot of things.”


“You can’t put things in your pockets! Xixi, why do we girls carry a bag when we go out? Do you know why?” Zhou Mengyu pointed at the leopard-print bag she was carrying, and said seriously.


“Why?” Xixi blinked her eyes and asked in confusion, “Do you need to bring a lot of things?”


“Of course not, we bring bags, that’s because bags are beautiful, just like necklaces, hair bands, sunglasses and other accessories, they can be matched with our clothes and shoes. A girl without a bag is incomplete. With a bag, we can be safe and beautiful without any flaws!” Zhou Mengyu said in a very bewitching voice, holding the fingers of both hands.


“Mom, does this have anything to do with things in your trouser pockets?” Murphy asked with a bit of laughter.


Murphy is actually quite a woman who knows how to dress up, but compared to Zhou Mengyu, her life is still not delicate enough.


“Of course it does matter. Since we have bags, why do we keep things in our pockets? After we put them in our pockets, does it look good?” Zhou Mengyu raised her eyebrows proudly.


Xixi was confused, but she still remembered what her grandmother said just now: “A girl without a bag is incomplete!”


“But, but, grandma, I don’t have a bag! I have a schoolbag, is that okay? Baba sold me a schoolbag to go to school!” Xixi asked worriedly.


“How can a schoolbag be compared with a bag? A bag is a bag!” Zhou Mengyu snapped her fingers and said with a smile, “Xixi, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bag now, and when you go shopping with grandma today, grandma will pick one for you. One of the most beautiful bags that can match your pants!”


Xiao Xiaojiao sat in the stroller, leaning on the guardrail and looking around curiously. The mall is cool and comfortable, spacious and bright, and there are colorful clothes and decorations, so the little guy can’t see it!


After all, Xiao Jiajia is still young. He is not tired at all and looks very happy when he is pushed by his mother with a baby stroller. Will be frightened and run away.


When Zhou Mengyu bought Xixi a matching bag and even shoes, Murphy took her card to pay for it.


Originally, Mengyu Zhou was rushing to pay the bill, but she couldn’t beat Murphy. Murphy said, how could she have to spend her parents’ money. Therefore, simply let Murphy swipe the card for today’s consumption.


Zhou Mengyu stood aside and watched Murphy swipe her black gilt credit card and signed her name. She asked curiously, “Is your card issued in China? What’s the limit? Enough for today. Flowers?”


“Amount? I think about it, this card was given to me by Yang Yi. It seems to be a consumption limit of 5 million. I don’t remember exactly how much. I usually don’t spend a lot, most of which is to buy clothes. .” Murphy thought about it and said to her mother.


Although they were speaking in front of the clerk, because they were talking in Cantonese, there was no need to worry about being overheard by these white girls.


“Five million?” Zhou Mengyu looked at Murphy in surprise.


“The unit is RMB, which is less than one million yuan.” Murphy thought her mother had misunderstood.


“That’s quite a lot!” Zhou Mengyu pondered, and said, “Didn’t Yang Yi write it? How could he open a credit card with such a high limit to you? To have such a high limit, at least his net worth There must be hundreds of millions!”


“Should there be?” Murphy laughed, “I heard from Yang Yi that he bought a large piece of land with a friend and planned to make an amusement park for Xixi, and it seemed that he spent five or six billion.”


Yang Yi didn’t hide it from Murphy, but Murphy didn’t pay attention to it, she was not interested in these.


“Where did he get so much money?” Zhou Mengyu gasped.


“He started a company. He has several Internet companies. I forgot which ones. It seems that he also has shares in an online shopping website. But they are all managed by others. He provides ideas. I think this is very good.” Murphy laughed.


“Why don’t you know anything? Don’t remember anything? You have to ask him!”


“I don’t remember… I asked Yang Yi what this is for? It’s boring!” Murphy shook his head.


Zhou Mengyu was speechless for a while, she hated the iron and said: “Other women control the family’s financial power to the death, you’re better, you don’t know how much money there is in the family, and you have no interest in knowing. You will suffer in the future, daughter!”


“Mom, aren’t you also in control of Baba’s finances?” Murphy shook Zhou Mengyu’s hand and smiled, “Aren’t you both very good? Does it matter?”


“Your dad is different. Although he has a grumpy temper, he is very down-to-earth, and he doesn’t have much money. If he has spare money, he invests it in the farm. I don’t worry that he will spend the money.” Zhou Mengyu took Murphy, sat down, avoided Xixi, and whispered, “But Yang Yi is different, we don’t know him after all, a man becomes bad if he has money, if you don’t want it, he will give it to him when the time comes. What about other women’s flowers?”


“Mom! You really don’t have to worry about this!” Murphy said coquettishly, “Yang Yi is not such a Moreover, he has no concept of money. Although he earns a lot of money, he He hasn’t become extravagant! I live with him, how can I not know what he is like? I stay with me every day, get up early every day to buy food, cook for me and my children, and if I go to other cities on business, If he can take us to play, he won’t go alone, Xixi will pester him, in such a situation, where did he come from other women?”


Zhou Mengyu was silent.


In fact, you don’t need to listen to what Murphy said. Now that she sees the happy smile on Murphy’s face, Zhou Mengyu already understands.


Murphy became happier the more he talked, and smiled: “If you say he gave money to other women’s flowers, there is one!”


“Who?” Zhou Mengyu asked in surprise.


Murphy pouted in Xixi’s direction and said with a smile, “Xixi! He spent hundreds of millions to make that amusement park for Xixi, and it is said that he will spend more in the future!”


Zhou Mengyu was speechless: “You are still jealous with your daughter!”


“Hee hee, don’t say it, I’m really jealous!” Murphy laughed.


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