House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 783: Special audition mode



Before participating in the audition, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan had no idea what the audition rules were for “The Voice of China”. They subconsciously thought that this audition was similar to other programs, and several judges sat on the stage. , and then the players go up and sing one by one.


But when it was their turn, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan were led to a specially furnished conference room, and they saw the big battle of the audition program!


The conference room was separated by a curtain half wall high, and no one could see what was going on behind the curtain, but there were two cameras on the side of the curtain.


Of course, the judge behind the curtain still spoke up, and he had to read the rules.


Later, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan will sing a cappella of the songs they have prepared. No accompaniment is required, and the guitar cannot be used, while the three jury members listen to them sing behind the curtain. Players can pass the preliminary audition.


No wonder the introduction of this show said that this show chose a good singing voice, not a good appearance, nor a good story. Now the judges can’t see the appearance of the contestants, and they will not give the contestants the opportunity to explain their names and experiences. It is completely blind selection, listening to the selection of people!


Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan like this kind of rule very much, because they are not handsome, and after a year of precipitation, they have also honed their singing skills under the guidance of Jin Yingming and Yang Yi, In this regard, they are more confident.


However, they couldn’t use the guitar, which made Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan not used to it, and they were nervous for a while.


Not much nonsense, time is running out. After Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan took a deep breath, they began to sing.


They are singing well-known folk songs. Although it is better to sing their own songs, it is not the right time. It is relatively safe to sing songs that are familiar to the judges.


Three minutes later, when the time was up, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan stopped singing.


A staff member opened the curtain, and three judges appeared in front of them holding a sign.


Three passes!


It’s just an audition. Such an achievement is not something to be proud of, but Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan, who were so nervous just now, still breathed a long sigh of relief and showed some excited smiles.


“You are a group, right?” After a judge put down the sign, he said a few words, “You sing well, keep going!”


These judges and teachers are all through the relationship of Jingcheng TV. Some senior music producers in the industry are definitely not as good as the four mentors behind them, but they are all people who understand music and the music market very well, and The ears are very picky, and under their control, the audition will definitely screen out many people whose voices and singing quality are not good enough.


With their appreciation, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan are also good voices, but Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan, who don’t know their identities very well, can only be half surprised and half confused by nodding their thanks.


Carrying his guitar out of the hotel, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan looked at each other with emotion.


“The format of this show is really interesting.” Lu Xiaoshu teased with a smile, “Fortunately, this is the case, we don’t choose people based on their faces, otherwise we may not be able to get so many passes.”


“I just passed the preliminary audition, and I have to pass five levels and kill six generals later!” Miao Chuan waved his knife and called out a few times.


Probably also happy, Miao Chuan, this dull guy, is joking.


“Then let’s go through five levels and kill six generals! After all, we are people who have received so much training and tempering. Are you afraid of this challenge?” Lu Xiaoshu said confidently.



The audition for “The Voice of China” is being held simultaneously in all provincial capitals across the country, and just one day later, the media has been covering the show.


Here, there are hype about the production arrangement of Zhongxing, and there are also many real reports. After all, Yang Yi is there now. Yang Yi, who successfully produced “Extreme Challenge”, the most popular variety show in the first half of the year, launched a new variety show, which naturally attracted the attention of many people.


Many reporters even filled out the registration form and experienced the audition for “The Voice of China”.


So, the audition mode of “The Voice of China” was soon exposed by the media, and the program producers did not break their promises, as well as the novel blind selection rules, which received a lot of praise.


Of course, there are many voices of doubt.


Is the Voice of China a Blind Selection or a Show? 》


《How to ensure the fairness of audition in the absence of measurement standards? ” This report questioned the selection criteria of the judges behind the curtains, just pass and fail, too subjective evaluation will lead to the failure of many good voices in the audition.


《How to ensure the sound quality of singing through the curtain? ” This media must have not gone to the scene to investigate it personally, and made judgments only based on the few words reported by others. They have no idea of ​​the so-called curtain. It is not the kind of curtain that they think is completely covered, and the sound can pass through the curtain. A large space spread above.


In addition to these doubts, there are also media ridicules: The main feature of “The Voice of China” broadcast on TV will definitely be like this – curtains are used to isolate the judges and contestants, and the two sides are in front of and behind the curtain. Self-indulgence in this world!


Obviously, this will greatly reduce the excitement of the show.


However, Zhongxing Productions did not respond directly to this question. They will not reveal all their cards before the broadcast of the show. It is interesting to leave some surprises!


However, within two days, the media broke the news that Chen Yijie will join the first season of “The Voice of China” and become one of the four mentors! The powerful reporter was also confirmed by Chen Yijie’s agent.


Chen Yijie wants to serve as a mentor?


Let’s not talk about why it is called a mentor and not a judge, the people who eat melon are excited.


Don’t look at the fact that Chen Yijie has not officially entered the mainland music scene, but his fame in the mainland and his status in the Chinese music scene are unquestionable!


Otherwise, his concerts in the Mainland would not be full!


With such a top singer who can even be said to be a singer-songwriter as a mentor, the level of “The Voice of China” has suddenly risen, and more and more people have signed up for the audition. A little bit of starlight…


But there are also wise media who quickly guessed: Since one of the mentors is Chen Yijie, the remaining three mentors will not be too low!


Even if he is not a singer, he is at least a senior in the music world!


But if you ask these people to come out and become mentors, the salary is very impressive. Some people guess that Chen Yijie’s worth is worth at least 30 million Although it is not easy to add, subtract, multiply and divide, these four mentors’ The remuneration should add up to almost a hundred million!


This is not counting the human and material resources used by the national audition…


Zhongxing Production is so rich?


Really yes, the media guessed correctly, although Chen Yijie joined in friendship at the invitation of Yang Yi, the salary was discounted, and the season was only 20 million yuan, but the budget of the whole program was also as high as 200 million yuan!


This money is of course from sponsors, and the manufacturers get more information than the media. The naming rights of the first season alone have been snatched by a mobile phone manufacturer who spent 150 million yuan. Originally, Yang Yi wanted to stay. It was broadcast to Sahara Press or Weibo, but seeing the madness of the other party, he still gave up!


In addition to the naming rights, there are also a large number of interstitial advertisements and advertisement placements for sale. Jingcheng TV and Zhongxing Production are naturally willing to spend money on this show.



Of course, for Yang Yi, these are all floating clouds. He left a game and let other people lively, but he was leisurely and freely preparing to participate in the graduation ceremony of Xixi kindergarten.


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