House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 768: Huijia Primary School Entrance Exam (2/4)



Yang Yi has a lot of ideas for music programs, but this time, the main purpose of this program is to support Qianli Chuanshu, who is about to graduate and want to make a new debut. Of course, those chores are handled by his subordinates. In Yang Yi’s eyes, the most important thing right now is Xixi’s primary school entrance exam!


The entrance exam for Huijia Elementary School is scheduled for the second weekend of June. Five families gathered early in the morning. Yang Yi also drove out his RV for the mothers who were waiting outside. a place to rest.


“The car can only be parked farther away. Now the street in front is blocked, and there are too many families coming to take the test.” Yang Yi drove the car, two streets away, and found a place to park the RV.


The two roads that crossed in front of me were obviously all cars going to Huijia Primary School. Cars, taxis, and even motorbikes blocked the road, and the traffic police came to help clear the traffic.


“There are also motorcycles, isn’t that the ban on motorcycles?” Yang Guo asked in confusion while sitting in the passenger seat.


“I hope to ban motorcycles? That’s impossible?” Nan Yiyun shook his head and pointed at Jiangshan, “It is said that the upper side has the effect of the lower side, but in the end, there are policies from the top and countermeasures from the bottom.”


Lanzhou Kai’s wording was much milder. He said with a smile: “After all, the traffic conditions and economic conditions in the old city are not as good as those in the coastal area. There are not many motorcycles, so it is really inconvenient for people to come and go.” /


“That’s right, especially in urban villages, where the road is too narrow, cars can’t get in at all, and only motorcycles can ride.” Yang Yi has a deep understanding.


It’s time to leave for the exam, Xixi and the others are saying goodbye to their mothers.


“Mama, I’m a little scared.” Xixi held her mother’s hand and whispered her feelings, which she was embarrassed to say in front of her friends just now.


After all, this is the first exam, the little girl has not seen it before, but subconsciously, she has realized the trouble of this “thing”.


“It’s okay, Xixi, you’re great, believe in yourself!” Murphy encouraged, “Mama and my brother are waiting for you to come back from the exam, tell us the story of your exam! Look, my brother is also I’m cheering you on.”


Murphy gently raised Xiao Yuxi’s arm and shook it with Xixi.


He was playing with a silver chain on his mother’s clothes at the moment, and was disturbed by his mother. The little guy’s eyes looked at his shaking hand, the chain and the pendant, he grinned, A charming sweet smile appeared with great interest.


“Hee hee, okay!” Xixi seemed to be infected by her brother’s smile, and she also smiled with crooked eyes, “Mama, then you have to wait here for me and Baba to come back!”


“Well, yes.” Murphy nodded with a smile.


Murphy thought Xixi had finished speaking, but unexpectedly, the little girl still asked, “Mama, you say I’m the best, right?”


“Yes, you are smart and cute, those teachers will definitely like you, so as long as you take the test bravely, you are not afraid of anything, you can answer whatever they ask, and you will definitely do well in the test! “Murphy reluctantly continued to inspire her.


“Then, can I get a big little red flower then?” Xixi asked, blinking her big bright eyes.


Is this the end?


Fortunately, Yang Yi, who had parked the car, came over, he squatted down, stretched out his hand to straighten Xixi’s collar, and said softly, “It depends on how you behave, but Dad thinks that Xixi must be If you can get the little red flower, Dad will take it for you and give it to you when you get home!”


Today, Murphy dressed Xixi very much like her primary school student in “The Fugitive”, with a top and skirt, and a small warm knitted coat over the shirt. It looked simple and decent, with a long red and black plaid. skirt, with white socks and black shoes underneath.


This dress is simple and decent, giving people a small and fresh feeling, and when worn on Xixi’s body, it also imparts a lovely liveliness and sweetness.


“Why give it to me when I get home?” Xixi asked in confusion.


Yang Yi leaned into Xixi’s ear and whispered to her: “Because Dad is worried, if the teacher only gives you little red flowers and not Xiner and the others, Xiner and the others will be sad when they see it, so Dad goes home Give it to you so they can’t see it.”


Of course, the real reason is that he has to go back and make a little red flower for his daughter.


“Hee hee, I understand!” The little girl seemed to have got some secret from her father, hugging her father’s neck and laughing softly, daring not to show it to her friends.


“Oh, are you still going?” Beside, the most free and easy Chen Shiyun didn’t want to say goodbye to her mother at all, so she got impatient and shouted loudly.


“Haha!” The adults all laughed in succession, and also slightly diluted their nervousness.


If it wasn’t for the fact that this exam was just a formality, I’m afraid a few dads would be even more nervous. But even so, Lanzhou Kai couldn’t help but wipe the sweat from his forehead. Boss Lan really hates exams.


Five dads with five children walk through the crowded streets to Huijia Elementary School.


Along the way, there were many parents and children like them, some were brought by their mothers, some by their fathers, some by the whole family, and even grandparents came to battle!


Yang Yi is a big star, and now he is among the crowd, and he has become ordinary. No one will pay attention to him. Today, the children are the protagonists!


Xixi’s little hand is held by her father, and she has a good sense of security. Her little head turns around, looking around curiously, especially after entering the school, Xixi feels a lot of new things~ makes her dizzy.


There are so many differences from kindergarten!


Spacious campus, spacious square, high teaching building, high flag-raising platform…


There are also a lot of activity equipment, such as the table tennis table, basketball hoop, badminton net, etc. on the playground, which have never been seen in kindergarten Xixi.


“When we come back from grandpa’s house, you and Xiner, Qiqi, Shiyun, and Nan Zhaoyu can go to elementary school here in the future!” Yang Yi saw her daughter’s fascinated appearance and hugged her little boy He tapped lightly on the shoulder and said softly.


This is the elementary school!


A bigger, prettier place…


While waiting, Xixi and a few friends gathered together. They chatted about their discoveries, and the excited expressions on their faces showed their yearning.


Of course, this is a relatively simple idea. Little guys don’t know yet. After going to primary school, there will be a lot of homework to learn, but it is no longer like kindergarten, where you can play every day!


After a while, many teachers came down from the Academic Affairs Building to help guide the parents to take their children to their respective waiting rooms to wait for the start of the exam in accordance with the order.


Probably because they were concentrated in one place during registration, Yang Yi and the others were also brought to the same classroom.


“Parent Lanzhou Kai, prepare with little Lanxin. Your test will start in ten minutes. There will be an invigilator to take you to the test later. Parents and children are separated, but the test time is the same. The classroom is interviewed, and the parents do the questions in another classroom. After completing the questions, they can pick up the children and go home.” The teacher who maintained the order introduced with a smile.


“Ah? We are the first?” Boss Lan, who was not mentally prepared, was dumbfounded, and thin beads of sweat appeared on his generous forehead.


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