House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 760: Meet the right person at the wrong time (2/4)


It was raining and the sun finally poked its head out from behind the dark clouds. The golden sunlight passed through the clouds like a sword glow and spread down. The mountains, rivers, and the world suddenly became brighter.

Yang Yi and Guo Ziyi came out of the coffee shop, stepped on the spotless cement board, walked past the grass that had soaked up the rain and became extra green, breathing the fresh air after the rain, and suddenly felt refreshed Cool.

It’s better to have a good mountain and a good person. Even Ding Xiang, who is approaching on the other hand, has become shrewd at this moment!

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Anyway, the black and thin Xiang girl in the past is now plump and her complexion has turned a lot whiter! It seems that it is really the eighteenth change of the Women’s University. Under the nourishment of the water and soil in the south of the Yangtze River, she has become more and more like a healthy and beautiful big girl.

I don’t know if Yang Huan’s words were misled, but Yang Yi now feels that Guo Ziyi’s eyes brightened when he saw Ding Xiang, and the whole person was full of energy: “Hey, Sister Ding Xiang, brother Yang and I Going to dinner, do you want a piece?”

“No, Big Brother Yang invited you alone.” Ding Xiang looked at Guo Ziyi and Yang Yi, and smiled.

“If you don’t go, I may see a plate of delicious fat meat, and I can’t help it!” Guo Ziyi was also joking.

“Today I’ll give you a holiday. You and Big Brother Yang let go of eating! But tonight, I have to double the exercise to use up the energy I eat.” Ding Xiang gave Guo Ziyi enough face.

“Hehe, don’t worry, Ding Xiang, let’s go to eat Yi Kusi sweet meal. There is not much meat, so it won’t delay his weight loss.” Yang Yi smiled and pulled a big hand. Usually hooked to himself.

Just kidding, Yang Yi didn’t really take Guo Ziyi to graze, they went to a food stall in the east gate of the school, ordered a few dishes, ate slowly, and chatted slowly.

“Why did you only invite Ding Xiang and not Huanhuan?” Yang Yi suddenly asked, listening to Guo Ziyi’s rambling.

“Ah?” Guo Ziyi was caught off guard, he faltered, “I saw Sister Ding Xiang just came back, and I think she probably hasn’t eaten yet.”

Yang Yi looked at Guo Ziyi, and this calm look put a lot of pressure on Guo Ziyi, who was trying hard to lie. He said for a while, then stopped.

“Really like her?” Yang Yi didn’t go around in circles any more and cut to the point.

Guo Ziyi looked into Yang Yi’s eyes and hesitated for a while, then nodded dejectedly.

“I remember when you used to like Director Du, you acted very freely! And you can’t wait to tell us all your thoughts and preparations! Why is it like making a mistake now? And you still hide this idea, no one Say?” Yang Yi smiled lightly and said, “Xiao Guo, this is not like your character!”

Guo Ziyi seemed to be locked in a heavy shackle at the moment, shook his head heavily, and said, “Because I didn’t know anything before, I thought love could be a life-threatening one, but now I understand… with a sentence from the book. In other words, ‘love is more of a duty’.”

At this moment, Yang Yi looked at Guo Ziyi with a bit of surprise. He didn’t expect that in the past two years, Guo Ziyi, who only grew from sixteen or seventeen years old to ten years old, has also made great mental progress.

It seems that society is indeed a place to hone people!

In this regard, Yang Yi also overturned some of his previous judgments on Guo Ziyi, and said with consideration for his language: “I should not have interfered with your young people’s emotional problems, but Ding Xiang is different. You know that she used to It wasn’t easy, but it’s hard to stabilize now.”

“I understand what you mean, Brother Yang, I also know that I am not worthy of Sister Ding Xiang, she is so gentle and kind, and she is so kind to me, I should not hurt her. When I met her, I still liked her. Although it happened two years ago, but now I suddenly say that I like her, I don’t know if I am a strong-willed person.” Guo Ziyi said in frustration.

Yang Yi was speechless for a while, then rolled his eyes and said, “What kind of person are you, don’t we know? Usually you are really good-natured, but to be honest, your people are not bad. Not a half-hearted person who deceives girls’ feelings!”

If Guo Ziyi were such a person, he wouldn’t be still a blank piece of paper emotionally, nor would he have made so many silly reflections after he found out that he liked Ding Xiang.

Guo Ziyi scratched his head, a little confused.

“You like Ding Xiang, I’m not against it, but what I’m worried about is, is your liking just talking about it on the spur of the moment? Or do you really like it and have a long-term plan.” Yang Yi His face became serious, “If it’s the former, I don’t want you to hurt Ding Xiang, after all, she is our friend. Moreover, Ding Xiang is an emotionally pure girl, if you hurt her, I really I’ll beat you up!”

Guo Ziyi was anxious and blurted out: “How come! I’m not impulsive, I’ve thought about it for a long time, I really like Sister Ding Xiang, and I want to marry her!”

This blurted confession to Ding Xiang may have been held back in Guo Ziyi’s heart for a long time.

“You want to marry her? Give her a lifetime? This is a very heavy promise, not a child’s play!” Yang Yi said seriously.

However, Guo Ziyi was a little discouraged, lowered his head in frustration, and said, “I know this is not a child’s play, so I have never dared to say it.”

“Why?” Yang Yi asked.

“Because I don’t know if I can do it, Big Brother Yang, I’m very confused.” Guo Ziyi seemed to have found support in Yang Yi, and with red eyes, he carried the burdens he had carried in his heart for the past two months. The heavy burden was revealed, “I don’t know, if I’m with Sister Ding Xiang and I want to marry her, my family will put a lot of pressure on her…”

It turned out that what Guo Ziyi was worried about was actually the same as what Yang Yi was worried about, and he also took the initiative to think about Ding Xiang, and did not dare to take that step lightly, for fear that he would not even have friends in the future.

Of course, Guo Ziyi is obviously reluctant to let go, and has been wandering and hesitating.

Understanding Guo Ziyi’s thoughts, Yang Yi felt much more relaxed.

“The family doesn’t agree, why can’t you fight and get their consent?” Yang Yi asked, “It’s like you are now an actor and strive to pursue your dreams, don’t you gradually gain their approval? “

Guo Ziyi was He hesitated for a while, and said, “They didn’t fully approve it, they just saw that I am now famous for my extreme challenges, and I don’t know what to say about me for the time being.”

“That’s because you’re not strong enough!” Yang Yi said in a deep voice, “You’re still too weak! When your strength is enough to be equal to your father, your family, and have an equal dialogue, you will be able to Only with the ability to resist the pressure brought by family background can you truly choose your own future capital!”

Wise people need not say more.

Guo Ziyi suddenly understood what Yang Yi meant, and he fell into deep thought.

“A lot of times, the world is not fair. When we meet a lover who wants to give his life, we always seem weak and can’t give the promise we want. Don’t complain why I’m not right Time to meet the right person? What we should do is to make ourselves stronger as soon as possible…” Yang Yi said quietly.

No one knew what Yang Yi talked about with Guo Ziyi at noon. It also seems that the conversation at noon that day does not exist, everything is running according to the original track.

But after noon that day, Guo Ziyi quietly became more diligent.


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