House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 785: Elaborate gifts and welcome Xixi (two/four…



“Have you prepared a gift for the teacher?” Teacher Mu was a little surprised.


Xixi hugged the box and smiled sweetly with Teacher Mu: “Hee hee, yes, Teacher Mu, I made it with Baba and Mama, we, Baba and I even went to the beach to dig shells , dug a bucket, so much…”


Mr. Mu listened patiently, and finally saw Xixi take out the pen holder she made.


Stunning at first sight!


Although it is still a base made of cut bamboo sheets and curled up, a lot of effort has been spent on the outer decoration, and the work is exquisite and beautiful!


Murphy used pink lace to stick around the edge of the opening of the uppermost pen barrel, and she also pinched the wavy carefully, which looked like undulating pink waves.


There are two vertical lines of fine characters written on the front. This was written by Yang Yi for Xixi, but Xixi’s signature was written by herself. In addition to the words, turn to the other side, and there is a beautiful sheep smiling happily covering her face.


Beautiful sheep with red cheeks and big watery eyes are very cute! However, the white and curly hair of the American sheep is replaced by white, textured small shells! This further reflects the theme of handicrafts.


The bottom is surrounded by smooth and delicate small shells, like a sheep stepping on a road paved with smooth pebbles. It is worth mentioning that there are also some clipped plastic grass and plastic trees attached to it, which makes it look more lively and interesting!


“This is my Baba’s painting, I painted the colors, and I glued this shell, Mr. Mu, Mr. Mu, I glued this shell, it made my hands sticky!” Xixi happily told Mrs. Mu Tell your own merits.


“It’s really beautiful, the teacher likes it very much, you did it very carefully!” Teacher Mu was still squatting, she hugged Xixi and said softly, “Xixi, who wrote this poem?” /


“This is written by Baba, I can’t write so many words yet.” Xixi explained honestly.


“Xixi will recite this poem, Xixi, please recite this poem with the teacher!” Murphy suggested with a smile on the side.


“Yeah!” I saw Xixi readily agree, and read in a sweet voice, “Spring is full of mountains and green fields, and the peaches and plums are full of smiles. .” (Note 1)


Xixi read every word, and her articulation was clear, just like the rhythm of poetry when her father taught her before, with cadence in the middle.


It looks like she has practiced at home for a long time, but in fact she didn’t. Yang Yi only taught her one or two times, and the little girl could memorize it. Her memory is indeed very good!


After listening to Xixi reading this poem, Teacher Mu was originally very moved, but now he became more and more emotional. He hugged Xixi and said with red eyes: “Thank you, Xixi, you are awesome! Teachers are all Some are reluctant to graduate!”


Xi Xi was in Teacher Mu’s arms, yet she didn’t feel this sadness yet. She looked at her father with big smart eyes, with a happy smile in her eyes, as if she was telling her father: Teacher Mu likes my gift very much. !



After listening to the principal of the kindergarten and the summary of the three teachers, Yang Yi received Xixi’s kindergarten memorabilia. The memorabilia was filled with selected photos of Xixi’s class over the past two years. Some article memories, messages, etc.


Of course not all the photos can be put in a memorial book. There is also a CD inserted in the title page of the memorial book, which contains more photos and video records of the activities. It can be said that the kindergarten has done a lot in this regard!


These things, go back and look at them slowly, this time all the parents and children gathered together, the most important thing is of course to take a group photo!


After taking the big group photo, Wu Yue suggested that Xixi and her five friends take another photo together.


As a result, there were all kinds of group photos, a group photo of parents and children, a group photo of the children, and a group photo of the children matching each other. The photographer Yang Yi was very busy.


“Xixi, I want to take a picture with you!” There was a lot of excitement here, and Wang Xijun ran over next to him. He first looked at Yang Yi timidly, and then said to Xixi.


Xixi is very happy today, she has never put away her smile, Wang Xijun’s request will not be rejected, I saw the little girl nodded and said: “Okay!”


“Then you stand under this tree, and I’ll take pictures for you.” Yang Yi held the camera and directed.


Wang Xijun is a bit skinny, but he was quite honest when taking pictures. He stood side by side with Xixi, and he didn’t hold Xixi’s hand like Lan Xin and the others. Although he was a little uncomfortable, he still stood up. One finger smiled, revealing a mouth that was missing two front teeth.


After Wang Xijun finished filming, before he could say anything, his sister ran over.


“Wang Xijun, what are you doing?” Wang Xiyun asked loudly.


“I’m taking pictures with Xixi!” Wang Xijun said.


“Then I’ll take pictures with Xixi too!” Wang Xiyun said as if she was going to grab her brother’s toys.


Okay, Yang Yi took another picture of Xixi and Wang Xiyun.


After the siblings left, Xixi eagerly grabbed her father’s arm, wanting to see the effect of the photo.


But unexpectedly, another boy came: “Xixi, I want to take a picture with you, can I?”




Yang Yi and Murphy looked at each other with a wry smile. They didn’t expect their daughter to be so popular!


Xixi took a group photo with almost every child in their class, but there was a little interlude in the middle.


Little Bell, also known as Ding Ling, took her father’s hand and came over to take pictures with Xixi.


After taking pictures with Xixi, she looked at Yang Yi who was taking pictures of them: “Uncle Yang, can I take pictures with you?”


And our business?


You know, although Yang Yi and Murphy were also asked to take photos, they were all star-chasing parents, and the children went to Xixi to take pictures!


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment, then smiled: “Of course.”


Ding Ling’s father took over the camera. When Yang Yi taught him the position of the SLR buttons, he smiled and said to Yang Yi, “Ding Ling has always liked you very much. Last time, she and her classmates went to work with you. Recording songs in the room, and I kept talking about your goodness when I came back, making me a little jealous as a father!”


Yang Yi touched his nose and smiled awkwardly.


When taking pictures, Yang Yi also felt the little girl Ding Ling’s love for him, Yang Yi hugged her, and she also hugged Yang Yi’s showed a rare bright smile.


Yang Yi can actually understand why Ding Ling likes her.


“She doesn’t have a mother, it’s very pitiful, and then her father is probably a typical type of father who can’t cook and is busy with work…” Yang Yi looked at the lively figures of the children and whispered to Murphy .


Perhaps Yang Yi, who can cook and has a good temper, satisfies her desire for the role of a mother, so Ding Ling likes Yang Yi as if she longs to have a mother.


“That’s pretty pitiful too. You should persuade her father to find her a mother.” Murphy’s soft heart was touched.


“I’m not familiar with her father, and I haven’t said a few words before. So forget it, it’s a family matter, let them handle it themselves!” Yang Yi sighed softly and shook his head.



After the excitement, Springfield Kindergarten returned to its former calm.


And Xixi, who left Chuntian Kindergarten, followed her father on a new journey.


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