House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 786: Arrived in the United States (Third/Thursday)



California San Francisco International Airport, Mo Xiaojuan, wearing sunglasses, sits on a chair in the waiting room outside. A long leg is exposed under her skirt that wraps her hips. Although she is a yellow face, this hot The figure and the proud temperament are also the ideas that attract many people.


“Sister Xiaojuan, Sister Ai said, now there are media reports that Mr. Yang hit the reporter.” The assistant next to him came over with his mobile phone.


It has to be said here that in addition to her own secretary, Mo Xiaojuan also carries several assistants with her. It is not that she is more famous than Yang Yi and Murphy, but these assistants were originally for Yang Yi and Murphy. Murphy is equipped with makeup artists, hair stylists, life assistants, and more!


But Yang Yi and Murphy are rather strange, they don’t like to carry a large group of people with them. Even if they go out to record a show, they prefer to be alone as a family. At most, they call Mo Xiaojuan. The target is also small.


Therefore, Mo Xiaojuan can only bring these assistants by herself, and when Yang Yi and the others need them, it is convenient to send them.


Mo Xiaojuan took off her sunglasses, glanced at the report on the assistant’s mobile phone, nodded lightly, and said, “I know about this, because the reporters almost ran into the children, and Yang Yi pushed them away. It’s not beating, he’s just protecting the child. You ask Xiao Ai and the others to clarify on Weibo, and if necessary, send a lawyer’s letter to those newspapers.”


The assistant nodded, took the phone and went to work.


“Is there any trouble? Do you need my help?” said a white man sitting across from him.


Mo Xiaojuan nodded to the other party and smiled slightly: “Thank you, Wilson, it’s just a little domestic matter.”


Yes, Wilson is sitting across from Mo Xiaojuan! Mo Xiaojuan came to the United States ahead of schedule this time to help Yang Yi deal with the matter of opening a small company in the United States, and Wilson has now resigned from his job at Jumbo Brokerage, becoming Yang Yi’s first in the United States. broker.



It didn’t take long for Yang Yi’s family’s transoceanic flight to arrive at San Francisco International Airport.


Among the crowds pouring out one after another, Yang Yi, who was holding Xixi, who had not yet woken up, and Murphy, who was holding Xiaojiao, who was full of sleep and food, and was looking around curiously, Appeared in Mo Xiaojuan’s field of vision.


After a simple greeting, Yang Yi looked at Wilson, who was standing behind Mo Xiaojuan, who was a little nervous.


Wilson is still more eye-catching. He quickly said what he had practiced many times in private: “Yang! Welcome to the United States!”


“Thank you, and you are welcome to join us!” Yang Yi smiled and shook hands with Wilson.


Mo Xiaojuan handed the luggage ticket to the only two male assistants in the team and asked them to help with the luggage before introducing them to Yang Yi: “Now the company registration has been completed, but only Wilson is currently the only one. , we still need to wait for the headhunter to find other candidates.”


“Take your time. Anyway, we’re going to play in the US for two months.” Yang Yi nodded.


The company is really just a start-up, but apart from the people, everything else is already in place!


During this period, Wilson followed Mo Xiaojuan, and it was considered that Yang Yi was “rich”. Mo Xiaojuan rented an entire floor of an office building in the bustling business district of LA City, and bought six cars in one go, ranging from ordinary cars to nanny cars, as well as a lengthened version of the car for attending events!


Of course, Yang Yi and the others don’t have time to inspect the company in LA now. After a night of rest in San Francisco, Mo Xiaojuan accompanied them on the plane to Texas.



I have to say that domestic aviation in the United States is really convenient. From San Francisco on the west coast to Mavericks in northeastern Texas in the middle of the United States, it only takes three hours for the plane to take off and land.


“Grandpa!” As soon as she got off the plane, Xixi, who had been watching, was the first in the waiting crowd when she found Mo Henian holding a sign. She excitedly twisted her little **** in her father’s arms, Can’t wait to tell Dad.


I haven’t seen him for a year, and Mo Henian hasn’t changed much. The old man is still wearing a wide-brimmed cowboy hat. He is wearing a white T-shirt and jeans with no special features, but Zhou Mengyu, who is behind him, is more elegant. , The matching of colors and styles gives people a fashionable feeling. Even if they are old, they are like a water lotus quietly opening in the crowd, which is admirable!


Xixi still likes her grandfather better. As soon as she met her, she smiled sweetly with Mo Henian, opened her arms, and threw herself into her grandfather’s embrace from her father’s arms.


Mo Henian hugged his granddaughter and looked at the grandson in his daughter’s arms, laughing, and when facing Yang Yi, he was also much more pleasant.


Zhou Mengyu was completely attracted by Xiao Jiao, who was so arrogant. She ignored Yang Yi and Mo Xiaojuan’s greetings, and responded with two casual voices. She extended her hands to Xiao Jiao with a smile on her face:囈, let grandma hug you.”


However, Xiao Jiajia is now more recognizable than before, no longer like when he was a child. He could be deceived with a pacifier. When he saw a grandmother he didn’t know reaching out, he turned his head and went to his mother. Hide in the depths of the embrace.


“Let Grandma hug me, okay?” Murphy persuaded softly.


Of course, Xiaojiao wouldn’t answer, he couldn’t speak yet, so Murphy looked at his expression and handed him into his mother’s arms.


Zhou Mengyu hugged her grandson, the little guy was fleshy, just after the news, that feeling made Zhou Mengyu smile again.


But who knows, Xiaojiao is not happy to be hugged by strangers, he responded quickly, first turned to look at his mother, and found that her mother did not intend to take him back, his small mouth shrunk, his eyes blinked, Big, big teardrops fell.


“Oh, why are you crying? Don’t cry, darling.” Zhou Mengyu quickly coaxed.


But it’s useless. Xiao Jiajia went from a light rain to a thunderstorm. He opened his mouth and cried aloud. This sad, as if he was really abandoned by his mother!


Zhou Mengyu reluctantly returned the little one to Amazingly, she returned to her mother’s arms and was coaxed by her mother. After a few seconds, the little guy’s crying stopped, just He pursed his mouth in grievance, and within half a minute, his tears stopped, but he seemed to have lingering fears.


“My younger brother doesn’t like being held by others! Baba and I can do it!” Xixi explained to her grandmother in her grandfather’s arms.


“It’s okay, he’s trying to be unfamiliar with his grandmother now. Mom, you go back to play with him for a few days. After getting to know him, he’ll be happy to be hugged by you!” Murphy laughed.


“It’s okay, just come back and stay at home for a while.” Zhou Mengyu happily took the hands of Murphy and Yang Yi and said.


Phone, video calls, and now technology is so advanced, Murphy also communicates with family members. However, after all, there is still a long distance. Now that Zhou Mengyu sees Murphy and sees how well she and Yang Yi are, she is relieved!


“Okay, the ink is still here. If you have anything to say, let’s go home.” Mo Henian waved his hand slyly.


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