House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 759: The cheap little Guo (1/4)



What is Ding Xiang’s attitude towards Guo Ziyi? This was something Yang Huan couldn’t fathom himself.


“I think Sister Ding Xiang still likes Xiao Guo very much. She is so serious about helping Xiao Guo lose weight. When she was in the magic capital, she also took care of Xiao Guo’s diet.” Yang Huan said this at first, but then again Scratched his head, he said, “But I don’t know what kind of situation is between them. They all have good feelings for each other, but it seems to be a little bit worse. How can I say it? Be enthusiastic…”


Yang Huan doesn’t know if she is using the word right or not. She thinks it’s very strange. It’s obvious that Guo Ziyi likes Ding Xiang, but their time in the magic capital is not short, but there is no progress in their relationship. Ding Xiang’s side The situation is even more confusing.


“Above AUO, but not full of lovers?” Yang Yi recalled a popular saying in his previous life.


“Yes!” Yang nodded happily, “The lover is not full.”


Girls are emotional animals after all, and a carefree girl like Yang Huan is not immune to the vulgarity. When she heard this word, she felt that the mood was wonderful.


However, this state of “youda and above, but not full of lovers” is actually quite nonsense. Behind the beauty, there is more mutual delay and mutual harm.


Yang Yi and Yang Huan chatted with each other until Yang Huan finally couldn’t hold back and asked, “Brother, why don’t you say a word? Xiao Guo and Ding Xiang are like this, what should we do? Help them?”


“Help them? You don’t care about anything, you can’t handle your own affairs clearly, and you care about others.” Yang Yi waved his hand, and his face became stern when he disagreed.





After a while, Guo Ziyi came after class, and Yang Yi chatted with him about Huijia Primary School.


“The test is actually very simple. For parents, it is a personality test. The questions are randomly selected from their question bank. There is no right or wrong option, because the number of questions is large and the time is short. , when parents do it, they can only think about what they do in general, and it is better if they don’t have time to think about it!” Guo Ziyi said.


“Show me an example.” Yang Yi said with great interest, he had never done such a test.


“For example, there is a question like this: Are you happy to have a wide interpersonal circle? A, yes; B, if I have a choice, I would prefer to be alone.” Guo Ziyi has a good memory People are just different.


“I choose B.” Yang Yi said.


However, just after he finished speaking, Yang Yi felt a little regretful and asked: “In this case, should I choose A? Because Huijia Primary School may prefer that the parents of the child are good at socializing and outgoing and cheerful. “


Guo Ziyi shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter, you can choose both options, because according to my observation, in Huijia Primary School’s test of parents, they don’t care about the parents’ own introversion and extroversion, but Pay more attention to the part of the parent’s character that may affect the child, such as integrity, enthusiasm, positivity, etc.”


“For example, if they find that parents have repeatedly chosen options against their subjective will in the test, trying to disguise themselves as a perfect personality, they will deduct a lot of points because they feel , if you are accustomed to deceit, then the child’s character may also be affected, and you will be extra cautious when screening.”


“Of course, this is only one factor. In personality tests, if parents are found to be not enthusiastic about their children’s education and care about their children, then they will also think that in the next six years, school education will have It may not be possible to get the cooperation of parents, which is a hidden danger.”


“It is also not acceptable for parents to be too extreme. If a teacher points out some problems in the child, the parents do not teach patiently, but use beating and scolding to arouse the child’s rebellious psychology, or paranoidly attribute the error to the school It will affect the teaching order of the school.”


While listening, Yang Yi sighed that the wonder of this world is just a personality test, and there are still so many twists and turns.


“Then how can we pass this test?” Yang Yi waited for Guo Ziyi to finish, then frowned and asked, “We have five children and five pairs of parents, it is best to pass them all. Don’t wait until then. Whoever is brushed down suddenly, like your big brother Lan, is a person with a head and a face, but he can’t afford to lose this person.”


Yang Yi himself is also a little uneasy. Although Lanzhou Kai is used as an example, why can’t he lose this person?


“If you want to be foolproof, first of all you have to check for yourself whether there is any paranoid or extreme side in yourself.” Guo Ziyi said solemnly.


“No, the characters of several parents are quite good.” Yang Yi said, he was worried about himself…


“Then it’s not a big problem, just answer the questions according to your own situation, don’t make any frauds.” Guo Ziyi said, “These questions are many and randomly distributed, and there may be repeated parts. If you try to choose one you think against your will A good option, it is possible that you will be exposed in a certain part in the back. Anyway, just follow your own heart to answer the question!”


“Just like this?” Yang Yi asked in surprise, he remembered it seriously and was ready to go back to Lanzhou Kai and the others.


“I haven’t finished speaking yet.” Guo Ziyi suddenly smiled slyly and said, “You can go to the exam anyway, and leave the rest to my aunt. I will tell my aunt the list of your five families. My aunt is Hui. The directors of Jia Primary School, if all of them pass, it will save trouble, and if there is something that cannot be passed, my aunt will help to handle it and let you pass.”


“…” Yang Yi was speechless for a while.


Yang Yi looked at Guo Ziyi for a while, before pointing at the guy with his finger and complaining: “Isn’t this still going through the back door? You walked around for a long time, talking about what this personality test does?”


“Hehe!” Guo Ziyi laughed awkwardly, it seems that he also learned badly from those old foxes.


There is no shortcut, but Yang Yi is not so pedantic. He just frowned and asked, “It has something to do with it, why didn’t you say it last time?”


“You didn’t ask! I thought you guys wouldn’t go to Huijia Primary School, but to other aristocratic schools!” Guo Ziyi shrugged and said, “Lan is so rich, it doesn’t look like he’s willing to give up. Arrange your child in Huijia Primary School.”


Guo Ziyi doesn’t like to talk about his family background.


“He changed his mind.” Yang Yi shook his head, “By the way, how do you know these tests so well? When you were in elementary school, you should have been very young, right? Did you study it back then?”


Guo Ziyi scratched his head and said embarrassedly, “I actually heard it too. The year before last, a relative’s child also had to be admitted to Huijia Primary My aunt told them a lot. We are having dinner together during the Chinese New Year, and I am sitting on the side!”


“Why is your aunt already a school manager, so she can’t be arranged directly, but still has to take an exam?” Yang Yi asked inexplicably.


“My dad said, don’t set a bad example for your children, try to follow the procedures, and take the test as normal as other children. If you can pass the test, you will be the best. They have taken the back door as a matter of course since they were young,” Guo Ziyi said.


No wonder Guo Ziyi’s personality is not as arrogant and domineering as the other second generation officials! Family education is very important! His father, Guo Zhengyan, is now the executive vice mayor of Jiangcheng, but he has presided over the discipline inspection work before, and he is still in good spirits!


“You’re right!” Yang Yi thought about it carefully, “We are the same, we should let the children do their best to prepare for the test, try not to go through the back door, and get in by themselves. You tell me now Say, how are the children’s exams…”


The two chatted for a long time, until noon, and the topic ended.


Yang Yi went to a restaurant at noon and invited Guo Ziyi to dinner. He also wanted to talk to Guo Ziyi about Ding Xiang.


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