House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 764: Children’s Day Hide and Seek (2/4)


On June 1st, this Children’s Day, which does not exist in Yang Yi’s world, is a rare weekend! Like last year, Yang Yi throws a small party for Xixi and her friends.

In the courtyard of the Yang family’s villa, Yang Yi brought his father’s group to play with the barbecue, while baking things for his wife and children, chatting all over the world, of course, the topic of conversation here is still men’s. Murphy, on the other hand, led the mother group, playing with the six-month-old Xiao Jiao and Chen Shiyun’s one-year-old brother by the flowerbed in full bloom.

“Giggle! Nan Zhaoyu, you can’t be rude, you have to do it dozens of times before you can come to us.”

In the clean and bright villa with the door open, the laughter of several little girls echoed. Xixi and her friends are not in a hurry to eat barbecue now, they are playing a game of hide and seek!

The villa of Xixi’s family is said to be not big, so that Xixi and the others will not find it endlessly, but it is not too small, with three floors and more than a dozen rooms, just suitable for children to explore.

At this moment, Nan Zhaoyu appears as a hunter.

Xixi and the others laughed and asked Nan Zhaoyu not to be rude, that’s because Chen Shiyun didn’t count enough to find someone before, but Nan Zhaoyu is actually very honest!

The little boy was alone, standing alone at the door of the villa, sticking his whole body to the door, and counting sincerely: “…seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two…”

Xixi can count from one to one hundred, but Nan Zhaoyu is not so good. His talent in mathematics seems to be not as high as his poetry memorization. Therefore, he counted ten numbers over and over, dozens of times.

Finally finished counting, Nan Zhaoyu closed his eyes and shouted loudly: “I finished counting, I’m coming to catch you!”

The villa was quiet, and the little friends didn’t respond at all.

Nan Zhaoyu began to look for it, but he searched on the first floor and there was no one there, so he excitedly ran up the stairs.

Listening to Nan Zhaoyu’s footsteps, Yang Luoqi, who was hiding in the corner of the stairs, was nervous. The little girl was a little afraid of the enclosed space, so she didn’t hide in the room, but it was very dangerous outside, and there were people being attacked at any time. The possibility that Nan Zhaoyu discovered!

However, Nan Zhaoyu didn’t mean to look back at all. His small figure flashed in front of Yang Luoqi, and then he got into the bedroom next to him.

“Ah!” Before Yang Luoqi could breathe a sigh of relief, Xixi’s scream came out.

“Hee hee, I caught you, Xixi!” Nan Zhaoyu’s complacent laughter also came over.

It turned out that Nan Zhaoyu spent a lot of time searching on the first floor. Xixi, who had been hiding well behind the bed, couldn’t hold back and got out to see what was going on.

Unexpectedly, Xixi threw herself into the trap. She just tiptoed to the door when she heard the footsteps of Nan Zhaoyu. Opening the door, I suddenly saw the back of Xixi who had not had time to hide.

“I’m the first one! No, Xixi, you were the first to be caught by me!” Nan Zhaoyu was overjoyed and grabbed Xixi’s hem, not letting her slip away, shouting loudly.

Xixi pouted in disapproval. She felt that she had lost too wrongly.

However, Xixi still kindly said to Nan Zhaoyu: “Okay…you don’t have to look here, there is no one else here.”

However, how could Nan Zhaoyu believe it? After hearing this, he couldn’t believe it, and he searched harder, as if there was someone else inside, and he climbed into the bed and pounded the well-folded quilt.

This is really kind of a donkey’s liver and lungs!

Xixi, who was a little unconvinced at first, pursed her mouth and walked out very depressed.

She walked up the stairs, but saw Yang Luoqi hiding in the corner!

The two beautiful girls looked at each other, Yang Luoqi raised her little finger in a panic, and shoved in front of her mouth. Xixi blinked her eyes, thinking about Nan Zhaoyu’s “bad guy” behavior just now that she didn’t believe her words, she nodded to Yang Luoqi with a smile in her eyes.

It took a while for Nan Zhaoyu to search the second floor and prepare to go to the third floor.

Just when he was about to see Yang Luoqi, Xixi stood in the middle, and the tall little girl suddenly blocked Nan Zhaoyu’s vision.

“I’m going to find Qiqi and the others!” Nan Zhaoyu didn’t suspect him at the moment, he happily ran past Xixi and went upstairs to find someone.

When Nan Zhaoyu ran up, Xixi and her little friend made faces, and the two laughed softly.

Of course, this was just a delay. After Nan Zhaoyu found Lan Xin and Chen Shiyun hiding on the third floor, he found Yang Luoqi not long after they got down.

After playing for a while, at the intermission, Wu Yue from the mother group diligently helped each of the children make a glass of milk to drink.

“Hurry up, hurry up, you’re here to find someone in Xixi!” Chen Shiyun was having a good time, she drank the milk after a few mouthfuls, and she couldn’t even bother to wipe off the white beard on her mouth. Can’t wait to call.

“Don’t worry, drink slowly, don’t choke.” Several mothers were taking care of the little ones, Wu Jingjing smiled, “You guys are tired from playing later, come over for barbecue! Your dad cooks for you. Lots of delicious BBQ.”

“I want to eat!” Lan Xin licked her small mouth, smelling the aroma from the barbecue stall next to her, she was already moving her index finger.

However, Lan Xin was dragged by her friends to play. Including Xixi, the other friends are still unsatisfied!

“Xixi, you also have to count to a hundred!” Chen Shiyun fouled himself, not worrying about others, and exhorted.

“Okay, I won’t be the same as you!” Xixi giggled.

“I’m starting to count! Hide you all!” Xixi didn’t press the door to count the numbers. After the door of the villa was opened, when she leaned on it, she always made a creaking sound, which sounded uncomfortable. So the little girl covered her eyes with her hands, stuck it to the wall, and started counting.

When Yang Luoqi and the others hurriedly ran to find a place to hide, Baozi ran around with them, looking like his heart was broken, and finally he saw several figures and ran upstairs, Baozi wagged his tail, hesitated for a moment, then turned his head and ran back to Xixi who was still counting the numbers.

When Xixi finished counting 100, she raised her head in a daze, and saw Baozi beside her, imitating her, with her front feet on the wall, also stretching. When it saw the little master looking over, it stuck out its tongue and wagged its tail happily.

“Hee hee! Why are you counting numbers? It’s not that you hide and seek!” Xixi muttered to Baozi with a smile on her face.

Baozi thought that the little master was going to play with him. He happily followed behind the little master and watched the little master search on the first floor.

Baozi is very smart. It follows the little master for a while and seems to understand what the little master is playing. I saw Baozi wagging his tail and running to the little master, and called out twice.

Xixi didn’t care at first, but Baozi bit Xixi’s trousers and kept gesturing, and Xixi followed behind Baozi suspiciously.

After a while, Nan Zhaoyu’s aggrieved cry came from the second floor: “Xixi, you are cheating, don’t take you like this, hide and seek even bring a dog!”

After a while, under Lan Xin and Nan Zhaoyu, who were caught first, the steamed buns, who had made great contributions, were kicked out of the villa.

Of course, Baozi is not wronged. It whimpered to the big master, got a few chicken thigh bones, and ate it with great taste: Hmph, the treatment of this steamed bun, the big devil Xiner envy you. come!


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