House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 784: Sweet and soft skirt, cute little girl (1/4)



On June 26, Xixi’s big day at Springfield Kindergarten!


The weather on this day is very good. The bright sun shines through the dense tree canopy along the road, leaving a little golden light on the ground. The soft breeze blows through the busy street and seems to sweep away the people at the moment. Inner irritability.


A tall Tiger off-road vehicle parked on the side of the road. After a while, Yang Yi in a casual suit got out of the driver’s seat, went around to the other side, and hugged Xixi who was sitting in the child safety seat. .


Xi Xi is wearing a new sapphire blue dress today, with an elegant white lotus leaf petal collar, and a contrasting ribbon with gold trim and white background tied with a beautiful bow under the collar, which looks very in line with the popular college style!


With the tied ball head and the same sapphire blue background and white spotted hair band, an elegant, beautiful, playful and cute little girl will appear in front of everyone.


Murphy also got out of the car with Xiaojiao, Yang Yi took the two bags in her hand, and the family walked to Chuntian Kindergarten chatting and laughing.


On the way, there were many Xixi’s classmates and their parents in the senior class to greet Xixi and Yang Yi, and the adults all praised Xixi for her beautiful dress today.


Like Wang Xijun’s father who “doesn’t know each other without fighting”, he praised: “Now I feel that Xixi is already a big girl!”


Yang Yi also praised Wang Xiyun with a smile.


But there are also unpleasant sights!


When I was about to reach the gate of the kindergarten, several reporters who didn’t know how to find out that today was Xixi’s big day in kindergarten were already there. When they saw Yang Yi and Murphy, they were excited. Surrounded by.


“Yang Yi, when will the filming of “The Shawshank Redemption” begin? Is director Wu Yi’an as strict as the legend says? Did you play a role in it?”


“Murphy, you haven’t appeared in front of the fans for a long time. The fans are very anxious for you. When will you come back?”


“Murphy, it is said that one of the four mentors of “The Voice of China” has been reserved for you. Is the news true?”


“Yang Yi…”


The reporters are not only flooded with questions, but they are desperately crowding forward, disregarding the safety of others, and the outstretched microphones are still shaking in front of Xiao Jiao.


Murphy used her body to protect Xiao Jiao, while Xixi squeezed her father’s side, like a boat tossing and sinking in the sea.


Yang Yi frowned, his face gloomy.


Why are these reporters so reckless today?


If not, Yang Yi might simply answer a few questions before leaving. But since this is the case, Yang Yi will not be used to them!


“Let me go!” There was some anger in his voice.


Of course, Yang Yi didn’t just talk about it. He stretched out two strong and powerful arms, like a bulldozer, to protect Murphy and Xixi, and pushed the reporters on both sides away.


Three reporters stopped in front, two reporters were sandwiched on both sides, but their alliance was like a paper wall, and it opened with a poke! Yang Yi’s arm stretched out, and they wanted to be stubborn, but they found that they couldn’t bear Yang Yi’s terrifying power at all, and they retreated step by step.


“Hey hey!” There was a burst of exclamations.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Yi cleared the road ahead and took Murphy and Xixi into the gate of Chuntian Kindergarten. The unwilling reporter tried to catch up, but the security guard stopped them in front of them.


“Yang Yi, it’s fine if you don’t give an interview, why beat someone?” a reporter exclaimed in exasperation, trying to win Yang Yi’s attention to them and get some response.


However, Yang Yi is different from other celebrities. He is not worried about these reporters scrambling. He and Murphy walked into the building with their children without looking back, and disappeared from the reporters’ field of vision.


“I’ve never seen such an incompetent star! You actually beat someone!” The reporters reluctantly looked away, and some people complained loudly.


The other reporters looked at him like a fool, but didn’t say anything. The so-called beating is just a hat they gave to Yang Yian. Now that everyone is gone, what’s the point of saying this?


Have they beaten people, can they still not have a B number in their hearts?


However, Yang Yi’s strength is really strong, five people can’t stop him, which is a bit shameful!


Since they couldn’t interview Yang Yi, they could only leave each other, or find a restaurant nearby to take a break, wait for Yang Yi and the others to come out and try again, or give up the interview and go back with the camera.



The small disturbance at the door did not affect the happy mood of Yang Yi and the others today.


Even for Xixi, she is used to the appearance of those reporters being absent-minded. Anyway, with the big meat shield of her father standing in front of her, Xixi is not afraid at all.


“Baba, are we going to give this gift to Teacher Mu, Teacher Shen, and Teacher Cai?” Xixi asked as her father held her hand and walked on the stairs obediently.


Perhaps because of the beautiful little skirt, Xixi has become a lot more ladylike today.


“Well, but don’t worry, we’ll see the situation.” Yang Yi smiled slightly.


“Yang Xi and Mom and Dad are here!” At the door of the big class, Teacher Mu, who also dressed up today, greeted Xixi with a smile.


“Hello Mr. Mu!” Xixi greeted Mr. Mu obediently by her father’s side.


“Go and hug Mr. Mu.” Murphy laughed on the side.


Because he didn’t want to affect Xixi’s mood, Murphy didn’t say anything after: “I’m afraid it will be difficult to see Teacher Mu again in the future!”


Mr. Mu squatted and hugged the little girl who came over with her arms outstretched.


Xixi’s little body is as soft as her little skirt!


Holding this sweet and soft little girl, no matter who, it is inevitable that thousands of tenderness and love will rise in their hearts.


Mr. Mu likes every child in the class, but to name a child she likes and admires the most, it is none other than Xixi! This kind and lovely little girl is smart and helpful, what teacher would not like it?


Mr. Mu has a lot of emotion in his heart, but when it comes to his mouth, there is only a gentle exhortation left: “Xixi, in the future, when you go to primary school, you must study hard, make more good friends, and then come back to visit when you have the opportunity in the future. Teacher Mu, are you okay?”


Xixi can’t quite understand the emotions of the adults at the moment, but she can still feel Teacher Mu’s love and care for her, the little girl smiled sweetly: “I know! Teacher Mu, let me tell you , Baba and I, and Mama, made a gift for you!”


When Yang Yi heard the words, he took out a simple-packed box in his backpack and handed it to Xixi.


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